Accounts of Accountable Officers--American Battle Monuments Commission

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-06-02.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                                                                                                                   /, ,,,,

                                                                                    June     2,   1971


Dear   Mr.       Clark:

          GTe have reviewed           the financial      management     system and related
financial       transactions         of the American        Battle   PIonuments     Commission
for the purpose           of settlin,     0 the accounts      of accountable        officers
through     YIrch     31, 1971.          The review     was directed      primarfly       toward
an evaluation         of current         administrative      procedures      and controls
related     to receipts       and disbursements,           and included        such tests       of
financial       transactions          as we deemed appropriate.

          Our review      disclosed       that   the financial         transactions         and adnini-
strative     operations         were satisfactory          for the purpose          of settling      the
accountable       officers”       acc’ounts.       !Je found,      however,      that    certain
accounting      records       were n’ot being        maintained      in accordance          with the
provisions      of the agency’s           approved      accounting       manual.        These records
are needed to provide             adequate      control      over Government          resources.
These matters         are summarized         below.

General         ledrcer   accounts:

          (PI       general  ledger           accounts           were    not        maintained           on an accrual
                    cost accounting            basis;

          (2)       budgetary       control           accounts      were        not     maintained                in   the
                    general      ledger;

          (3)       a subsidiary         cost distribution                     register to record    the
                    expenditure        of funds by object                      class was not maintained;

          (41       ABMC Central    Office administrative                              overhead  was not dis-
                    tributed   to the ABEIC Field      Offices                         in the general   ledger;

          (53       a consolidated            trial       balance        was not           prepared;

          CG)       Field  Office        investment      accounts  did                     not    include     the
                    net value     of     assets     under the control                       of    field   offices.           .

                                * 5QTl-l ANNIVERSARY                    1921- 1971


Pronertv          accounts:

           II)        the    general     ledger   equipment     control account and the sub-
                      sidiary      equipment    record     cards wer’e not updated and main-
                      tained     OR a current      basis;

           (2)        ‘the estimated         value   of   donated          equipment      was not         recorded
                      at the time       of    donation;

           (31        equipment       control     data,     such as the dates          of acquisi-
                      tions      and disposals,        purchase      order number,         and disposal
                      authority,        was not recorded         on the subsidiary            equipment
                      record      cards in order        to facilitate       reconciliation           of
                      the general        ledg’er    control account        with the subsidiary
                      equipment       record     cards.

Pavroll          accounts       :

        In addition,     the duties        of maintaining         time and attendance      re-
cords and the duties        of preparing        payroll      should    not have been vested
with one Pierson.       The General        Accounting      Office     Policy  and Procedures
Manual    for ‘Guidance    of Federal.      agencies      Cd GAO 2.9) provides        for
a separation      of these duties        to assure      that     no one person   performs
all  phases of a transaction           from beginning          to end.

       The above matters      were discu,ssed                       with       the   appropriate       officials
at the AFMC Central    Office     and corrective                           action     has been      taken      or
has been promised.

          In accordance    with the General &xounting            Office   Policy  and
Procedures      F!anual for Guidance of Federal Agencies (P GAO 3) the
records     of financial     transactions        through  Narch 31, 1971, may be
transmitted       to the Federal       Records     Center for storage   in accordance
with your records        management       program.

        !de wish to express our appreciation     for tt-te courtesy  and coopera-
tion extended to our representatives       during the review.       We would appre-
ciate being advised of the final     action taken with respect to the matters
presented above.

                                                Sincerely   yours,

                                                Associate   Djirector

The HionoirabIe Mark FJ. Clark,   Chairman
American  Battle ikmuments Commission
Room 2067, Tempo A, 2nd & T Streets,         S.U.
Washington,   D.C. 20315

                                                                                                 Fage 31

whether     he continues          to use the title   Executive               Secretary        or some other
title,     e.g.,  Assistant         to the Chairman.

The Aerospace     Safety   Advisory    Panel  works directly     with the Adminis-
trator    and the conversion       of MK~ Praktish’s    employment    to an appoint-
ment as an expert       to continue    in support    of the Panel    Chairman    on a
part-time    basis was arranged       with the concurrence      of the Aclministrator.

The foregoing         information          clearly         establishes        that      (1) Mr. Praktish’s
duties     since     October      1969 cannot            be performed         satisfactorily           by any-
one who is not unusually                 competent          in the activities              of the Panel      and
(2) the highly          specialized          knowledges           and skills        that M.r, Paaktish
possesses       ale not needed full                time,       Hr. Praktishns            compensation       as an
expert     is equivalent          to the General              Schedule       pay that he previously
drew anal he voluntariPy               relinquished             e competitive          position      and rights
provided      by the Civil          Service       Act and other            laws applying          to Competi-
tive    Service      positions.          He has stated             that he plans           to return      to the
Federal      Service       in a full-time            position        when his graduate            studies    are

An assessment      of these circumstances,              in connection        with   the provisions
OS Chapter      304 of the Federal            Personnel    Manual,     leads     to the conclusion
that Mr. Praktishss          appointment         as an “expert”      is not illegal,         Rather,
the determinations         relating       to his appointment         seem to be in the nature
of judgmental      decisions        that may be properly           made under the agency’s
agreement     with the Civil          Service     Commission.

