List of Department of Education (ED) Closed Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigations, 2018-2019

Published by the Department of Education, Office of Inspector General on 2020-03-30.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

Description of document:                  List of Department of Education (ED) Closed Office of
                                          Inspector General (OIG) investigations, 2018-2019

Requested date:                           23-February-2020

Release date:                             10-March-2020

Posted date:                              30-March-2020

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                                          OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL

                                                                                                                March 10, 2020

  RE: FOIA Request No. 20-01166-F

  This is in response to your February 23, 2020, Freedom oflnformation Act (FOIA) request to the
  United States Department of Education (ED) Office oflnspector General (OIG) for a list of all
  closed OIG investigations for calendar years 2018 and 2019.

  We have identified and enclosed seven pages of documents responsive to your request.
  Information has been redacted pursuant to Exemptions (b)(6) and (b)(7)(C) of FOIA to protect
  personal privacy interests. The information withheld under Exemptions (b)(6) and (b)(7)(C)
  includes individual names and other personally identifying information.

  For your information, Congress excluded three discrete categories oflaw enforcement and national
  security records from the requirements of the FOIA. See 5 U.S.C. § 552(c) (2006 & Supp. IV
  2010). This response is limited to those records that are subject to the requirements of the FOIA.
  This is a standard notification that is given to all our requesters and should not be taken as an
  indication that excluded records do, or do not, exist.

  If you are not satisfied with my action on this request, you may file an administrative appeal by
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  Inspector General
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  Washington, DC 20202-1500

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  Public Liaison or from the Office of Government Information Services (OGIS). The OIG FOIA
  Public Liaison is responsible, among other duties, for assisting in the resolution of FOIA
  disputes. OGIS, which is outside the Department of Education, offers mediation services to
  resolve disputes between FOIA requesters and Federal agencies as a non-exclusive alternative to
  appeals or litigation.
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Antigone Potamianos
Counsel to the Inspector General

cc: FOIA Service Center
                                                               OIG Investigations                                                            Date:             03/09/2020
                                                                 Folders Report                                                             Time:              12:43:19 PM
                                                   Closed Date between 1/1/2018 and 12/31/2019

       Case Type         Case No           Title           Case Workflow Status       Date lnvestlJatlon        Closed Date   Investigative Case               Focus Areas
                                   JRL ENTERPRISES,                                                        02/07/2018         Elementary Secondary
Investigation      07-060394                              Completed On Time         05/01/2007                                Education Fraud          Public Corruption

Investigation      07-040454       - - -             Completed On Time              08/24/2007             02/26/2018         Other ED Grant Fraud     Other
                                   STUDENT MARKETING

                   08-030250                              Completed On Time         07/03/2008             10/18/2019         Postsecondary Education Oth
Investigation                                                                                                                 Fraud                       er

                                                          Completed On Time         01/19/2010             02/08/2018         Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation      09-050560
                                                                                                                              Fraud                  Education

                                                          Completed On Time         05/20/2009             01/04/2018         Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation      09-040890
                                                                                                                              Fraud                  Education)

                                                          Completed On Time         05/25/2009             01/18/2018         Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation      09-090838
                                                                                                                              Fraud                  Education

Investigation      09-010310                              Completed On Time         08/27/2009             12/28/2018         Postsecondary Educatio Other
                                   DISTANCE ED FRAUD,
                                   DISTRICT OF SOUTH   Completed On Time            06/18/2010             04/24/2018         Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation      09-040953
                                   CAROLINA     LUMBIA                                                                        Fraud                  Education)
                                   UNIVERSITY OF
                                   PHOENIX DISTANCE
                                   EDUCATION STUDENT Completed On Time              12/23/2009             03/07/2018         Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation      10-041024       AID FRAUD-                                                                                 Fraud                  Education)
                                   SOUTHERN DISTRICT
                                   OF MISSISSIPPI
                                   AMERICAN TUTOR,        Completed On Time         12/22/2010             01/18/2019         Elementary Secondary
Investigation      10-020472                                                                                                                          SES
                                   INC.                                                                                       Education Fraud

                                   ~         ~STANT ED Completed On Time            08/09/2010             03/04/2019         Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation      10-041100
                                                                                                                              Fraud                   Education
                                   SOUTHERN                                                                                   Postsecondary Education Oth
Investigation      10-060781       UNIVERSITY TITLE Ill   Completed On Time         05/07/2010             02/23/2018         Fraud                       er

