Examination of Selected Travel and Leave Transactions in the U.S.S. San Jose Accounts

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1977-03-25.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                 REGIONAL                 OFFICE
                                              87~ FLOOR
                    PATRICK      V     McNAMARA       FEDERAL       BUILDING
                                     477   MICHIGAN       AVENUE
                              DETROIT, MICHIGAN                    48226

                                                                     2 5 MAR1977

 Commanding Officer
U.S.S. San Jose (AFS-7)
FPO San Francisco   96601                             723
Dear    Sir:
        As part of our contlnulng
flnanclal     management      system,    we
travel     and leave transactions          in
U.S.S      San Josqto      test   the quality     of dxsburslng    and
related     admlnlstratlve       procedures.      We reviewed   en-
tltlements     on 60 of 119 vouchers          paid In the 6 months
ended July 31, 1976.
       --on five vouchers                         we ldentlfied                    five   over
          and underpayments                        for travel                  totaling
          $84, and
       --on 14 of 36 vouchers,          whxch showed periods
          of leave,     we found erroneous        delay enroute
          computations;      10 members were overcharged
          leave and 4 others      received      leave that
          was- not charged     to their     leave accounts.
        We have forwarded         15 informal     inquiries     to your
disbursing     officer      describing     the travel       and leave
defxlencxes        and have requested         that adlustments        be
made to correct        the errors         Since three of the travel
errors     were In the $10 to $25 range,             we have requested
the Navy Finance         Center to issue the necessary             pay
adJustment     authorlzatlons.
        Our tests       indicate      that the disbursing       officer
was not revlewlng            and verlfylng       the accuracy    of leave,
proceed     and traveltlme          reported     by the administrative
offlce.      Such verlflcatlons            are required      by Navy
Travel    Instructions,          paragraph      4009-1,    and Navy Pay
and Personnel        Procedures         Manual,    paragraph   10382.
     We would appreciate        your   comments   and advice   of
any actlons  taken.
                                Sincerely    yours,

                                Walter   C. Herrmann,    Jr.
                                Reglonal   Manager

cc:   Comptroller      of the Navy (NCD-3)
      Comptroller      of the Navy (NCF-4)
      Commander,     Naval Surface      Force,
        Pacxfx      Fleet
      Commanding     Offxer,      Navy Finance
        Center,     Cleveland
      Commanding     Officer,     Navy Regional
        Finance     Center,   T.I.,   San Francisco
      Dxector,      Naval Audit     Servxce
        Western     Region,   San DIego