                                       Dir       or,   Headquarters         Per       nel   Dfvis    ion

                                                                                          I miiLj,/

                                                                               Fage 32


      This Instruction      sets forth      the authorit;r     for,  and the
      duties  , procedures,     organization,      and    support   of the
      Aerospace     Safety  Aovisory     Panel e
      The Aerospace     Safety      Advisory   Panel {hereafter         called      the
      “Panel’“)    was establishei       under Section      b of the Gational
      Aeronautics     and Space Adininistration          Authorization         Act,
      196~ (FL 90-6'1, 90th Congress,            81 Stat.    166, 170).         SiilCe
      the Panel was established            by statute,    its forniation        and
      use are not subject         to the provisions       of Executive         Order-
      IlOO’{ or of NT41 1131.2,         except to the extent         that such
      provisions     are made applicable         to the Panel under this

3.     DUTIES
       a.    The duties    of the Panel are set forth     in Section     6
             of the Uational     Aeronautics    and Space Administration
             Authorization    Act, 13b8,     as follows:
                    “The Panel shall        review     safety       studies     and
                    operations     plans referred         to it and shall
                    make reports      thereon,     shall       advise      the
                    Administrator       with respect         to the hazards
                    of proposed      or existing       facilities          and pro-
                    posed operations        and with respec.t            to the
                    adequacy of proposed          or” existing           safety
                    standards,     and shall      perform        such other
                    duties    as the Administrator             may request.”

       b.    Pursuant   to carrying       out its statutory      duties,      the
             Panel will   review,     evaluate,      am advise    on alI
             elements   of NASA’s safety        system,   %ncluding
             especially   the   industrial      safety,   systems     safety,
*   d”
                                                                                        ENCLOSURE II
                                                                                             Page 33

                     and public     safety activities,  and the management of
                     these activities.      These key elements     of NASA”s
                     safety   system are identified    and delineated    as follows:
                                                          This element        includes      those
                                                       on a continuing          basis,     provide
                           protection      for the well being of personnel                    and
                           prevention      of damage to prpoperty             involved      in NASA’s
                           business      and exposed to potential               hazards
                           associated      with carrying          out this      businessI
                           Industrial      safety      relates     especially        to the
                           operation      of facilities         in the many programs             of
                           research,      development,         manufacture,        test,    opera-
                           tion,      and maintenance       o Industrial.        safety
                           activities       include,      but are not; limited           to, such
                           functions      as:
                                   Determination           of industrial            safety   criteria,
                                  Establishment            and implementation         of safety
                                  standards     and        procedures   for operation         and
                                  maintenance     of        facilities,     especially      test
                                  and hazardous            environment    facibities.
                                  Development   of safety                requirements        for     the
                                  design   of new facilities,
                                  Establishment     and implementation      of safety
                                  standards     and procedures    for operatibon     of
                                  program support      and adminfstrative      aircraft.

                     (2)                                  This element        jlncludes        those
                           activities          spelifically          organized       to deal with the
                           potential         hazards        of complex R&D systems that
                           involve         many highly        specialized         areas of teehm
                           nology 0 It places                particular       emphasis         on
                           achieving         safe operation            of these systems over
                           their      life     cycles,       and it covers major systems
                           for aeronautical.              and space flight           activities,
                           manned or unmanned,                including       associated          ground-
                           based research,              development,        manufacturing,            and
                           test     activities,             Systems safety          activities
                           include,         but are not limited             to, such funetlons
                           (a]    Determination        of systems safety    criteria,
                                  including     criteria     for crew safety,
                           (b)    Determination            of   safety      data     requirements.
                           (c)     Performance        of    systems        safety      anabysesl

                                                     ENCLOSUREII              '
                                                          Page 34                  '

(d)    Establishment     and implementation                of systems
       safety    plans 0
                    This element    includes     those
                    9 on a continuing       basks,    provide
protection    for the well being of people and
prevention    of damage to property       not involved         in
NASAqs business,     but which may nevertheless             be
exposed to potential     hazards    associated      with carry-
ing out this business,       Public    safety    activities
include,   but are not limited      to, such functions            as:
(a>    Determination        of public      safety    criteria,
(b)    Establishment       and control  of public    safety
       hazards    associated    with facility     and systems
       tests    and operations.

