Procedures and Practices for Awarding Negotiated Services Contracts, District of Columbia Government

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-04-30.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

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performed by any proposed contractor       until     the contrzct      had been
approved by the District.       The Procurement Office issued a memorandum
cm February LO, 1969, which specifically         advised agency heads to give
proper consideration     to the respective    limits    of their contract       ap-
proval authority     when dealin g with prospective       contractors.

       We reviewed the contract    files  for 333 contracts awarded during
XiSC2l   year 1969 - 23i) of which were dated prior to the issuance of the
February 10, 1969, memorandum and i03 of which were dated after the
ntxorandcm' s issuance,    The following     tabulation   indicates    that, fol-
lowing the issuance of the memoranda, no significant           improvement has
occurred in the processing     of negotiated     services   contracts.

                                                           FY 1969 contracts     dated:
                                                          Before Feb-        After Feb-
                                                       ruary IQ, 1969 ruary 10, 1969

kmber of contract files   containing:
    Contract cost data                                                53.                    29
      Percentage of total                               22                    28

         Documentation     indicating
          negotiating    activity     (note)                          91                     46
           Percentage    of total                       40                    45

         Copy of contract  and routine
          correspondence,  only                                       88                     28
           Percentage of total                          38        -          - 27        -

                           Total                                  231)       -100        &103

Note:       nTo formal record      of negotiating   activity   was present      in the
            contract files.

        The Procurement Office memoranda appear to have been partially
effective    in curbing the practice     of permitting    a contractor  to begin
work before the contract has been approved,            Of the 230 contract  files
we examined covering    contracts    dated before February LO, X.969, we found
that 74, or about 32 percent,      indicated   that the contractor     began work

                                                                                     -   2-
      before chc! csnrract wcls   approved.      Ln contrast,      we found that only 14,
      or about L4 perccn:,  of    Yiz.2 Ii.03 contract  files     covering contracts  dated
      afrcz Febaa2y 10, 1369,      contained indications          of t&e contractor  starting
      wdk before the contract      was approved.

            We have no immediate plans to review,        in detail, the manner in
      which negotiated    services   contracts have been negotiated    and awarded.
 .I   We believe   that the foregoing     matters warrant your attention   with re-
.!?   gard to further   emphasizing the need for department and agency officials
I     to adhere to Procarement i%nual regulations.

.1          We wish to acknowledge the cooperation   extended to our representa-
I!    tives during the performance   of this survey , and we would be glad to
      discuss these matters further   if you wish.

                                                Sincerely       yours,

                                                Willard   L. Russ
                                                Assistant   Director

      Mr, Sam D. Starobin,  Director
      Department of Gezeral Services
      District  of Columbia Government