Comments on Interior Employee's Claim for Overtime Compensation

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-03-02.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                   !G-S'3    _ NO CIRCUL_ ATION,
                              COMPTROLLER GENERAL
                                                    OF THE UNITED sTATES
                                          r~ "HIN
                                         WAS      N. D.C.

                                                                            MAR 2-     9
     *. David . Wae

    Ndeie.    M*way Aftinisitrt±o
    Uhlted S*ta   Departa of ?zmportt
    Dear fr. welut
            is rtez's to Yaw lttor of J
   c1uaI 0         poudem fwom l. it             22, 1971, aerer.c C-3o, a-
   totr owrt'"cavqensati                      A. A, ru comOermtag hs
   as an e"                     duwlag t. Perio of                        claim
   You say that ot tOr     Alath
                              s    bRad Cuowa           19NW
                                                           4     )ka
                                                                ins      5, 1a
                        o                           D          Ortarch Zmte9'j
   dictly to            fe        trimmtta to the Waimat tmo* Oe        oted    1.
    f teator Ped 3. asm                                                the o*"Ie

           DyOr Office N*e1te c t Of M v ee2
   'm eetlift"     4 due W. Andenam as                 28, 919,           a       ot *267.30
   tlon 23 ~ the aofr~ X &*                  additigal         eo        satj
                                  28, 1931., uis.c. S67'c                          or Wc-
   5 U.8.C. 55 4( ))_ ovrti4in                                       (      cdfid
   ComdeIm d*4u 1. .                 a1rvIft                                            In
                       t pte ed Nmry i2 to2'endom an Na e"lve so of t
                                                     l         5, 19q.5.
         Si'ce nO baiaac. reulfd
  tor WhICh Pq-n of tje Sottlu.a      In. the a"licabl, qWaceoutt
  Wsther with gig       c        y e1 WU        to
                                            s of te    the
                                                            ade, tete           1o j;t
 to ts etaat of the                                                          wee
  -BPopr1 issio if psYmnt MWteio
 by   the                    Me to be sman.
   vwsXw 99emtay of the ZfttwI~m
                                           being cessay
                                                    The                  a denti'qy
                                       :fbi & detfcee, .ettle0 popitj*RWete
                                                                    est wee dmttge
 Compee. tailed t. qpzcp'i~                          at so#ttI. XnSor
                                    theftesaay           ttuda to           t...r
                                                                               e MIa±*
             uttoam rewMOMi    these .af
 an      the Smeond S4                         IN
                                               1nndewd                 the Pa..e Nar_
and the an t. searingyc              APzt          l,              1950,
                              tneam .. bill, Pases                         paes 503-517
ffezing a. the ?rilOr                                       79-6. Also, Seae
12146 ar gSeate Repmt       Deptat        Apprcrjat              tlbr 1951, "a 1243-
pini65 OS Hoe R He. 191.1 'c the 00ewml AlrWIatjo BiUl,

                              o. irn oI th Same blU,                                   15n,
                                                                    pae 180.         e lter
         "h o
     Paymentf cla± bl sted
                       Us denied the estia  fr 525,000 fr
     for wrk Perftmed In    to be d, a o    neyfi.
                         1945 atd                  5aomtX1af
                                       ficlears0 ro  t   the
         me~~       ~     ~     ~~          dVf     lmxY"fra
                              -   -       .   -. I   *..   ~   ~   ~         ~    ~       ~    ~     -


     Alaska Read Camisni. Th comittee has thoroughly revieved
     this request and in not, convinoce that the equities of these
     claim a" suicient     to warrant approval of the requested
     appropriation. 2hese matter. should be presented to the Court
     of Claim where Judicial processes ae available to wighb all
     relevant consmiderations and to ascertain the equities Involved.
     1Tw eurt can also establish whether or not any offsets- ight
     be due the Govermet The action of the comittee in denying
     this appropriation shovId not be considered as prejuicial to
     any litigation which might enSmu.*
      becaue of the action by the Cdttea Oat the claim be redueed to
Judgmt by the Cmut of Claim before an anrsiation therefor would be
mde,, ur Office canceled the settIemets Ilu1ing that In favor of
Mr. Andehs,. Tbereater approxatey 30 of the indlvidmala on whose
cla; settlmQtJ we Issued but later canceled by our Office, es
described aloes, have been etae4 Judgmet In the Court of Claim under
decision of that Cmwt holding that our issance of a aettlemat and the
elaimat s aoqaiestcsw therin constituted an '*ccord" which gave rise
to a cwne of action upou vlbih the court mm emwed tozder Judg-
mot, aside from the irits of the original claim.     wrw          States,
123 Ct. C1. 474# certiorari diedk     5 U.s. 956; And"s vd
Staftes 126 Ct. Cl. 571; Al    vbiin     States I, l  d. 204t d.782, 783
(tatiseal entry). We hae no'b           of ny cl           ca ibalf of
Mr. Anderson being included 5. the group of 300 or mor who obtained such
jw4axta.    Of coueq the statut. of limitatiom applicable to the Court
of W      (6 years)'oult1d als proclude any action at this time in that
Ci;Wbamed qpon the holdiag ir the caes cited ab . Several bills
have beam introduced in the Cangreas to confer Jurisdiction upon the
Cout of Claim to reader jiudgut uo thee claim without regard to the
statute of limitationx, however, noe of these bills ma ever enacted into
     Simn no fadf are available for the paymnt of                          the clai of
Mr. Andereo by o Office aal since no suit appea                            to have been       led
by or es behalf of his In the Cow% of Claim within                         the prescribed tim
linitatio., there Is so mins wbereby pamnt of his                          cla   can be effected
at this tim.
     We trust that the fioregong win be of assistance to ym in prepring
a reply to Mr. Anderson and, iso, that It will ser                          to expain why the
settlement in his favor has been canceled and may not now be paid.