(d     Btablishment         and implementation,       as required,                     ~
       of emergency        or catastrophe     control   plans,
                                This element       includes      both the
program and functional              organizations         of NASA and
its-contractors           involved     in the identification            of
 potential       hazards     and their     ekiminatdon         or control.
 as set forth          in the foregoing        description        of
 safety     activities.         It also includes          the management
 systems for planning,             Implementing,         coordinating,
 and controlling          these activities,           These management
 systems include,           but are not limited           to, the
       The authorities            o responsibilities,    and working
       relationships            of the organizations     involved
       in safety        activities,        and the assessment     of
       their     effectiveness,
       The procedures        for insuring           the @urrency and
       continuBty    of safety          activities,      especially
       systems safety        activities          which may extend
       over long periods          of time and where manage-
       ment responsibilities             are transferred        during
       the life   cycles       of the systems.
       The plans and procedures             for accident/incident
       investigations,        including       those for the follow-
       up on corrective         actions     and the feedback      of
       accident/incident         information       to other
       involved      OP interested      organizations,
        The analysis       and dissemination          of    safety   data,


’ .   *
                                                                                ENCLOSURE IL          ”
                                                                                     Page 35

4 0       PROCEDURES

          a.   The Panel will         function     In an advisory  capacity   to the
               Administrator,         and9 through     him, to those organizational
               elements      responsible       for management of the NASA safety

          b.   The Panel will       be provided       with all information             required
               to discharge      its acivisory      responsibilities            as they
               pertain    to both NASA and its contractor~~                    safety
               activities     e This information           will    be made available
               through    the mechanism of appropriate                reports,       and by
               means of in situ reviews            of safety       activities        at the
               various    I\sEAx       contractor      sites,      as deemed necessary
               by the Panel and arranged            through      the Administrator,
               The Panel will       thus be enabled to examine and evaluate
               not only the general          status     of the 1JAS.A safety          system,
               but also the key elements            of the planned            and on-going
               activities      in this   system,


                       The Panel wlIL.1 consist          of a maximum of nine members,
                       who will1 be appointed          by the Administrator,
                       AppointFlents      will    be for a term of six years,
                       except     that o in order to provide        continuity    of
                       membership,       one-third     of the members appointed.
                       originally      to the Panel will       be appointed    for a
                       term of two years,          one-third   for a term of four
                       years,     and one-third      for a term of six years,
               (2)     Not more than four members of the TaneL shall    be
                       employees  of !lASA, nor shall such NASA members
                       constitute  a majority  of the composition of the
                       Panel at any given time,
               (3)     Compensation     and travel    allowances   for Panel
                       members shall      be as specified     in Section 6 of the
                       NASA Authorization      Act, 1968.
          b,   Officers
               (1)     The Off hers   of the Panel shall    be a Chairman and
                       a Vice Chairman,    who shall  be selected  by the Panel
                       from their   membership  to serve for one-year    terms.
               (2)     The Chairman,  or Vice Chairman in his absence,
                       shall  preside at aLk meetings  of the Panel and shall
                       have the usual powers of a presiding   officer,
                                                               ENCLOSUREII         7

C.   Committees
           The Panel is authorized       to establish    special
           committees,    as necessary     and as apnroved     by the
           Administrator,    to carry out specified       tasks within
           the scope of duties     of’ the Panel,
           All such committee          activities       will   be considered
           an inseparable       extension         of Panel activities,       and
           will    be in accordance         with all applicable        pro-
           cedures      and regulations         set forth    in this

           The Chairman    of each special.   committee  shall   be a
           member of the Aerospace     Safety   Advisory  Panel,    The
           other committee    members may or may not be members
           of the Panel,    as recommended by the Panel and
           approved by the Administrator,
           Appointment     of Panel members to committees             as
           officers     or members will       be either     for one year,
           for the duratfon         of their    term as Panel membeYos, or
           for the lifetime         of the committee,       whichever    is the
           shortest   e   Appointments       of   nonmPanel    members   to
           committees     will    be for a period       of one year or for
           the lifetime        of the committee,      whichever     is shorter,

           Compensation      and travel    allowances   for committee
           members who are not members of the Panel shall              be
           the same as for members of the Panel itself,             except
           that compensation        for such committee     members
           appointed    from outside     the Federal    Government    shall
           be at the rate prescribed           by the Administrator    for
           comparable     services0