                                                                                    09/15/2010             01/08/2018         Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation      10-041118
                                                                                                                              Fraud                  Education)

                   10-091024       PALMDALE FRAUD         Completed On Time         01/19/2011             11/08/2018         Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation                                                                                                                 Fraud                   Education)

                                                                                                                              Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation      11-041186       ~                  AN Completed On Time          10/12/2010             07/19/2018
                                                                                                                              Fraud                   Education)
lnvesti ation      11-060830                                                        11/30/2010             06/22/2018         Other ED Grant Fraud    Other

                                                                                    04/22/2011             03/15/2019         Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation      11-041207                         BER Completed On Time                                                    Fraud                  Education

                                                          Completed Late            08/29/2011             09/28/2018         Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation      11-050840
                                                                                                                              Fraud                  Education

Investigation      11-050899                              Completed On Time         07/03/2012             09/12/2018         Postsecondary Educatio Other
                11-020554   E. RAMAPO SCHOOL         Completed On Time   08/02/2011   06/27/2019   Elementary Secondary
Investigation                                                                                                               Other
                            DISTRICT FRAUD                                                         Education Fraud
                11-060912   COMMUNITY COLLEGE Completed On Time          11/21/2011   10/04/2018   Postsecondary Education
Investigation                                                                                      Fraud                   Public Corruption
                            /TSU PUBLIC

Investigation   11-091220                            Completed On Time   11/14/2011   06/21/2019   Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
                            -      FRAUD RING                                                      Fraud                   Education\
                                                     Completed On Time   10/13/2011                Elementary Secondary
Investigation   11-060917   EDUCATIONAL                                               02/08/2018                            Charter School
                                                                                                   Education Fraud

                11-000497   DELAWARE VALLEY          Completed On Time   10/25/2011                Elementary Secondary
Investigation                                                                         02/08/2019                            Other
                            HIGH SCHOOL                                                            Education Fraud
                            PIKES PEAK
                12-080234                                                                          Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation               COMMUNITY COLLEGE Completed On Time          03/07/2012   09/27/2019
                            FRAUD RING                                                                                     Education)

Investigation   12-041456   DEVELOPMENT              Completed On Time   03/30/2012   01/12/2018   Other ED Grant Fraud     Other

Investigation   12-020577
                            BRAMSON ORT              Completed On Time   01/11/2012   05/10/2019   Postsecondary Education
                            COLLEGE                                                                Fraud                   Other

                                                     Completed On Time   02/07/2012                Elementary Secondary
Investigation   12-020578                                                             02/22/2019                            Charter School
                                                                                                   Education Fraud
                            PENNSYLVANIA CYBEf; Completed On Time        02/07/2012                Elementary Secondary
Investigation   12-030404                                                             03/06/2019                            Charter School
                            CHARTER SCHOOL                                                         Education Fraud
                            INCORPORATED (QUI        Completed On Time   09/21/2012   09/17/2018   Elementary Secondary
Investigation   12-020599                                                                                                   SES
                            TAM)                                                                   Education Fraud

                            CORAL RIDGE              Completed On Time                             Postsecondary Educatior
Investigation   12-041556                                                10/12/2012   01/05/2018                           Other
                            TRAINING SCHOOL                                                        Fraud

                            ...                      Completed On Time   12/14/2012   09/27/2018   Postsecondary Educatior
Investigation   12-061018                                                                          Fraud                   Other

lnvestiaation   12-000534                            Comoleted On Time   02/06/2017   07/23/2018   Other Criminal-ED       Other

                12-091400                            Completed On Time   03/13/2013   08/21/2019   Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
                                                                                                   Fraud                   Education\

