Civilian Pay, U.S. Army Training Center, Infantry and Fort Ord

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-05-17.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

ccl nting Geneml
lHeadqmTtelPs, W, S, .Arw Traio5ng Center,               IIllI%llIIlllIllllllllllllllIIllIIII
    InfatrLtry and Fort 0x4
Fort 0x3, California     93941

      We hame mde a re;lriew of the civil&m    pay and r&Lated matters
s*t the w, 5, li,nr@" Traiting center, Infants  and Fort OmJ., !&is
xyT#-iew, cQ~%et;ea ia April 1971, ms m&de pursumt to the ,T3lxlg@%
and Aceloulm"cing Act, 1921 (31 W,S,C!, 53), and the Accounting and
AudZting Act of 1950 (32 W,S,C, 67)@
     0l.w revie%Yeonsistea of an    nation of the policies,
proee~ures and practices for the2aMnistration 0% civilian p
rat Fort Urd and IE~limited test of transactions,       specia emphstsis
ms placed on thle followhg      arem:   (1) ll3-rterPld Control, (2)
1nterns.l Rdew,    (3) Witlcth-grade Increases, (4) Salary Act of
J-970, (5) Coordinated Federal Wage Systa,       and (6) Severatnce Pay'.
       mile W@found "chat tile procedures, practices and internstr.
controls wwe fitdsquate, we- noted a nmber of minor discrepancies
which indicated that the inclependent rdew functions within t;he
Civilim    Persormel and the Ci.tiLian Faly-soll Offices were not
affective   in specific instances as illustrated     below:

     1,   One former Fort Ord employee WXLSSundeqmid about $7$
          bec&wm the CLViLfan l?ersonneL Office used the wrong
          salary rate to compute the seversnee pay funa,
     2,   Five former Fort Onndemployees received the fin&l swer-
          mce pfkpnent (raining      balance) at the beginning rather
          than the end of the severance pay period, becwse the
          Civilian  PaymlX tisinterpretated    the remarks on the
          sepamklxkg personnel. mzU.on, Errors, invoPving both
          overpyments and undeqmyments, in the pay of four of
          the five mployees totaled about $253, because they
          were re-employed by the Federal goverment prior to ex-
          hausti~   their sevemme pay benefits.


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