Physical Security in the Farm Credit Administration's Bloomington Field Office

Published by the Farm Credit Administration, Office of Inspector General on 2018-03-19.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

INSPECTOR GENERAL    Inspec on Report
                    Physical Security in the Farm
                       Credit Administra on's
                      Bloomington Field Office

                           Tori Kaufman
                           Tammy Rapp
                       Issued March 19, 2018

                      FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION
                                        Physical security controls safeguard FCA employees and
The objective of the inspection was     assets. Physical security is unique in different locations and
to determine the effectiveness of       buildings, and the strongest controls cannot eliminate
controls related to physical security   security risks. However, strong controls and preparedness
in the Bloomington field office.        can improve overall security. For this inspection, we
                                        reviewed the Bloomington field office. Our review focused
BACKGROUND                              on controls in the following areas:

The Farm Credit Administration            •   Access,
(FCA or Agency) is an independent         •   Computers and other equipment,
Federal agency responsible for            •   Emergency preparedness, and
regulating, examining, and                •   Personnel records.
supervising the Farm Credit System
and the Federal Agricultural            To test physical security controls, we performed
Mortgage Corporation. The               walkthroughs and surveyed selected employees. We
mission of the Agency is to ensure
                                        developed a checklist to test controls in each area.
a safe, sound, and dependable
                                        Because each field office is unique, this checklist served as
source of credit and related
                                        a framework to identify areas for improvement.
services for all creditworthy and
eligible persons in agriculture and
                                        To accomplish our objective, we also reviewed laws,
rural America
                                        regulations, policies, and procedures; interviewed Agency
FCA employees are critical to           personnel; and reviewed prior reviews related to our
achieving its mission, and the          objective. This inspection was performed in accordance
Agency identifies its people as a       with the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and
strategic priority. A critical aspect   Efficiency’s Quality Standards for Inspection and
of this priority is physical security   Evaluation.
for employees and offices. FCA has
its headquarters and a field office     We found controls were in place and were largely
in McLean, Virginia. The Agency         effective. However, we identified opportunities to further
also has four field offices in          improve physical security in the Bloomington field office.
Bloomington, Minnesota; Dallas,         Our report included five agreed-upon actions for Agency
Texas; Denver, Colorado; and            management. All agreed-upon actions are resolved and
Sacramento, California.                 considered closed.

The Farm Credit System Building         This report contains sensitive information about FCA and
Association (FCSBA) leases the          potential vulnerabilities that could be used against the
office space for FCA field offices.     Agency; therefore, we are not releasing it publicly.

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