                13-020607   ED4MIL                   Completed On Time   12/31/2012   07/22/2019   Postsecondary Education
Investigation                                                                                                              Other
                            COLLEGES, INC- QUI                                                     Postsecondary Education
Investigation   13-041594                       Completed On Time        03/19/2014   08/22/2018                           Other
                            TAM , JONESBORO AND                                                    Fraud
                            DECATUR CAMPUS
                            ALABAMA STATE                                                          Postsecondary Educatior
Investigation   13-041602                            Completed Late      04/25/2013   10/24/2019                           Public Corruption
                            UNIVERSITY                                                             Fraud
                            PROFESSIONAL                                                           Postsecondary Education
Investigation   13-020618                            Completed On Time   05/01/2013   07/27/2018                           Other
                            BUSINESS COLLEGE                                                       Fraud
                            LACY SCHOOL OF
                            COSMETOLOGY -                                                          Postsecondary Education
Investigation   13-041624                       Completed On Time        12/10/2013   01/15/2019                           Other
                            SOUTH CAROLINA (QUI                                                    Fraud
                13-041627   INSTITUTi i i l l l      Completed On Time   03/08/2013   02/23/2018   Postsecondary Educatior
Investigation                                                                                                              Other
                                      ,. . ' ,..,,
                            GREENGIRLZ FRAUD                                                       Postsecondary Educatior Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   13-091477                            Completed On Time   04/22/2013   03/14/2019
                            RING                                                                   Fraud                   Education\
                            Sovereign Citizens
Investigation   13-080268                            Completed On Time   06/03/2013   09/26/2018   Other Criminal-ED       Other
                            Puerto Rico Department
Investigation   13-041647   of Education (Caguas)  Completed On Time     06/06/2013   09/13/2018   Other Criminal-ED       Other
                            fScliool I ransportatIon

                13-051444                              Completed On Time                              Postsecondary Educatior Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation               HFCC Identity Theft                             03/12/2014   09/26/2018
                                                                                                      Fraud                   Educationi
                             -              (Everest                                                  Postsecondary Education
Investigation   13-041664                  randon)     Completed On Time    08/20/2014   03/15/2018                           Other
                            I /Corinthian Colleaesl

Investigation   13-061114                              Completed On Time    12/11/2013   07/17/2019   Postsecondary Education
                                                                                                      Fraud                   Other

                            The College of Health
Investigation   14-061118                              Completed On Time    02/11/2016                Postsecondary Education
                            Care Professions (Qui                                        02/12/2018                           Other
                            Tam\                                                                      Fraud

Investigation   14-061130                              Completed On Time    01/31/2014                Postsecondary Education
                                                                                         04/03/2018                           Other

                14-020657   APEX Technical School      Completed On Time    03/10/2014                Postsecondary Education
Investigation                                                                            05/04/2018                           Other
                            Inc                                                                       Fraud

Investigation   14-041710   1 - - (UCF-                Completed On Time    05/07/2014   01/30/2018   Other ED Grant Fraud    Other

                            Puerto Rico Department
                                                                                                      Elementary Secondary    21st Century, Public
Investigation   14-041714   of Education (PRDE) -     Completed On Time     03/05/2014   06/06/2018
                                                                                                      Education Fraud         Corruption
                            Office of Federal Affairs
                            East Orange Child
                            Develoment Corp & East                                                    Elementary Secondary
Investigation   14-020661                          Completed On Time        02/13/2015   03/14/2019                           Charter School
                            Orange Community                                                          Education Fraud
                            Charter School

Investigation   14-061153
                            II~            - Garland
                                                       Completed On Time    06/12/2014   09/25/2019
                                                                                                      Elementary Secondary
                                                                                                      Education Fraud
                                                                                                                              Public Corruption

                                                                                                      Postsecondary Educatior
investigation   14-020663   CAREER INST/INST           Completed On Time    04/29/2014   11/15/2018                           Other
                            FOR HEAL TH ED                                                            Fraud

                            Ashford University Fraud                                                  Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   14-061157                            Completed On Time      11/25/2014   05/30/2019
                            Rina                                                                      Fraud                   Education)
lnvestiaation   14-061159   HISD/HCC Trustees          Comoleted On Time    03/16/2017   05/17/2018   Other ED Grant Fraud    Public Corruotion
                                                                                                      Postsecondary Education
Investigation   14-051548   BETHEL COLLEGE             Completed On Time    11/20/2014   07/01/2019                           Other
Investigation   14-061168                              Completed On Time    03/17/2016   04/17/2018   Postsecondary Education
                            Gateway College Fraud                                                     Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   14-051559                              Completed On Time    08/07/2014   06/03/2019
                            Rina - Akron, Ohio                                                        Fraud                   Education)

