Accounts of Accountable Officers, HUD Region 3

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-04-05.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

              UMTEPSTKES             GENERALAGCOWNT~~NG
                                  ReClONAL       OFF1CE
                       ROOM     204, IB 1 PEACHTREE   STREFf,      ME.
                              ATLANTA,     GEORGIA       30303

Mr. Edward H. Baxter
Regional Administrator                                                            II~11111111111
Department of Housing and Urban Development                                                Ln.Y”“.JIrl
Room 645, 50 Seventh Street, N. E.
Atlanta,  Georgia    30323

Dear Mr. Baxter:

      We have made a review for the settlement    of accounts of
Region III accountable    officers,  Department of Housing and Urban
Development,  At Lanta, Georgia.    Our review, co leted in March
1971, was made pursuant to the Budget and Accounting Act, 1921
(31 U.S.C. 53)) and the Accounting and Auditing     Act of 1950
(31 O.S.C. 67).

      Our review included an examination              of administrative     pro-
cedures and controls      relating      to the disbursement        and receipt    of
funds and such tests of,individual             financial    transactions     through
June 30, 1970, as we deemed appropriate.                 We also reviewed the
Office of Audit’s     report and the related working papers for its
audit of unliquidated       obligations      at June 30, 1970. We did not
examine program-type      activities.

        We found that, with the exception of some weaknesses in
personnel and timekeeping         functions;  travel  administration    and
verification      of travel   claims, the procedures and controls       were
generally     satisfactory.      We discussed the weaknesses in detail
with representatives        of your office   and corrective     action has
been taken or promised.

     We wish to acknowledge the courtesies                               and cooperation             given
our representatives  during the review.


                                                 Region,&          Manfger

                        5QTH ANNWERSARY                         1922 - 197’1