Comments on Whether HUD Could Certify an Employee's Travel Voucher for Payment

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-02-24.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                                      I) Ul ,_                                           843

                                  COMPTROLLER GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES
             *                                    ~~~~~~~~WASHINGTON,
                                                                  D.C.   =540

Be17(1266;                                            -FEB                      2 4 19

    L ela
Mrs.b                , J*ord
Authorized Certifying Officer
Dspartmnt of jn       and Urban Development

Dear Mrs. HBMrdl
     w. refer to your letter dated Novembr 9, 197, vith G=U       Mwes,
requatilg our decision as to whetber a trwel vowber in favor of
mr. nnars 3*rpaab emuA be vperlr certified for pBYwt. By letter
dated    embor 18, 1970, ve advised yotu that a deision could not be
rendered in the absene o- a further xplstion of the reolaim voucher.
I.z o ewaXnda dated Januar T, 19Th, Wr. ergenis whse official at&-
tion ts Chicago, illnois, ftrished us with additional informton.
     we vere infor sl   advised by your office that Mr. DBrgna was
allowed per dim for 11 1/2 days on the or1gina1 ouer in whieh he
claimed 14 3/4 Weai   HU reMIMIis fOr the difference of 3 l/h days.
Re Indicated in hIS lettr to Ou Offife tbSt the da     in quWtion axe
                                             a   (Saturday and Buday)
July 2, 3, 4i, and 5. TMe last tV of tWo
wer nouwoikdays, end we Presume JUy 3 was also & UnoVokdSay (holiday)
for ep0           a basic voxkwek is )Onday through rid*y. 5 U.S.C.
61O3(b)(1).PA r-BbergISis stated that he did not retun to his official
statio during the nazwo$kdys but went on a trip at personal expse to
Toronto, Canada.

     The 3tandardized Gove:                      rt     Travel Regu1*tiOn5, psrMrapp      6.3, pro-
vide in part as folavat
                 "A t2raveler will be cosidered to be in subsistence
      status an nonvork days unless he returns to Ks official
      station or place Of abode from which he 0oMites daily to
      his official station, or imless such noUVork day is iwin.
      diately preceded and followed by leav 04o absence: Prvided,
      That per diem in lieu of subsistence may not be pid fTOr
      are than 2 nonvo* days where the leave of absence is
      iwnediately preceded and followd by nonvork day(s)."
      this Lanu                   requires the termination of subsistence staBtu               on1
when the above conditions edxit.                              Here the claimant did not retr    to his

                 .    ,- ., ;;*    ~.**   , ..           ;.

plac of abode or fMcal sttio nor vere the nova'kdOys iumadstOy
pecded and followed by a leave of Absence. Ms, and since there is
 o ahoygtAt the clAimdmt vas rsqdired to ret= to his offcial StU-
tio-On nO=O**AaysB, pament Of per diem fOr JUlY 3, 4, ad 5 appear
     Mr' DBerPO6s states that be "had a fall day oft on July 3rd because
of the ovcti earned 2mXw other tift." Bovmr, 81we Ju2 3 was a wn-
vorkq it is possible that w is referrim to July 2 (ft!uiw) vhich wa
a repularly sheduled vorkfty. uzthw inoiution is th            o ed
to determine hs entitlt,       if any, to per dies for Ju 2      _1n this
CotLtim V  w an You attntion to that part of xetion 6.3 of the
ftandardized Gwlvoebt 2'invel               which controls the qustion
of Per dies ftlLowuncea wtw leaves of absence mooar  'wholly within a sin-.
gla day.    Tb pwtlet   lAW& Is a# follows:

          "fctiONal leave of &b$=QO ii214 within a day,
     vhe for ha of tbe ptrribed borking hour or le,
     Vill be disrsgaded for subsistewo purpommi vtwz it
     eo=:ed   bait of the prescribed w*&.bW how$ no subsls.
     tenc wil. be allowed for te day,"
      4   the basis of the Veset reeord thewlogd reclaim voucher my
be certified to payumnt in the amont af $60. An adtional amount My
Possibly be due upm your obtining dditio*n informtio from
   B.erMnIs conring Jly 2.

                           M91h   129Iq   siftcerey yours,

                                          of the Uaited States


                                                                  -2 -