Review of Accounts, Internal Revenue Service, Southeast Region, Atlanta

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-06-24.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


          Mr. Willlam J. Bookholt
          Regional Commissioner
          Southeast Region
          Internal   Revenue Service
          P.O. Box 926
          Atlanta,   Georgia  30301

          Dear Mr. Bookholt.

                We have made a review for the settlement       of accounts
          of the Southeast Region accountable    officers,     Internal  Revenue
          Service,   Atlanta, Georgia. Our review,      completed in June 1971,
          was made pursuant to the Budget and Accounting Act, 1921
          (31 U,S,C. 53), and the AccountLng and Auditing Act of 1950
          (31 u.s.c,    67).

                Our review included an examination          of adminlstratlve
          procedures and controls         relatzng to the disbursement        and receipt
          of funds and such tests of lndlvldual          transactions      through
          June 30, 1970, as we deemed approprrate,            We also revrewed the
          Regional Inspector's        audrt report dated Aprzl 12, 1971, and
          the related worksng papers on the audit,            We did not examine
          program-type    actsvlties,      nor did we conduct a payroll        audit.

                 We found that the procedures and controls               were generally
          satrsfactory,       except for some weaknesses In (1) the tlmellness
          of follow-up       action to recover amounts due the Government from
          vendors;      (2) admlnlstratlon       and verlflcatxon      of travel claims,
          and (3) determrnlng         the validity    of the purchase of an association
          membership.        We discussed the weaknesses in detaxl wzth repre-
          sentatlves       of your office    and corrective       action was taken or
          promised on most of the matters discussed.
              Copies of this letter      are being sent to the Assistant
          Commlssloner (Admlnlstratlon),     and to the Reglonal Inspector.

               We wish to acknowledge the courtesies            and cooperation      given
          our representatives  dursng this review.