Alleged Purchase of "Tiger Cages" by the U.S. Forces in Vietnam

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-11-01.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                            COMPTROLLER       GENERAL       OF      TH
                                            WASHINGTON.      D.C.


     Dear Mr.     Kemp:                                                                          &
            Your letter    of September   23, 1971, asked that we inves-
     tigate   the -alleged   purchase   of “tiger
                                              I__  cages”
                                                    -     by U.S. Forces
     in Vietnam i

             We have made inquiries           in the military         departments       on
     the basis       of the information,provided             by your constituent,
     Mr. M. E. Regan.          None of the officials             in the Army or Navy
     with whom we spoke were aware of any procurements       - --m-m--_         of this
     type being made in Vietnam.                We were told,       how>ver,       of a
     $400,000      contract    nest&ted         with an American          contractor     for
     construction        of concrete     buildings       containing       maximum-security
     cells.      This contract       was negotiated         on behalf      of the Vietnam-
     ese Government,        and local     currency       supplied     by that Govern-
     ment was used.         We understand        that certain        of the news media
     have referred        to these cells        as tiger     cages, but military           of-
     ficials     have expressed       the opinion        that this      is an inaccurate

             As discussed       with your office,       we do not plan to make a
     detailed     investigation         of this matter    in Vietnam    in view of
     the rather      limited     information     provided   by your constituent.
     The correspondence          furnished     to us is returned     herewith    as

                                                          Sincerely      yours,

                                                          Comptroller   General
                                          Hihzty          of the United   States


     The Honorable  Jack F. Kemp
     House of Representatives

                                    50 TH ANNIVERSARY 1921-1971 Jir?aGJ