                14-051563   Fraud Ring (Jackson, Ml) Completed On Time                                Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
investigation                                                               08/07/2014   09/26/2018
                                                                                                      Fraud                   Education)
                            Kiias Joel Union Free                                                     Elementary Secondary
Investigation   14-020680                              Completed On nme     07/16/2014   06/05/2019                           Other
                            Sc ool District                                                           Education Fraud

Investigation   14-091634   Ubiquity Intel Corporation Completed On Time    07/11/2014   12/17/2018   Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
                                                                                                      Fraud                   Educationi'

                14-080300                              Completed On Time    01/08/2015   12/11/2019   Elementary Secondary
Investigation                                                                                                                 21st Century
                                                                                                      Education Fraud
                            Urban Collegiate Public                                                   Elementary Secondary
Investigation   14-061176                           Completed On Time       09/12/2014   06/28/2019                           Charter School
                            Charter School                                                            Education Fraud

                14-061182   LeToumeau University                            08/25/2015                Postsecondary Educatior Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation                                          Completed On Time                 01/08/2019
                                                                                                      Fraud                   Educationi
                            Jefferson Youth
Investigation   14-061183                              Completed On Time    09/17/2014   01/31/2018   Other ED Grant Fraud    Other
                            Southwest Leaming                                                         Elementary Secondary
Investigation   14-080303                              Completed On Time    07/24/2014   02/14/2019                           Charter School
                            Center                                                                    Education Fraud
                            Institute of Technical Arts                                               Postsecondary Education
investigation   14-041787                               Completed On Time   03/17/2015   12/16/2019                           Other
                            /Qui Tam)                                                                 Fraud
lnvestiaation   14-051605   SOLEX coneoe               Comoleted On Time    07/09/2015   05/10/2018   Postsecondarv Education Other



                            I•                            Completed On Time

                                                          Completed On Time


                                                                                                        Postsecondary Educatior
                                                                                                        Postsecondary Educatior


                                                                              11/07/2014   12/28/2018   Postsecondary Education
Investigation   14-051624   Flint Fraud Ring (MCC)        Completed On Time                             Fraud                   Other

                            Student loan fraud ring                                                     Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   14-091670                                 Completed On Time   03/03/2015   09/26/2018
                            Sacramento                                                                  Fraud                   Education)

                                                                              05/06/2016   11/13/2019   Postsecondary Education
Investigation   15-041815   Mattia College - Miami, F Completed On Time                                 Fraud

                                                                                                        Postsecondary Education
Investigation   15-051633   BIR TRAINING                  Completed On Time   09/03/2015   05/30/2018                           Other

                                                                              11/21/2014                Postsecondary Educatior
Investigation   15-051636                                 Completed On Time                01/08/2018                           Other
                            Tulane University Identity Completed On Time      01/05/2015                Postsecondary Education
Investigation   15-061217                                                                  04/02/2018                           Other
                            Theft                                                                       Fraud
                            Houston Home School                                                         Postsecondary Educatior
Investigation   15-061222                                 Completed On Time   03/23/2015   01/15/2019                           Other
                            Diploma Mills                                                               Fraud
                            Jersey College School of                          05/04/2015                Postsecondary Education
Investigation   15-041831                            Completed On Time                     05/22/2019                           Other
                            Nursina (Florida\                                                           Fraud
                                                                                                        Elementary Secondary
Investigation   15-051652                                 Completed Late      03/08/2016   09/28/2018                           Public Corruption
                                                                                                        Education Fraud
                            LYON CONTRACTING,                                 02/18/2015                Elementary Secondary
Investigation   15-000670                                 Completed On Time                04/02/2018                           Charter School
                            INC                                                                         Education Fraud
                            Regina's College of                               08/01/2016   04/15/2019   Postsecondary Educatior
Investigation   15-041844                                 Completed On Time                                                     Other
                            Beautv                                                                      Fraud
                            FAMILY FOUNDATIONS                                                          Elementary Secondary
Investigation   15-000674                      Completed On Time              02/12/2015   02/22/2018                           Charter School
                            ACADEMY                                                                     Education Fraud
                            CORPUS, BEN -
                                                                              06/30/2015                Postsecondary Education
Investigation   15-020700   BARUCH COLLEGE VP Completed On Time                            10/03/2018   Fraud                   Other
                            OF STUDENT AFFAIRS
                                                                                                        Postsecondary Educatior
Investigation   15-020701   ASA College                   Completed On Time   05/13/2015   05/10/2019                           Other
                              Distance ED Fraud Ring                          07/07/2016                Postsecondary Educatior Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   14-041856                            Completed On Time                     10/15/2019
                            I (Andrews SCl                                                              Fraud                   Education)

