Accounts of Certifying Officers, Mississippi State Headquarters of Selective Service System

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-05-05.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                         ALLAS,     -ikXAS

Hr. James L. Davis
State     Director,        Selective      Service
   sys tern
Mississippi         State     Headquarters
4785 Interstate            55 Earth
Jackson,       Mississippi         39206

Dear    Mr.   Davis:

       We have completed          our review     for the settlement      of the acc2ouiits
of the certifying        officers       of the Selective     Servi-ce   System,   Missis-
sippi    State   Headquarters,        for fiscal     years I.969 and 1970, and the
eight    month period      ended February        28, 1971.     The review     was made
pursuant      to the Budget       and Accounting      Act, 1921 (31 U.S,C.       53) and
the Accounting       and Auditing        Act of 1950 (3L U.S.C.       67) a

         Our review       was directed          primarily        toward the evaluation                 of
administrative           procedures         and controls         over the disbursement                 of
funds)      including       payrolls      p  as   they    relate      to   the   responsibilities
of the certifying             officers,        and included          such tests      of financial
transactions          as we considered            appropriate.           As part of the review,
we considered          the results          of the last        audit      (completed      March 1969)
performed        by the Field          Auditor      of the Selective           Service        System,
National        Headquarters.           We did not examine              program-type          activities.

        We found       that     the procedures               and controls          over   disbursements
were    generally        satisfactory,

        Tn accordance      with the General.       Accounting       Office     Policy     and
Procedures     Manual. for Guidance         of Federal       Agencies      (8 GAO 3)) tF.e
records    of financial       transactions      through      February      28, 1971, may
be transmitted       to the Federal        Records     Center    for storage        pursualit
to your agency”s        records     management      program.

       Copies   of this  Ycport   are being                      sent        to the Director,       and the
Chief,   Fiscal   anJ ProcuTement    Division,                          of     the Selective     Service


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