           Regular   meetings     of the Panel will        be held as often
           as necessary     and at least    twice     a year,    One meeting
           each year shall      be an Annual. Meeting,         Business
           conducted    at this meeting     will    include    selectin
           the Chairmanand      the Bite Chairman        of the Panel,
           recommending     new committees       and committee     members
           as required     or desired,   approving       the Paneb”s
           annual report      to the Administrator,         and such other
           business    as may be requi??ed,
     (2)   Special   meetings    of     the Panel may be called     by the
           Chairman,   by notice        served personally   upon or by
           ma%1 or telegraph       to     the usual address  of each
           member at least     five       days prior  to the meeting,
     (3)   special  meetings shall be called              in the    same
           manner by the Chairman,  upon the              written    request
           of three members of the Panel,
     (4)   If practicable,       the object      of a special      meeting
           should be sent in writing           to all members, and if
           possible    a special    meeting      should be avoided        by
           obtaining     the views of members by mail or otherwise,
           both on the question        requiring       the meeting     anti on
           the question     of calling      a special     meeting,.

     (5)   All. meetings     of special     committees      will   be called
           by their    respective     chairmen     pursuant      to and in
           accordance     with performing      their    specified     tasks,

     (6)   Minutes    of all meetings          of the Panel,     and of special
           committees      established       by the Panel,     wi11 be kept.
           Such minutes       shall,    at a minimum,      contain    a record
           of persons      present p a description         of matters       dis-
           cussed and conclusions            reached,   and copies     of al.1
           reports    received,      issued,     or approved     by the Panel.
           or committee o The accuracy              of al-1 minutes    will      be
           certified     to by the Chairman of the Panel (or by
           the Vice Chairman in his absence)               or of the

     (1)   The* Panel shall       submit    an annual     report     to the

     (2)   The Panel will     submit to the Administrator       reports
           on all safety    reviews   and evaluations     with comments
           and recommendations      as deemed appropriate      by the
           Panel D
     (3)   Al.1 records    and files     of the Panel,   including
           agendas,    minutes    of Tanel and committee       meetings,
           studies,    analyses,     reports,  or other data eompila-
           tions    or work papers,      made available    to OP
           prepared    by or for the Panel,        will be retained      by
           the Panel m

f*   Avoidance    of Conflicts       of Interest
     (I)   Nongovernmental       members of the Panel,          and of
           special    committees     establisheu      by the Panel,      are
           VsSpecial Government       Employees10 within        the meaning
           of NNR 1900,2A,       which sets forth        guidance     to NASA
           Special.   Government     Gmgloyees     regarding      the
           avoidance    of conflicts       of interest      and the                     ,,I//
                                                                                      I” ,//I’

           observance    of ethical      standards     of conduct,       A

                         copy of MHB 1900,2A and related     T\JASA instructions
                         on conflicts  of interest   will  be furnished       to each
                         Panel or” committee   member at the time of his
                         appointment  as a NASA consultant     or expert,
                   (2)   Nongovernmental         members of the Panel or a special
                         committee      will    submit   a “NASA Special   Government
                         Employees      Confidential      Statement   of Employment
                         and Financial        Interests”     (NASA Form 1271) prior   to
                         participating        in the activities     of the Panel or a
                         special      committee.

         6,   SUPPORT

              a.   A staff,    to be comprised       of full-time     NASA employees,
                   shall    be established    to support        the Panel.   The members
                   of this    staff    will be fullJr   responsive     to direction,  from
                   the Chalrman or the Panel,

              b*   The director     of this  staff   will   serve   as Executive
                   Secretary    to the Panel.      The Executive     Secretary        of the
                   Panel,    in accordance  with the specific        instructions        from
                         Chairman of the Panel,      shali:
                         Administer    the affairs    of the Panel and have general
                         supervision     of all arrangements     for safety     reviews
                         and evaluations,      and other matters     undertaken      by
                         the Panel a
                         Insure     that a written   record   is kept       of all
                         transactions,      and submit    the same to       the Panel         for
                         approval      at each subsequent    meeting.
                         Insure    that the same service  is provided           for     all
                         special     committees of the Panel.

                                                               IATIOHAL         AERONAUTICS                 AND         SPACE           ADMINIS’                 QN
                                                                                                                                                                                             EJYCUXURE II
                                                    REQUEST FOR SERVICES OF CONSULTAk4T OR EXPERT
--:,A-                                                                                                                                                                                              Page 39
I.   NAME     OF     CONSULTANT          OR     EXPERT                                                                                                                                    2 OAT!2OFRkPUEST
         CaPl Robert              Praktish                                                                                                                                                 September 1969
-3. ORGANIZATIONAL                                                                                                   -.-   - -- ____                                                   !...-     --P
                                UNIT                                                                              4. LoC*TION
       Office              of the Administrator                                                                       Washington,                                D. 6.
9. SERVICES           TO   BE   PERFORMED           (Explain     firEly,   SO &at     tke   knodedge,               skills        and    expertise      needed        we identified)

