Amounts Appropriated for Programs

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-07-02.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


   Dear Mr. Chairman:

          In response to your w,            we are enclosing   a table showing
   amounts appropriated,      authorized,   or  obligated  for the  programs
    listed in your letter     of June 4, 1971, These data are presented
   for the ten years ended June 30, 1971. Also included are the
   appropriations    requested-for     the programs for fiscal    year 1972.

        These data are based on the best information        readily   available
   to us in June 1971, and are included in the table for information
   only as a rough indicator    of the relative     volume and principal
   elements of U.S. foreign    assistance.     The line items are subject
   to qualifications  as indicated     in the various footnotes     to the table.

         We plan to make no further  distribution of this table unless
   copies are specifically  requested and then we shall make distribution
   only after your agreement has been obtained or public announcement
   has been made by you concerning the contents of the table.
                                           Sincerely        yours,

                                           Comptrdller  General
                                           of the United States

    The Honorable William Proxmire
     hairman, Subcommittee on
      Foreign Operations
    Committee on Appropriations
    United States Senate

                          tjiL#gzwyF~~<.               c:

                        50 T,H ANNIVERSARY       1921-      1971


  (1)    Represents         appropriations.
  (2)    Includes       $9,122.0         million         Military          Assistance.
  (3)    Includes       $815,0 million               Military           Assistance.
  (4)    We have been advised                  these are the only supplementals                           received     by AID,
  (5)    These funds are for both reserves                               ($81.2       million)      and capital       stock
             ($20.0     million).
  16)    These are not appropriated                        funds but are available                   for AID use.
  (7)    Includes       $30.0 million              for Investment                Guarantees.
  (81    $205.9 million             callable.
  (91    $100.0 million             callable.
  (10)   Represents         contributions.
  (11)   Estimated,
  (12)   Prior      to fiscal        year 1962, $6,350 million                         was appropriated           for the
             Wtorld Bank, of which $635 million                             was paid in and $5,715 million
             is callable.
  (13)   Represents         obligation            data,
  (14)   Represents         authorizations                (Program         and administrative             expenses).
  (15)   For all      years except              1972 funding             is the total          of appropriations,            receipt
             from sales of foreign                   currency , and payments                   received      from foreign
             governments.            Estimated            as of May 1971.
  (16)   In 1962,       $32 million            was authorized                to complete         the Inter-American
             Highway      (Texas to Panama).                      In 1971, $100 million                was authorized
             to complete          the link         between the Inter-American                       and Pan American
             (South     America)         highways.
  (17)   These amounts            are based on budget                    requests         or estimates.
  (18)   These funds are not appropriated.
  (19)   Calendar       years,
  (20)   Without      restrictions              on imports            (See GAO report            B-167416,      dated
             October      23, 1969).
  (211   Prior      to 1965 this            item was included                  in MAP funds.
  (22)   Prior      to 1970 these items                   were included             in various       areas now under MASF.
  (23)   Obligated        in this         instance         means sales which were approved                        by DOD and
             the terms of sales were accepted                              by the purchaser.
  (24)   Amount passed except                   for pay amendment                 of $241,000        not yet approved.
  (25)   Authorized          by a conference               agreement           of both Houses but not signed.
             Expected        to be signed            before         July      1971.
  (261   $136,8 million             callable,
  (27)   $221.5 million             callable.
  (28)   The AID Budget Request                    for FY72 cannot                be compared        to the preceeding
             years'     appropriations               because          the President's            proposed      changes     in the
             foreign      assistance            program        has resulted            in the shifting           o! many
             categories         and functions,

(29)       These are appropriation           requests as compared     to previous   years data
              which are obligations.
(30)       Estimates      are based on methodology       given    in GAO Report,   Foreign Aid
              Provided      Through  the Operations     Of The United      States Sugar Act And
               The International       Coffee Agreement,      October   23, 1969.
 NA        Not available.


           These data are based on the best information      available   to us in June 1971,
              and are included  here for information    only as a rough indication     of the
              relative  volume and principal   elements  of U.S. foreign   assistance.