Public Service Careers Program in Southern California

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-10-07.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                 WASHINGTON, D.C.   20548

                                                            OCT 7   1971

      Dear Mr. Zarb:

           We have recently completed a survey in the Southern California area
      of the Public Service Careers Program (PSC), which was directed toward
      examining into whether PSC was increasing the job opportunities for dis-
      advantaged persons to obtain permanent employment in public agencies.
      PSC was to provide funds to enable public agencies to restructure their
      job requirements and to identify and eliminate unrealistic prerequisites
      for employment.

           We noted a number of problems which appeared to limit the
      effectiveness of PSC. These were:

            --potential public employers accepted PSC with less enthusiasm than
              expected because (1) of the downturn in the economy, (2) some of
              their agencies believed that the program did not provide enough
              financial incentive for them to participate, (3) some agencies
              were reluctant to change established employee selection procedures
              and requirements for jobs.

            --the Department of Labor had not fully explored the interest of all
              large potential sponsoring organizations for participation in the

            -participation was lower than anticipated because of the inability
              of sponsors to accomplish the restructuring of jobs and remove
              unnecessary testing requirements within the specified 13 week

             --sponsors' contracts were being renewed even though their past
               performance did not meet prior contractual requirements.

           We also noted that the PSC management information system was not
      providing accurate and complete data on the achievements of individual
      projects and plans.

           The Acting Chief, Division of Public Career Programs, Manpower
      Administration informed us in August 1971 that consideration was being
      given to coordinating PSC activities with those of the Public Employment
      Program ('PEP) initiated under the recently enacted Emergency Employment
      Act of 1971. Because the proposed coordination may help to alleviate
      these problems, and because we have already started a detailed review of
      PEP, we have decided to defer further review work of PSC.

                               50TH ANNIVERSARY     1921-1971
     We wish to acklnowledge 'the cooperation given our .rq.resentatlYes
during.the survey and would ;appreciate being advised of the:action takon
or planned on matter8 discussed in this letter.
                                           Sincerely yours,

                                           Hienry Eachwege
                                           Associate Director
                           -.,    ,.   .       :·         -,       ,   .:

The Honorable Frank Zarb
Assistant Secretary for Administration
Dapartment of            *Labor

cc:   Secretary of Labor ·
      Assistant Secretary of Lbbor
        for Manpower
      Manpower Administrator
      Deputy Manpower Admlnistratcr
      Mr. David Williams, MA                                                .
      Mr. Edward McVeigh, OASA                                                  --
      Mr. Edgar Dye, OASA
      Mr. Wayland Coe, OASA


                                           ' '..,   .a-        .