          The Panell provides         the Administrator,       as requested,         a definition     of the
hazard identification        and risk assessment implications               of policies,     management
systems and specific          operating   situations.      The Panel holds data gathering               reviews
with NASA headquarters            and centers and principal          contractors       as necessary.         These
result in assessment          and recommendations          to the Administrator.
          The duties, in support of the Panel Chairman,                   include:
          (1) monitor the development           of Panel agendas for its reviews and deliberationr
and approve the agendas as to the adequacy of the delineation                        of issues to be con-
sidered by the Panel.
          (21) assist in the preparation         and editing of Panel reports as to descriptive
data and EPanel conclusions           and recommendations.
          (3) advise the Panel Chairman            on the hazard identification            and risk assess-
ment implications        of the policies of NASA and its principal               contractors.
          (4)prepare     policy analyses and studies of operating               systems as requested by
the Panel Chairman         or elements of NASA staff as approved by the Chairman.
          (5) serve as liason between the Panel and NASA organizational                           elements and
principal    contractors.
          (6) work with the Chairman           in the institutionalization         of the Panel as a
continuing function within the NASA-contractor                  system.

6. SPECIAL           QUALIFICATIONS            OF    CONSULTAHT            OR     EXPERT           (List    those            qudifications,          including    erperience       and   training,     uhich    relate
      specifically     to the services     to be perjcmned,     so as to show               that      the   employee               is qualified       as on expert       or cons&ant         for the   duties   for which
     the appoinrm        nt is made.     Continue   on reverse)
           (lj extended experience         as staff assistant to senior agency management
 resulting     in a knowledge of the evolution         and current content of NASA policies,
orgainiizational       structure,   programs      and management      systems.
           (2) recent direct knowledge of principal            NASA contractor      policies and
managemment systems as well as a broad knowledge of program                       management within
the aerospace         discipline.
           (3) working familiarity        with principal     NASA and contractor        executives.
           (4) within this broader        context, as first Executive      Secretary      of the Panel:
                  (a) assisted the Administrator         in the establishment     and organization
                       of the Panel and the selection of its membership.
                  I(b) organized the I?anells first year’s activities         and agendas, including
                       the Panel’s Apollo review and edited the resulting            reports.
                  (c) advised the Chairman         on relations with Congressional          and other
                       governmental     elements.                                     .          . I ,L,,,

                                              PREVIOUS         EOOTIONS         ARE   OBSOLETE.
                                                                                                                                                                                                ENCLOSURE II
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Page 40

7. WILL   THE CONSULTM4T        OR EXPERT                                 BE   CALLED      UPQU.   IN COIINECTION       WITH                    HIS NASA   DUTtES.           TO    DEAL    WITH      ANY        BUSl:4E5S
   ENTITY    OR OTHER    ORSAMIZATION                                 (~dter       PMfidO?    lWiWpW2fiC) VOIN6   BUSINESS                      WITH  TCI E FEDERAL               COVEANMENT?               (Exphin         and
      identify       slrch entities,      if           .)

                 Principal                     NASA contractors                                   for data gathering                             and liason.

8. WltL  THECONSULTANT                         OR EXPERT        eE CACL’E.,UPON                           tN   COU,.,SCTION   WITH             HIS NhSA       DUTIES  TO GIVE              ADVICE     ON.      OR MAKE
   RECOMMENDATIONS                        1N CONNECTION         WITH.  CUWTIACTUAL                             OR PROCUREMEkT                   MATTERS.        OR PROPOSALS                SUBMITTED           TO NASA.
   FOR A CO!dTRACT                      ORGRANT?       (if “)ICS,*’   &S     tk6d.S)


0. INQ1CATE        THE          TOTAL    PERIOQ    DWRINO   WHICH    TN6                                  0.   ESTtMATE           THE NVMBER       OF DAYS    DURING    THE  PER,00      OF                      AVAIL-
      AVAILABILITY              OF THE SERVICES       OF THE    CONSULT-                                       IWILITY          SET   FORTti  IN ITEM    9 THAT    THE CONSULTANT         JR                     EXPERT            IS
      ANT OR EXPEirtT             IS OESIREO    EDY NASA                                                       EXPECTED             TO PERFORM      SERVICES    FOR   YOUR   ORGANIZATION

       One year & extensions                                                                                               130 days each year
l.‘SECURITY  CLASSIFICATION OF POStTIOFI                                                                  IZ. COMSULTANT              OR     EXPERT        WILL    WORK   THE       FOLLOWlNG           TOUR          OF    DUT?

