Alleged Improper Acts in the Condemnation of Property

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-10-22.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                       WASMHUGTON. D.C. Z0SU

                                                               OCT 2 2 1971

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        on July 20. 1971, yew tonsld £ Mtto do4Ln vith uHiLId tnProM
   acts tn the part e ovwenaut peratxno tn LN contG¶ tuno of pr'3ft7
    oAtelOs tl Poue 1.Lver, RorfU of      llfsord t reion, Tho propurty we
   pr'uvl'y oAl iy 1..t Jrk4 r2 LvAlap an4 acquttoct by the Corps of
   i tAlWr8 for Ua to its davslopnt of the Lost Cnacs Peflr rtfrvJfl.
   te w4.uAt W', £9ll, we OWLt With Ie. maal Ho isiticoct, of youtr oi0no
   md agroa tint, in view o the. timi 4uag*£" to so wtue .4 tin
   pinprty eutabltelw        lay th       vrngoa blnstn;t Owtr         &a e;0mm     ta.
    he.     pprsAed VIun4    nat            b     apgawv**te.

        Since tr. Zvhllnp rateS nat   wn a to Scs .. a-t, £wttutem of US
      _ ero reprmeww rd dolWaq tin pbccndi(s, we visited thi4 projnt sito
   am $motornghw the ab$sct prcpaty to 4stuiMA *hethx L. hdW na
   sMl to Minc4en ht;4nwrt*. io revisAl UA raks 4euw1orSb tbyI
    Corp.    of £ztimcas              t         md sssmad t            £taLU &ZL4a file a
    the n      tieb we obtated tr         the o mo' MrttLed !LVrict C4tft*c.
    Copl      of tb rAottmor8a      eC the prwnty tkat wre oen &aa4 a awom

        ur amwsttan dtsclned        .fldmne .1 ttu"  p naty or Uhirpi
   acts o the pan ot coymmt pmrwA i% t1P4 oJabt of 1 procude
   base *44ch resutedt"i toe* acquiaitivs ait tic, t"sliP's propsrty. As8 tWe
   mmluaoc pbotorerphe indicate, the aijecn; pr.rpny       Xttsxttng thu MIJacma
   h4Mtw-y, tor the net asrtt so stoop as t pruvide Lktiatd acc4s,
    ls thtu ru     rda we   nevau     el L        txIZMa.pt LI Lfla#t prucoUtWig
     _Icwt tlit the qtteatlomna    e ndthe quality ot rindwy Mdjosmp
    ift 4v. Dunlap's prextty we ;esWr 4UnA fta towu prancnWt*.
            ye tnm$ the tsuatln             n br           P@vidw will b Wp1      te yn.

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