Review of the Need for the Proposed Construction of 200 Family Housing Units at Newport Naval Base, Newport, Rhode Island

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-12-13.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


          c CI   Dear Senator      Pell:

                         In accordance       with your request            of May 22, 1970, we began
                 a review       of the need for the proposed               construction      of 200 Am-
                 ily    housing    units    at   Newport
                 w..w faar-.&--T’f y-&-i s ab 1 e TwFv     Naval       Base,
                                                          e-r )““““-~‘-“”      Newport,     Rhode Island.
                                                                  to s’?%“$end our work until         com-
                 pletion      of the 1971 family         housing       survey,    which the base was
                 making at the time,             We discussed        the proposed       approach  with
                 your Office       and it was found acceptable.
                         The new housing     survey showed a continued       need for hous-
                 ing . Early       in June 1971, the- Commander,     Newport   Naval Base,
                 transmitted       a copy of the survey    results   to the Rhode Island
                 Builders    Association     which had written     to you.    The Associa-
                 tion questioned        the need to build    the 200 units    and requested
                 an investigation.

                        The’Association,       in its reply      to the base commander,
                 endorsed    the need for the 200 units           but recommended     that they
                 be built    for enlisted     pers,gUngel,     It acknowledged    the exis-
                 tence of a tij$?!“‘~h%“using      market  in Newport but did not accept
                 the results      of the%y’s”<urvey          of family    housing   require-
                 ments.     The Association       believed   that the Navy survey        require-
                 ments were excessive        and disagreed       with the methodology       of
                 the survey.

                           In view of the Association’s     endorsement    of the ZOO-unit
                 project,       we agreed with your Office     to meet with Association
      i          offici.als      to ascertain  what further   work,   if any, was expected
    J            of us.
                       At an October        8, 1971, meeting,        Association      officials
               stated    that it would not be necessary               for us to expend addi-
               tional    audit    time since they had no objection                to the planned
               Government-owned          family     housing  program      for Newport       Naval Base.
i              They felt 9 however,           that formal    market     studies     should be used
             2 by the Department           of Defense in deciding          whether    additional
               on-base housing         is needed at specific          locations.         They later
               furnished     us   with a copy of sections            of a publication           prepared
               by housing       marketing       consultants    in conjunction        with     the Mar-
               keting    Departmcnt:.of         the National     Association       of Home RuiIders.

                                             L;OTH ANNIVFRSARY      19’)?- 1971

       We periodically           review   the policies,     procedures,      and prac-
tices    followed      by the Department         of Defense in determining         fam-
ily housing        requirements.         The next such review        is scheduled
for 1972.        At that time we plan to consider              whether    the type of
market     studies     suggested       by the Association       might help the De-
partment      of Defense      to improve      the determination        of housing

       Unless you deem otherwise,     we plan no further      action      on
this   matter m We will    be pleased  to provide  you with copies           of
any reports      resulting from our next review   of military        family
housing    requirements.

                                         Comptroller   General
                                         of the United   States
The Honorable      Claiborne     Pell
United States      Senate