                                                                                                                          INTERMITTENT           (Loss      than a f~&tima         basrs with no prescheduled
                                                                                                                          mw     of duryl
           II)   a       TOP    SECRET

           (21   u       SECRET

           (3)   0       CONFIDENJiAL
      b.   a         NON-SENSITIVE             (No secud~y            clemmce       reqdred.l

---                                                         --                                       I
$3. IF THE            CONSULTANT               OR EXPERT     WORKS               EITHER           A PART-TIME              OR    PULL-TlME       TOUR       OF    DUTY.   SMALL         HE     ACCRUE          ANNU4.L
    LEAVE             AND   RECEIVE            HOLIDAY   -ALYt

      0.   f-J   YES                              b.   @/        NO

                                                                                     ESTIMATEO                     COST        O~ERVICES

      $75 x130=$9750
                                                                                                         REQUESTED               BY
3.     TITLE                                                                                             h     SlGNAlUAE                                                              C.     DATE

                                                                                                                                                                                       24 September                               19
                                  ENcImuRE    II
                                         Page 41

                   August   22,   1969

Dear Dap,Paine :
                                                                    ENCLOSURE III
                                                                           Page 1

                        RELATIVES OF NASA OFFICIALS

       The NASA regu%ation           governing    official       travel   by fmibies
of NASA cPffieia]ls        states that it is NASA ollicy to provide
transportation        for fami%ies of NASA offic             als at Gover
expense to (1) accomplish              a mission directed          by the Pr
cxr (2) acquaint        the pub%ic with NASA activities.                 The author-
ity for this policy           is cited by NASA as the Nationals A
tics and Space Act of 1958 which directs                    NASA to provi
the widest practicable           and a propriate         dissemination      of infor-
mtisn      concerning      its activities       and their      results.

       The following     sections present details             of the travel
performed    at ,,Govesnment ex ense by relatives              of' NASA officials
~during fiscal     years 1969 and %970.

                 1BCIiA.LAI        T

      During the perio  covered by our review9                   comercia
craft were used for t ips invobvin    relatives                  of NASA o
cia%s on two mxasionsa

      NASA chartered        a IX-seat      United Airlines     IX-8 to fly
NASA officials,       their    wivesp and csfficial       NASA guests to Los
Angeles,    CaEifornia,      to attend     the Presidential      state dinner
held on August 13, l.969, honoring              the Apo'klo 11 astronauts.
                                FS p includi        54 wives and si
                               e on this    f’E     t which   ori
                                618 Da.c. p an     which  made a
                                xas, on the         ight to Los Angeles          and
                              at Huntsville           abama, on the r

        The cost of chartering           the DC-8 for the August 13 iand
14, 1969, FOU -trig           flight     was $1 ,343,      The invitaticmd.
trave'lb order      thorizing        air tsms iortation      for the NASA of-
ficials@    wives included          a statement     that rm added cost wioubd
be incurred     by the Goverment.              Our review of NASA Headquar-
ters travel,    records     shwed that the tives           who attended     the
dinner had not received             any travel.   reimbursements,
                                                                   ENCLOSURE III
                                                                          Page 1

                       WEUTHVES OF NASA OFFICIALS

       The NASA regulation       governing    official      travel    by families
of NASA officiaPs      states t t it is NASA olicy                 to provide
transportation    for fatilies        of NASA offic      als at Gcbvernment
expense to (1) accomplish          a mission directed         by the President
or (2) acquaint     the public      with NASA activities.            The author-
ity for this policy       is cited by NASA as the Nationd.               Aeronau-
tics and Space Act of 1958 which directs                NASA to provide       for
the widest practicable        and a grogriate        dissemination       of infor-
mation concerning      its activities       and their     results,

       The following     sections  resent details            of the travel
 erformed at ,Covernment ex        se by relatives            of NASA offieia%s
during    fiscal   years I.969 and 1970.

      During the period  covered by cur review,                comescial     air-
craft were use for trips     involvi   relatives               of NASA offi-
cia%s on two occasions.

       NASA chartered       a 13Lseat      United Airlines       C-8 to fly
  SA officials,       their    wives* and dfficial        NASA guests to Los
    eHe3, California,        to attend     the Presidential.     state dinner
                              9, hionoring      the Apollo   I.1
A total    of I..%.            e%ps, including      54 wives a
                               e on this fl #@-It which or
                                                   which made
            at Hou3tsn,     Texas, on the                    Los   Angeles    and
            Houston    and at Huntsvil%e,        AILabama,

             cost of chartering        the DC-8 for the Angst         83 and
14, 1969, round-trip        flight     was $23,343,     The invitational.
travel    order guthorizing        air trans   ortation   for the NASA of-
ficials;"    wives included       a statement    that no added cost wcndd
be incurred      by the Goverment,          Qur review of NASA Headqua.r-
tiers travel     records   shr3wed that the tives       who attended      the
dinner had not received          any travel    reimbursements,
c       1
    d       .