                                                                              02/04/2016   11/15/2018   Postsecondary Education
Investigation   15-010700                                 Completed On Time                                                     Other
                            MSAD 45 Washburn                                                            Elementary Secondary
Investigation   15-010704                                 Completed On Time   09/24/2015   05/01/2019                           Other
                            School                                                                      Education Fraud
                            !~                   (Fraud                       03/14/2016                Postsecondary Educatior Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   15-000703                                 Completed On Time                05/14/2018
                                                                                                        Fraud                   Education)
                            Academ§ of Dover                                  10/09/2015                Elementary Secondary
Investigation   15-030659                                 Completed On Time                05/31/2018                           Charter School
                            Charter chool                                                               Education Fraud

                                                                              11/10/2015                Postsecondary Education
Investigation   15-030660                                 Completed On Time                08/22/2018                           Other

                                                                              11/10/2015                Postsecondary Education Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   15-080324   ~                 Fraud Ring Completed On Time                 10/25/2019
                                                                                                        Fraud                   Education)
                                Marinello Schools of                                                    Postsecondary Education
Investigation   15-091761                                 Completed On Time   08/17/2015   06/24/2019                           Other
                                Beautv                                                                  Fraud

                                                                              09/14/2015                Elementary Secondary
Investigation   15-020721   ~                     lie     Completed On Time                12/23/2019                           Other
                                                                                                        Education Fraud
                            ~                  (former                                                  Postsecondary Education
Investigation   15-020723                      f St.      Completed On Time   01/20/2016   06/12/2018                           Public Corruption

                            Albany State University,                                                    Postsecondary Education
Investigation   16-041983                                 Completed On Time   03/23/2016   04/11/2019                           Other
                                                                                                     Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-051766                              Completed On Time   03/30/2016   09/20/2019   Fraud                  Other, TPD Discharge

                                                                                                     Elementary Secondary
Investigation   16-051768                              Completed On Time   03/08/2016   07/25/2019                           Public Corruption
                                                                                                     Education Fraud

                                                                                        04/03/2019   Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-091780                              Completed On Time   12/03/2015                Fraud                  Other

                            Data Sharing Agreement
                            with Ohio Department of Completed On Time                                Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   16-220349                                                  03/14/2016   06/26/2019   Fraud
                            Rehabilitation and                                                                              Education)
                                                                                                     Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-051791                              Completed On Time   10/05/2016   07/19/2019                          Other
                                                                                                     Elementary Secondary
Investigation   16-010733                              Completed On Time   05/03/2016   12/12/2018                           Other, Public Corruption
                                                                                                     Education Fraud
                                                                                                     Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-020734                              Completed On Time   08/01/2016   06/28/2019                          Other
                                                                                                                            Fraud Ring (Distance
                            Delgado Community                                                        Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-061335   College-Public Corruptio Completed On Time     11/22/2016   07119/2019   Fraud                  Education), Public
                                                                                                                            Corru lion
                            Tracy, California Area                                                   Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   16-091808                              Completed On Time   10/27/2016   01/23/2018   Fraud
                            Fraud Rin                                                                                       Education
                            Antioch, California Area   Completed On Time                             Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   16-091809                                                  11/18/2016   01/31/2018   Fraud
                            Fraud Rin                                                                                       Education
                                                                                                     Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-061345   Ecclesia College           Completed On Time   06/14/2016   01/29/2019                          Public Corruption
                                                                                                     Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-061346                              Completed On Time   08/04/2016   05/30/2019                          Other
                                                                                                     Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-042036                              Completed On Time   04/22/2016   05/17/2018                          Other
                                                                                                     Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-020750                              Completed On Time   07/19/2016   02/20/2018                          Other
                            Ohio College of            Completed On Time                             Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-051838                                                  07/05/2016   12/19/2018   Fraud                  Other
                            Latin Academy (Charter     Completed On Time                             Elementary Secondary
Investigation   16-042060                                                  08/01/2016   05/18/2018                           Charter School
                            School                                                                   Education Fraud

