Comments on Claim for Tuition and Fees

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1977-09-30.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                               MGMr-L- Ciw                                     11O9mc,
                             UNITED STATES GENRPAL,: CC(OXMICNG OFFICE

                                         WASHINGTON, D.r. -0348
                                                              j3 P//       X   70tf        4    /       f~491gS6


 PA Z-272901C3
                                               q   qr          w.sX-s-----
         Pa            ---

 7he Comptroller General
                                        to the claim of San Diego
      Herewith is the file pertaining
                                             92108, for $11,184.00
 Community College, San Diego, California and fees provided without
 representing 1976 Spring Semester
                      for forty-eight   students.
 contractual coverage
                                            Naval 1Medical Center has
      The record shows that the National
                                   services from civilian institutions
 customarily obtained educational
                                      payment after the invoices for pay-
 and processed the requisitions for
                                        regulations, however, now require
 ment were received. Changes in Navy
                                          to the commencement of service
 that services must be requested prior
 school classes.
                                          the claim and states that San
       The Navy recommends allowance of
                                     the work in good faith; that the
 Diego Coimunity College performed
                                            that correct procedures will be-
 Government received a benefit therefor;
                                   the amount claimed is fair and
  followed in the future; and that                                                                            *-                 .
                                               that payment may be made ona.
         In vi-ew of the foregoing, it appears
                                            however, since the amount cla
   oumntum mreruit, quantum valebat basis;
                                            is subtsitted for your considera.-.s
   is in excess of T10,000.00, the matter
                                                June 28, 1954. In view oL -.
   Gion in accordance with item 11, B-112701,                                                                           o
                                                these ty es of cases, ibrL23p:-
   the effects of inflation on the amounts irn      limni1.ation imposed by
   al o requested that the amount of the monetary
                                             be increased to at least
   it-m. 11, A-1270,! dated June 26, 1954;
     '      OU0. CC.


                                                            CVL e         Payment Claims Biranch

                                                                                                         ..                      '-.'7T
                                    ,   ~~~~   ~   ~    ~     ~      ~     ~    ~    ~ ~   *
                                                                               1.110 .

                                                        SEP 3 ow


:'9:     Directojr, Claims Division                              --   --   -       -

         ,iettirned.Here it appears that '-ho GoV-rnmen`; derived a benenFit
*JY>-;    saLIsfied a Legitimate need; the co tractor performed :.ile worik
in a good faith; and that payment would not violate a st'tute or
statutory regulation. Accordingly, paymrntjiay properly be made on a:
qyantum meruit basis. See, e      B-183289,iDecember 3, 1975; B-174769J'(-
January 26, 1972.                     -
     You also reques', an increase in the monetary limitation in item
11 of B-112701-O.M.,VJune 28, 1954, whirh now requires in effect a
legal submission by the Claims Division e'f claims exceeding $10.'000
for increased cost on account of extra work or material for which
no proper written orders were issued by Ihe contracting office. It
does not appear that the claimn in the instant case would fall within
that class of claims described by item 11 of our 1954rmemorand'trn.
In any event, we have no objection to increasing 'this limitation due
to the effects of inflation. Accordingly, B-7'2701-0..glube 28,
1954, is modified by increasing the monetary limit in iteih 11 from
$10,000 to $25,000.

                                      Comptro':er Gene,                                                 .s-

                                      of the VitJ:    d Stdtvs

AtOachmeii,' s



                                                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           .,