Review of Accounts of the Director, Chicago Disbursing Center, Division of Disbursement, Bureau of Accounts

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-04-16.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                                  Mr. R. Pacheco
                                                  Regional Disbursing     'Officer
                                                  MCI4.W-icn cf Disbu.rsc~e;lt
                                                  Bareau of Accounts
                                                  Department of the Txasury
                                                  Post Office Box 8670
                                                  Chicago) Illinois     606 E3                                                                                                          1IllIllIIIIIllIlllllllllllllll
                                                  Dear                            Mr.                 Pacheco:

                                                                                 We have                   f accounts of the     made            a r review
                                                  iErector,     Chicago    s3ursing Center, Dlvisionpf         Disbursement,
                                                  Bureau of Accowi         &?pa.rtzcnt of the Treasury,      'Chicago, Illinois,
                                                  for the period 3azux-y 1, 1967, through September 30, 1970. Tine
                                                  review    was made pursuant     to the Budget  and Accounting      Act, 1321
                                                   (31 U.S.C. 533, aad the Accounting        and Auditing    Act of I.950
                                                  (31 U.S.C. 67).           7
                                                          Our review,    completed in March 1971 and covering            certifying
                                                  and disbursing      activities,       was directed    primasi;ly  toward evaluat-
                                                  ing the procedures         and internal    controls     relative  to the receipt
                                                  and disbursement       of funds, and considered           the most recent internal
                                                  audits performed.          Program operations       were not included    in our

                                                        While we have not found that accountab3.lity    has be& affected
                                                  in the aggregate,    we nored certain xatters which indicate   a need
                                                  for additional    mznagerr.ent attention. These matters,  as set forth
                                                  below, were discilssed with you and members of your staff on
                                                  March 3, 1971.

                                                                                 1.                  Wage  and ssparation   data has been incorrectly                                reported
                                                                                                     to the State of Illinois    in several  instances.

                                                                                 2.                  Certain obligations,   accrued liabilities, and vouchers
                                                                                                     have not been adegu ately supported or documented as
                                                                                                     required by governing   procedures.

                                                                                 3.                  Procedures covering   cash in custlody of Govemtient
                                                                                                     cashiers have not always been followed     with respect                                    to
                                                                                                     the hmdlting of losses and to periodically      reviewing
                                                                                                     all cashier activity.

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