Investigation   16-080338
                             .- '-     .   -   .
                            International Studies-     Completed On Time   12/08/2016   05/16/2019
                                                                                                     Elementary Secondary
                                                                                                     Education Fraud
                                                                                                                             21st Century
lnvesti ation   16-051845                              Com leted On Time   11/18/2016   04/03/2018   Other ED Grant Fraud    Other
                                                                                                     Elementary Secondary
Investigation   16-051848   Through a Child's Eyes     Completed On Time   03/31/2017   08/13/2018                           Other
                                                                                                     Education Fraud
lnvesti ation   16-051855                                                  12/13/2016   09/25/2018   Other Criminal-ED       Other

                                                                                        07/05/2018   Elementary Secondary
Investigation   16-061369                              Completed On Time   08/10/2016                                        Public Corruption
                                                                                                     Education Fraud
                                                                                                     Elementary Secondary
Investigation   16-010761                              Completed On Time   09/08/2016   01/26/2018                           Other
                                                                                                     Education Fraud
                                                                                                     Postsecondary Educatio Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   16-000754                              Completed On Time   12/05/2016   12/04/2019
                                                                                                     Fraud                  Education

                                                                                                     Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-020766                                                  11/30/2016   09/24/2019                          Other

                                                                                                     Postsecondary Educatio
Investigation   16-091837                              Completed On Time   12/22/2016   04/03/2018                          Other
lnvesti ation   16-061373                              Com leted On Time   11/28/2016   02/27/2018                          Other
                               IAcaaemv                                                                      i=aucatIon Fraud
                                   STILLWATER BEAUTY           Completed On Time   01/30/2017   10/03/2019   Postsecondary Education
Investigation   17-042117                                                                                    Fraud                   Other
                                   STATE COLLEGE OF
Investigation   17-110445          FLORIDA DATA                Completed On Time   02/15/2017   02/07/2019   Other Criminal-ED       Other

Investigation   17-091853                                      Completed On Time   01/10/2017   05/17/2019   Postsecondary Education
                                   Pacific College                                                           Fraud                   Other

lnvestiaation   17-020773                                      Comcleted On Time   04/13/2017   01/14/2019   Other Criminal-ED       Other

                                                               Completed On Time                             ED Employee
Investigation   16-000777                                                          04/07/2017   07/20/2018                           Other

Investigation   17-020776                                      Completed On Time   04/03/2017   06/10/2019   Postsecondary Educatior
                               -             NEWLIFE                                                         Fraud                   Other

                                                               Completed Late      03/27/2017                Postsecondary Educatior Fraud Ring (Distance
Investigation   17-051877                                                                       09/28/2018   Fraud                   Education)
                                 BLUEFIELD STATE
Investigation   17-030683        COLLEGE                       Completed On Time   05/08/2017   05/15/2018   Whistle blower          Other
                               I (Whistleblower -

                17-061417                                      Completed On Time   03/01/2017   03/14/2018   Elementary Secondary
Investigation                                                                                                                        Other
                                                                                                             Education Fraud

Investigation   17-000787      1. . . -                        Completed On Time   05/05/2017   04/27/2018   ED Employee
                                                                                                             Misconduct              Other

                                                               Completed On Time   05/19/2017                Postsecondary Education
Investigation   17-030690                                                                       09/11/2018                           Other


Investigation   17-020788
                               lll!liil                        Completed On Time   03/28/2017   01/12/2018   Postsecondary Education
                                                                                                                                     Public Corruption

Investigation   I17NER29922                                    Completed Late      06/19/2017   01/16/2019   Other Criminal-ED       Other
                                   EVERS COLLEGEl
                                   ED Office of Security       Completed Late      06/22/2017                ED Employee
Investigation   I17MAR30695                                                                     02/20/2019                           Other
                                   IEMPLOYEEl                                                                Misconduct

Investigation   I17TCD30075                                    Completed On Time   -            01/24/2019   Other Criminal-ED       Other

                I17MAR00791                                    Completed Late      07/12/2017                ED Employee
Investigation                                                                                   01/18/2019                           Other

                I17MAR00793                      (Employee) Completed Late         07/12/2017                ED Employee
Investigation                                                                                   06/27/2019                           Other

                               I-                              Completed Late      07/12/2017                ED Employee

Investigation                                                                                   02/22/2018                           Other

                I17MAR00794                                    Completed Late      07/13/2017                Postsecondary Education Public Corruption, TPD
Investigation                                                                                   08/13/2019
                                                                                                             Fraud                   Discharae