                     A Eist of the wives of NASAofficiaks       who flew to Lcls
                Angeles on the chartered   aircraft   is provided   below,
to   Ilk‘.   and   Mrs,   Thlomas   0,   Faine   an official   invitation         to
visit  Perth, Australia,    for the October 31, 1969, visit         of
the Apollo   11 astronauts.     Because   of  th'e press   lof NASA busi-
IESS p             the impending   Apollo    12 lunar mi.ssic~n?,
Dr. Faine was unable to accept the invitation;           hlowevc3rl his
wife,  Mrs, Barbara Paine, aeeepted as his representative,

       Mrs. Paine's    travel    was authorized    by MrO Ju%ian W,
Scheer, Assistant      Administrator     for Public Affairs,    The
travel    order contained     the f l%owing speeia% provisian,

         qqIt is administrativeky        determined       that the      tsa~d
         authorized     herein    is for 0ElFicial       business     of thfz
         Government and that the traveler              is acting      in a
             acity which is directly           related    to or is      in con-
         nection    with official     activities       of !$ASA,"s

        Mrs. Faine departed     Baltimore,       Maryland,    CIIZ October 28,
1969, and arrivd      in Perth on October 30, after              making int
mediate stops at Lss Angebes, and at Sydney, Austra%ia,                      for
airline     eha &;s and after    crossing      the international        date
line on Ott               Mrs, FaineQs travel           voucher showed actual
expenses of $41,82 while staying           at the I-I tel. Parmeliak in
Perth on October 30 and 31,           She left     Perth on the ni
October 31 and arrived        fn Sydney where she remained through
November 2 at no charge to NASA. On Ncsvember 2, the iastro-
nauts left     Sydney for Guam and Mrs. Paine returned               to Perth
at her own expense for a si~j~urn with relatives.

        Mrs.Paine returned   to Sydney GpnNovember 10, again at
             ense, and 5 ent the night in the Wentworth I-hDte1(0
               of m-s, Pa net s travel   vesu.cl3er showed e
$I.$,65 for this overnight     stay,   She left    Sydney on Movem-
her I%, crdassed the international,     date line en route,    and ar-
rived   in San Francisco, on November 11, PI-ES. Paine stayed
cwernight   with re%atives   at no cost to the Government and re-
turned to IJashin ton the fallowing      day.

      Mrs. IPaine was au"thor=ized reimbursement                 for actual  and
necessary  @; erases rmt to e;reeeed $30 a day.                  In Em+. she was
  imbursed $60.47 f~rr living     expenses while               in Australia.


                                                                        Page 5

         As agree    with your a in%strat%ve        assistant,      our review
of the use of NASA administrative          aircraft     by rel~tfves      of
NASA offfcia%s       was limited   to the Langley     Research Center-
based airp%ane                0. %--which serv@s as the primary          ad-
ministrative      aircraft    fsr NASA Headgmrters        officia%s
were advi.sed that the decision         as to whether it was 8
ate for non-NASA personrae% to travel           via NASA adminfstratfve
aircraft     was made by the NASA Achinistratos,
       During our review we compared the last niltmes of NASA
Meadqwrters       officials     with the last names Qf p rs0n.s Eisted
on the passenger rmniEests           for NASA No, 1 duri
1969 and 1970,         This comparison       showed that 33
the same last          mes as 23 NASA Headquarters       of
made trips     aboard N      SA No,  %  durin                 A NASA of--
ficia%   eonfirme        that these 33 persons were relatives     of the
NASA ~~~~~~~~~~~~ offfcxhls,

      A schedule of the trigs        made on NASA No, % by re%atives
05 NASA Headquarters   officials       is shlcpm on the fo%%owing
                                                                                                                                                    ENCLOSURE                  1 EI

                                                      Schedule       ot Tri.s by Relatives of NASA Headquarters Officials
                                                      ---N-       0x1 NASA 0. 1 During F~s&-ia~-~--  1969 and 1970

