Financial Audit of the Office of Economic Opportunity Grant to the Dallas Legal Services Foundation, Inc.

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-09-02.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


- i     Dear Mr.   Perkins:
                Pursuant    to your request   of June 16, 1971, we are enclos-            .\ i -!
       ' ing a report     on our financial    audit of the Office     of Economic
       1 Opportunity     grant to%K'%XIlas      Legal Services    Foundation,            p :, 1,-...
      ,' Inc.,   to operate    a Legal Services    program in Dallas    County,
         Texas.                    --A-

                Our audit,    which included    an examination   into selected
        financial    transactions     and internal    controls  for the period
        March 1, 1971, to May 31, 1971, showed that expenditures               of
        grant funds,       for the most part,     had been for authorized    pur-
        poses.     Some improvements      were needed, however,      in:
                     1.   Maintaining      personnel
                                             -a-.       records     and adhering
                          to prescribed       personnel    practices.
                     2.   Accounting      for   payroll,
                                                ____.-z.L   travel,    and trustee
                     3.   Maintaining      the required    ratio      of non-Federal
                          contributions       to total  program       expenditures.
                     4.   Controlling      accountable  property.
                                                    .I.(?_ _-/-..,
                     5.   Adhering  to the requirement         that expendi-
                          tures be charged to the grant year in
                          which they are incurred.
               The improvements     needed in the administration              of grant
         funds were brought     to the attention   of foundation            officials,
         who stated   that corrective     action would be taken.
                We plan to make no further      distribution    of this report
         unless   copies are specifically     requested,     and then we shall
         make distribution   only after    your agreement      has been obtained

                                  50TH ANNIVERSARY 1921-1971

or public    announcement    has been made by you concerning      the
contents    of the report.
                                    Sincerely   yours,

                                    of the United    States


The Honorable  Carl D. Perkins
House of Representatives