Effectiveness and Efficiency of Training

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-05-28.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

              D’ear Mr.                       Zarb:

                               During               the   current    fiscal        year                      we made!   a survey       of   the   Coopserative
              Area             Manpow~er              Planning      System        (CAi%?S~                    .

                      Our survey was performed             at the (I) Washington             headquarters   offices
              of seven of the eight          F’ederal      ag’encies   participating           in CAMPS, (23 C.&MPS
              Regional     committee   office      in San Francisco,            California,        (3) CAMPS State
              committee     ‘office  in Phoenix,         Arizona,     and (41 CAMPS area committee
              offices    in Los Angeles,        California         and Phoenix,        Arizona.

                      We noted during     our survey that       CAMPS has encountered     problems    in
              implementing      Executive    Order No. 11422,      dated August     15, 1968, which
              establishe’d    the Government’s      policy    of cooperative    planning    and execution
              of manpower training        programs,       Some of the main problems      noted were:

                               1.             Confusion       among participating         Federal     and non-F’ederal
                                              agencies       concerning     the sp’ecific     objectives     and functions
                                              of CAMPS, particularly             the role of local       and area

                               2,             Limited      commitment    to CAMPS by the                                participating           Federal
                                              agencies       and limited    communication                               from the headquarters
                                              offices      of these agencies      to their                              local      counterparts.

                               3,             #Concern at the        local     Level that CAMPS plans  had only                                      a
                                               limited impact        upon the manpower budgeting      decisions
                                              iof the Federal        agencies.

                      An official    of the Manpower Administration       informed        113   that      the
              structure      of CAMPS was being     revised,   Because  this     revision         may help
              tn correct       these problems,   and because of the possibility              that new man-
              power legislation        aEEecting  CAHPS may be enacted      this    year,       we have
              decided    to defer    any further    survey work in this     area at this            time.

     (,,,,,    ,,,,,   //,,.        ,   ,#,    ,,                             ,    r   ) , . , , , ~’   ,,
CC:   Slecretary   of Labor
      Assistant    Secretary  of Labor
         for Manpower
      Manpower Administrator
      Deputy Manpower Amdministrator
      Mr. David WiI.liarns,   MA
      Mr.   Edward McVeigh,
      Mr, Edgar Dye, QASA

      Nr, Wayland     Cuel QASA