      ,                     -V,       -                                -          ...

    The en@ures fcrwardod with Yaw letter
                                          a"e retued.
                                      Sacerely   You",

                             Aaai=    Coeqtrolr t
                                      of the United BtAte

                                                            .- 3..
11111Il iii 111l
              iii 11111lililiii
                                                   -      -     .-   -

                         COM PrtROLLt GCNERAL OF THE UNITIE                  *167
                                             WASHiNciTON, D.C. ZMa

                                                                         SEP 26 1iY6

AIuh'iind Owtifyift Officer
htft inael kisawo Servicee Admias                             llM
v.e S. repusot Of COUNe
DM Mra,              i*2
Dea b. Aliitar
        SUIs   in npV to yourletter at AvVu 819,                                rare9mas A057b3a7,
wequatiag C         decile          as to       wtbar ym        W esrtify tor puymt a ,ocbtr
 n ftVW et     .e    C            A.
                                  A,         iea, Jw., an a1ose oof Vis OAcet wd
Geoie am             firn u             1I      Io SUP AM iawd In .elig his res-
Idain at Jmgs    lwidag, a sie   ofSft.      ,tbwge incident to his
tramnv of MUM SWIsa tiM * fek, YiwAs, to wmd,, nVdda,
posint  to Travel Odr b.     "274A0,    dated Aut    2, 1968. 2w claim
   we.msbtnived disal~semd beamas XatU~ asa yauaded es ahe so.
PUVW's PWNMaut station ubz'au the MIftnfe VWe Wt 3bsted within
eamiUng distanc at that statim..
      UdUe for Opsticala1 d afdodlaatniw parX~s the how pt of a
VeOSse IS rupWb as the MOWto2 dVty station or QmpUeaw .asi4 to
Saok a OWSml La h Insifts cm. - PuinLat Chsomp ataOtism ar.,.
 _Uve is d to Us swpkgee trnlemsini hs to nfo"g Virginia. gm
falim. to temt lbs Oq~qaee agwor"Ut3 v" izwtiml             esin the
heiVy 40010imima sand dsu1OzuLeJAW jovm wxs It Iqiosails, to
Iesuts Wm VWs jasMINmOt MOM1 I of VWe 01M 11timobVII Mad
be. Zc the sbame at pwmeat As of atat         ardezrs, the a gaps
Oo)A Met Uarn M z"IOMWA 1001 *V  e tat MWsUO oe eqsas. had be
sod us     sd£m" at lurg                     insibat to bis a'f3.k aesiat.

      Ia Lou 1966 the 3awlar vii attedid to the vesal ]VMU
vrnieb siled ftus ft. fttm4btwX FUn~s, in NwfOMk VIrginiog *m it
 - i.~miieind ~mrtWU afler Its agival. Th a qrn1* "s tbou
   ass1*d    US "'in'n* A1Id NI; sbIs Ohs~aM to be dwooonuamind
WA map in tesm, fteansiomed Ilak Lnatmau in Joao 68. in t man-
tim, 00 QqAepss had MPMa seimnal MMth in sebsel is wsadeiagbooa D. C.,0
                           *0 i Jtlt?   t

WAd bd baTald On VWe "MM* to VW RMuUW*nd but nowr xViniasd In
NW OM OitYnt    U1 VWap tr MIWs than 30 days. After that the M '
uMtWN~ to NWtOak for a 3-Mnh parted or Worutas~ng. It then dqpartd

_nsei                         ,                           so                  5e
                                                                 2   33Y0J3 UC! zaRDIrso
                                                                                                              -    1 68
 3*3477Me                  Wsl31:110 ho wsks :a sansbIes7
                                                              >            tStas!o

          Iw        L 'a1M           it MS          n1968me.
                                                                                            thre MStt
      mi. tOmt    "*"I VAN= "I
 Is 09"3xh1X~~aa..m                        1pWV too, IN Is be bown pm'ted
                   Wu WinPiertwto iti aa1u.
                                      _        b Zud1.
                                             trom           to     .
      X        _4       _ato X keIc

          Wata t5ea ort                 fl e                                      £            am            Isa
                         fto          StAb f ad _'iou
                        t W 14                            ft.           t t
                         e _u~mS1t       to        Atlutie               mf
as    _mu"y d            s1~~o           so that                                                            a_ 3M
am" as                                           h                                bO 1dwaw.      ogbwv18e
          rau~ 1.gfwiZ              Uaee   qna.
m~               ft. j W  U#i t¢_>O
                                        m-'~~nu i
                                                                                  to es' Bat hat
                                                                                      theu the uwMI la"-
to   be   1
                                                                        ddamt,           sb be_.e.        te £ag±
           UMV   XNMe "dhok oWWW
                              to iP-Mt adlaue or a
                                  tbo sqpckabi vg     -                                           for taw Uft
                                                   as                                            is ntj
               Voumb'1 'Ida      u.n 8 s
           M                                                         XPOUNucI    htlg~bdla
                 u1k tb* t eaiag. J

                                                                                           R. F. Keller
                                                                        For the        bo1          a
                                                                                      Of VW. Whted States

                    *     .,'.~2-*       .*;3~,*~*,o"**