Audit of Payroll and Leave, Central Office and Region 3, GSA

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-06-07.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                 UMJTED STATES           GENERAL       ACCOUNTJNG          OFFICE
                         WASHINGTON     REGIONAL                  OFFICE
                                   FlFrH FLOOR
                                  809   WEST   BROAD    STREET

Dear Mr. Galuardi:

        We have made an audit of the payroll          and leave records of selected
employees of the Central Office and Region 3, General Services Administra-
tion, Washington, D.C., through January 10, 1970. Our audit, which was
made usfng statistical        sampling techniques,       included an examination    and
verification      of payroll,   leave , and personnel matters for selected pay
periods,     a limited      ount of additional     testing for specific     types of
transactions,       and an evaluation   of payroll      and leave procedures,    cantrole,
and administration.

       We found that the administration     of payroll,   leave, and related
functions    was satisfactorily  performed.      Certain minor deficiencies
which we noted during our review were discussed with members of your
staff who informed us that corrective       action has been taken or is

      The records of payroll   and leave through January                             10, 1970, may be
transmitted   to the Federal Records Center for storage                              in accordance with
your approved records retention    and disposal program.

     We wish to acknowledge the courtesies                         and cooperation        extended   ta
our representatives  during the review.

      A copy of this     report         is being       sent to the Administrator             of General

                                                            Sincerely           yours,

                                                            D. L. Scantlebury
                                                            Regional Manager

Hr. John F. Galuardi
Regional Adrmfnistrator,  Region 3
General Services Administration
washington,  D.C. 20407

                           50TH         ANNIVERSARY              1921-   1971