                I17SCR61352                                    Completed Late      08/04/2017   09/27/2019   Postsecondary Education
Investigation                                                                                                                        Other

                I17NCR51900        Ohio Christian University Completed Late        08/22/2017   12/27/2019   Postsecondary Education
Investigation                                                                                                                        Other

                I17NER29921                                                                                  Postsecondary Education
Investigation                  ~                           GE, Completed Late      08/22/2017   10/08/2019                           Other
                               COLUMBIA                                                                      Fraud
                               UN IVERSITYl
                                   Whistleblower Complaint
Investigation   I 17MAR29994                               Completed Late          08/31/2017   07/26/2018   Whistleblower           Other
                                   - PHEAA

Investigation   I17SER42115
                                             I        ewerl Completed Late         09/11/2017   11/05/2018   ED Employee
                                                                                                             Misconduct              Other

Investigation   I 18SCR61376                                   Completed Late      10/11/2017   11/05/2019   Postsecondary Educatior
lnvestIgatIon   1·   ", •• ,·,44   c.,IooaI Talent Agency      I completed Late        1U/<!U/<!Ul7    01/U<!/<!U10   uther                   Uther

                I18TCD30085        West Virginia Education     Completed Late           12/14/2017     09/04/2019     Other                   Other
                                   Information Svstem
                                   American College of                                                                Postsecondary Educatior
Investigation   I16WES91841                                    Completed Late          01/30/2018      06/03/2019     Fraud                   Other
                                   Healthcare <ACH\
                                   TAFT COMMUNITY
                                   COLLEGE-WEST KERN Completed Late                    02/07/2018      05/24/2018     Whistleblower           Other
Investigation   I17WES91902
                                   COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                   University of California,                           02/07/2018      09/26/2018     Whistleblower           Other
Investigation   I17WES30292                                    Completed Late
                                   . . . . (FSA                                                                       ED Employee
Investigation   I17SOU42161                                    Completed Late          07/12/2017      04/16/2018                             Other

                                                                                                                      Postsecondary Education
Investigation   I18EAS00144                                    Completed Late          02/16/2018      07/17/2019                             Public Corruption
                                                                                                                      ED Employee
Investigation   I18EAS00381                                    Completed Late          03/13/2018      12/14/2018                             Other
                                   U.S.exre\-                                                                         Postsecondary Education
Investigation   I18SOU01473                                    Completed Late          03/13/2018      07/22/2019                             Other
                                   et. al. v Ke                                                                       Fraud

Investigation   I 18EAS00522
                                   1. . -
                                   Whistleblower Complaint
                                                               Completed Late          03/28/2018      07/20/2018
                                                                                                                      ED Employee

Investigation   I18WES02048        - Nye County School     Completed Late              04/11/2018      03/07/2019     Whistle blower          Other
Investigation   I18TCD02528                                    Comoleted On Time       04/29/2018      09/27/2018     Other                   Other
                                                                                                                      Postsecondary Education
Investigation   I18EAS01301                                    Completed Late          05/21/2018      04/12/2019                             Other
                                   Lincoln County School
Investigation   I 18WES02697       District (Crestview         Completed Late          06/15/2018      07/19/2019     Whistle blower          Other
                                   HeiQhts Elementarv\
                                   Shaw University (Qui-                                                              Postsecondary Education
Investigation   I16SOU42014                                    Completed Late          09/04/2018      08/12/2019                             Public Corruption
                                   Tam\                                                                               Fraud
                                   Whistleblower Complaint                                             02/06/2019     Whistleblower           Other
Investigation   I18SOU02625                                Completed Late              09/05/2018
                                   - Cirrus Academv
                                   Cirrus Academy Charter
Investigation   I18SOU02616        School (Whistleblower  Completed Late               09/12/2018      02/07/2019     Whistleblower           Other, Charter School
                                         I int:
                                   Pasco County School                                                                Whistleblower           Other
Investigation   I19SOU00280                                    Completed On Time        10/22/2018     02/05/2019
                                                                                                                      Postsecondary Education
Investigation   I18SOU04154                                    Completed Late           11/13/2018     08/29/2019                             Other

Investigation   I18EAS03180
                                   1-             )            Completed Late          02/28/2019      08/22/2019
                                                                                                                      ED Employee

                                                                           Total No. of Folders: 167