                                                       Person      related   to and his                     Destination
                Relative                               position        as of June 1970                      of relative                    -Data                        Purpose
Allnutt,        Mrs.      Robert         F.        Robert F. Allnutt,         Assiacant            Cape Kennedy,              FL%.        2-27-69        Visit.    Csrpa Kennedy
                                                   to the AdminLstrator
Be&@,        Mrs.      James ET.                   J%mes M. Beggs, former                          Denver,      Cola.                      7-12-68       Speaking engagement
                                                   Associate   Administrator,                      Gainesville,       PI.%.              lo- b-68        Dedication    of Space          SC%.WlCQ
                                                   Oiffice of Advanced Research                                                                          Research Buildin
                                                   and Technolo~      (OART)                       Cn&m Kennedy,              Fla.        2-27-59        Visit    Cape Kenne !I y
Cracker,       Mrs.      J.      Allen             J. Allen Crockes,         Office                Cape Kennedy,              Pla.        l-      2-69   Apollo    9 wllout
                                                   of NASA Associate         Administrator
Cushimn,       Hrs.      Ralph       E.            Ralph E. Cushm%n, Special                       Wallops        Island,          Vn.    4-13-69        Wallops     station      cerevYuonie3
                                                   Assistant,     Office of
Eggera,       Jr.,      Mrs.      Alfred      J.   Alfred    J. Eg@xs, Jr.,                        Ames Research              Center,    U-14-68         om OrientQtion of center
                                                   A38istant    Adrnfnistratos,           Office   C&if.
                                                   of Policy
Farle.ya?y    Mrs.      Clan-e     F.              Clore F. Forlay,     NASA Executive             Cape Kennedy,              Fla.        7-14-69        Apollo    11 launch
                                                   Offfcar,   NASA Executive
                                                   Slecretory  klcting)
                                                   George H. Hage, fomer       Dsaputy             Huntsville,         Ala.
                                                   Director,    Apollo Prograan,                   Ellin&ton         AFB, Tex.            ix::-     -
                                                   CW&       of Mamad Space Flight

                                                   Charles W. Norper,      Deputy                  Ames itesearch             Centca,    11-14-68        OART orientation            cd center
                                                   Associate Administrator,       O&T              Calif.
                                                   Leonard Jcffec,     Deputy                      Wlnllops       Island.          Vo.    4-13-69        wmuolps     station      ceuermonias
                                                   Asssociats Administrator,  Office
                                                   of Spw@ S~cience and Applica-
                                                   tiona IOSSAl
Moritz,       Mrs.      Bernard                    Bernard Ploritz,    Associate                   Cunberland.          Md.               4-28-70
                                                   Ad&.nistnator,     Office   of
                                                   Qr~an~mtion      and Management
Plunoller,     Mrs.      (Eeor@s E.                George, E. MuelLer,      formar                 New York,         N.-f.                l-10-69        Apollo     8 postfli&t          acLtvi-
                                                   Amdociats Administrator,        OMSB                                                                  ties
N~amll,       Andrew                                                                               Cape Kennedy,              Fla.        l-      Z-69   AQO~~O 9 rollout

Newell,       Mrs.      Homer E.                   Home E. Newell,     NASA                        Cape Kennedy, Flo.                     l-      2-69   Apollo     9 rallout
                                                   kssociate AdminLstratot                         New York, N.Y.                         l-lo-69        Apollo     8 postfli@           actiVi-
                                                                                                   Boston.        Mass.                  X-26-69

                                                   Tbolnas 0. Paine,         NASA                  Washington,   D.C.                    12-21-68        Return     fa?om A$aollo 8 IEWK!~
                                                   Aamin%8ksmtor                                   Cape Kennedy,    Fla.                  5-17-69        Apollo     10 launch
                                                                                                   New York, N.Y.                                        United     Rations   speech
                                                                                                   Cape Kennedy, PLa.                     ZE-       -    Apollo     13 launch

Paine,       Geoqe                                 Thomas 0. Pai.ne,         NASA                  Washington,            D.C.           12-21-68        fwturn     from WpoLlo         8 launch

Paine,       Judith                                Thomv 0. PnLne,           NASA                  Washington,   D.C.                    12-21-68        Return fmxn Apollo          Cl launch
                                                   Administrator                                   New York, N.Y.                          9- O-69       United lilltions       speech
                                                                                                   Cape Kennedy. Fla.                      4-10-70       Apollo 13 leunch
                                                                                                   Worcester,   Mass.                      b- 7-70       Address to Worcester
                                                                                                                                                         Polytechnic      Institute
                                                                                                   Waehhington,             D.C.         12-21-68        Return     from    Apollo      0 launch

                                                                                                    charleston,             S.C.         12- 2-68        cbambierof ComQrcemseting
                                                                                                   Wsshington,  D.C.                                     Return from Apollo     D Eamch
                                                                                                   Cape Kennedy, Fla.                    YEi             Apollo    9 launch
                                                                                                   New Orleans,  La.                      3-zeIs9        Meeting    at the Independent
                                                                                                                                                         schools As8ociatian      of the
                                                                                                    Ltttle     Rock, Ark.                  5- 5-69       Dinner speech
                                                                                                    Capnr Kennedy,     FL%.                              Apollo 1Q launch
                                                                                                    Cape Kennedy,      Fla.                :-::-:I:      Apollo 11 launch
                                                                                                    Houston, Ter.                          7:20:69       View moon landing
                                                                                                    ~llington,      AFB, Tett.             S-12-69       Connect with Air Fo'orce
                                                                                                                                                         No. 1 for Apollo 11. dinner
                                                                                                                                                         in Los An@ales