Request for Waiver of Debt

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-08-21.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

-   h                                                .

                                   CWOMPTROLLER GENt IAL Or THI UNIThD STAThS
                                                    WASHINGTOP., D.C    *0548

        I'178924                                                                AUG 21 197

        the Honorsble reter W. Uodiuo, Jr,
        Chatruan, Cnnittes on the .Ju--oA-ry
        Rouse of Reprmesntattvea
        lsat    Xrs Chairasa;
             Rsforance aImade to your letter dated Jwie 15, 1973, uqueasting
        our vtwa on 11R.. 5565, a bill for thn relief of Co4ndPr Howard A.
        tfltaor, Unitod Staten Navel ReMats.                                                 S

             The bill vould reliave Cournwder Weltuer of hin liability to the
        Unttad States in the atwit of $8t567.53, stated to represent overpay-
        sets of active duty pay a4 a iaceer of the Unitod Stntos Iaval Rosewo
        Lu the yiara 1951 through Htrch ,970 id4ich he reteived as a result of
        at erroneou cowutationa of credltable service fov lougevity purposes
        in eatabltshing an incorrect pay entry base date.
                Sine. the Indebtedatmss In this   lo of a typo which approprA-
        ately may he considered for waiver untdsr the proviasons of 10 UU.C.*
        2774,    WS     refatrod the mattor to the SEcretary of the Navy ou Juno 29,
        1973, for invostictttoc and report in acco-daco with the Stmndsrds for
        Waiver proulgoted ti twplenentation ox thi waiver otatute, publiohed
        Decanber 8, 1072, in thi Federal Regt',tor, Vol. 37, page 26096, at M.
                 letter dated July 19, 1W3, copy encLosed, the Chief of
        TApUlactve Affair., on behalf of the Setrtry of the lhavy advised
        this Office that nll of the cundititns fosr waivtr are prenent in this
        cane, and exproased the view that the Depurtmtumt of the llHvy would
        interpous no objection to a vaiiar of the owrpsment in Co^rmndar
        Weitner's Coam*
             Undur the authority of 10 U.8C. 27740 mAd in view of all the
        fact, and circuwstuncs involved in the caus, indici*ting no fault Co
        the part of Consider tilitnr, wv have waiwed the btfor-mntionod
        claim of thc United Staten agatnut hiw. The 6eczataxy of thit HNvy
        has been advised to notify Consder Weltuer of our eatoton mid of
        hls right under tho low to claim a&y mwst of the indtbtednisca
        wtds may have been repaid by hi..

                                                t1/9i2-9/                       V
4   1-178924              .

         In VIew of our action in thii matteo, the gnd fur yriwta reUif
    )sgtulatioa no longer axitxs
                                 fliaovnly vOutel9

                                   PAUL G. DFJ4BLf1GNC
                         lot' the Cootrollcr GCenerarl
                                  of tho Unittd Stat.v.