Comments on Request for Waiver of Erroneous Pay

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-10-22.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                         COMPTROLLER GENERAL or
                                                THE UNITED STATS
                                     *WASHINMOqq. O.C.       7

                                                                      OCT 22 1971

   *. Rc       d.aC.:

      ~216,         2A
  is.i.             nlwd    32601
 Dea )t. Retrs
           ~ia 1. 15 referee    to     W Itr         Of          sp       2i0 im,
 ym    uk   tw "eemUwatiw                                                              Y.1a
                                       toraot1im         t       am a&,    Di'visa    k
 bY 24tt, at Jly,  1sl9, to tbthe Dm umt St the Alz Ns, denie
 7mr leqnet tow "iW Of eft24mecue paMMt of
 amos repsd.
                                               md rorwad of

       'fe recard i~it.ta               u    eim                  tUe woitha-.j
 lacrees tim (3-12, 6t0 4,, tP a312, tep
 attaiuu etop5S1yw gae, you we thea5,ue&ft&  Ca NW 2, 19C5. .     g
 CUSAIMUeM Aft at 19491,                               e  the
                               mended, t* Wet at pwl
 frm tbht daeto be eligiblA griw                              we:
                                  ad &tml       tep. _1A meat .:
    ntI NW 7, 1967. WA "            s to SO           _we                ym
        od t    step     to  se     6         -12           1966
              mad me a wemlbt NU&hL,. tra "Wa oaefi~6 1967"WIMttO
yn owe o"ews4 IA 1. &AWN" of $3792o- M b"t4               "t     *& Je w SbZ69 )l%-67
diovemd         Ia19           amdt by tis atfi.. Z w  le          e
                                                                           w e of
the an Mta U           ~~~~~~~~~~~~sk
                mad a poefwii        tee ammi ou have                    aZ w ,o TIr 4t:
                                                                   "ead    theb
  vie t e
bur 21,J98of b U.S.C.  55t   y    x   edo :aaeJAW
                      lb. be          i       e~x         ht~      m
                                                                   aa givs
  "mye, Uvom 4* M io                  1tim OM that Me beUi~a
be a quI                                                                aetsat
               t                .
       h     imbdad tw waivr%,   ' da=lm.ria,a  , atM                          nvos    py-'
_t Sof         we fmmd in Is C 5a91-9
                                 1        i_   tUl g r                       lti      to
po"c          90-61
               0w    SesUM 9L5(b) Prmidesefar
            '00MMeMtaotlm mdor tIe cl&IM woU be ait
      eqity a od "MMaja        am m*dIn m bthebt lotieae et
      the Nlte4 Stt~ate   OMrell  these criterla vii be not by
      a     if    at the wiSa=m pama      fe     sk         wo
       a'~alstratve *slm sad that thin* Is RV ladicoAtm

                               15    9 Sq   7 1 o8154.

     NISrea satem, falt or Uek o good faith an the pert of
     the eore.    . MW1w of ove"I        ofVpqitr tun
     steaudad sesesser113? smst depend Ir        tgo fasts, exIstifg In
     thw puleala e.  c       *

     we stld la 32-1663u m 11 1S969, In rerd to tse            t
that thefe be ano Isdioatit oa' fUlt am pte t of the eqloe., Usth
           'whehran .1wqMqe AG reaeives an UTMOOM Payust
     is free ftim fault In the untte m oaur be detersmand by a
     .- ref    a0sia      of au Ver#het fats , sot Caly Oer giv1ag
     rise to the overp"yot bat tha. IMIcatlag  thr the U l
     piqre emsunbl aouJ hav beeu wqece to hae bees av
     that an error had bees me. V it is admuintrativ*4 deter-
     Rdied ha*t a wessonab.e man$    thmmstaneem Involvds
     wo    av
           bm ad. Inquiry as to the OcmotiN af th paimt
     sad Ow eloyue Involved 414 nt, them Is
                                         In eapinion, th
     ew~qeeM owulA not be sal4 to be free free flault In the matter
     Gd the .l.5. ""mt UiS d       d not be vaLved.1
     am,, in   deatwsdalanthe Iea"M            us      yf w actios at tW tI=
at     ewge       Inceaein sACYS, ma
                                  V              a> tah 1S2t &COO    Y
 _ongft eryim Utwy in psuets of repmmbOI1ir vift U             Mora
 ftMmat. s        "dust lReoris Center in ft. LMi , 3MuWl ha for-
miahed us vstk IntrW ~avIddh              I"%
                                           ha You Were promoted to the
t-it level la 1962 4M had     eved parlodle a" Increas sats that
tim. "WY ha"eso" um a c'r of Stmedd Fo*s 8126, ftjrel Mange
sup, whisk uN    mued at te t1m of the emmms pW Inoiease. A ce
of tha torn. which was hrsitshd to I=s clearly shows the otere af the
astism to be a regular withis-1pade Ion""
                                        es as itiegimbed fies a

     Whit w be taW yosu omrlaohed tbe noteti that tie Iwreas
Yom Rseoved mvesxt a tulit Incre It is o VI" that it urs in-
oev   t qs yo to del      .n IVa te for the t£    of ¢nee      whisa
was taveLved an- theu m h IanqUi as to the coreetmans thereof.
Viereforeq car pmint. osmeumion that you mare not withank ftaut In the
maitter is esomialeed t     have been correct.
                       "r Xb dS   iZ     .~~                        ~-2

                                                       '~~~'~~" ~     ~   -2

                       *ot tu2:thw;              t$   ~808
8s'2"olque 2a *21.U3             8     00i-kblaaqoa

WU=ot   e JW$.r21   1,971, deqrug        or Umlm La

                               or 1-