Comments on Audit Results

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-08-25.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                  REGIONAL            OFFICE
                       7014 FEDERAL     BUILDING.     1961S-m~~      STREET
                              DENVER,COLORADO                80202

Headquarters, UOth Combat
   Support Group (SAC)
K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base
Michigan 498k.2
Attention:    CC
Dear Sir
        Reference 1s made to your letter of August 10, 1971, comment%
on   our letter of June 2&,, 1971, reportrng the results of our audit of
military    pay records and travel,   commercial, and rmlrtary pay vouchers
submitted by the accountmg and finance office at K.I. Sawyer ALr Force
Base, MLchlgan, for the perxod October 1, 1969, through June 30, 1970.
       In your letter, you concurred that attentlon'to  those items of
error reported u1 our letter was necessary and stated the correctxve
action taken at base level.    You also requested relief from the four
travel voucher per diem errors reported in our letter on the basis of
late receipt of change 209 dated June 1, 1970, to volume 1 of the Joint
Travel   Regulations.
       We agree that delayed receipt of changes can lead to the computa-
tion of payments under superseded regulations,     However, the Accounting
and Finance Tech Digest dated May 1, 1970, discussed the mpendmng
change (No. 209) and further reported that an advance notice     (Joint
Deterrmnatlon No. lo-70 dated March 16, 1970) of that change, to become
effective   on June 1, 1970, was distributed  on April 13, 1970. There-
fore, since It appears advance notice of the change was timely dlstrib-
uted, we have not removed these errors from our record of audit.        We
have, however, noted our records to show that collection    action has
been taken.
      We appreciate       the interest              displayed        u1 our report   of audit,

                                                       ,r             yours,

                                                     S. D. McElyea
                                                     Regional Manager
cc.   Comptroller of the
        Air Force
      Commander xn Chief, SAC
      Commander, AFAFC
      Auditor General Representative,

                          50TH        ANNIVERSARY             1921-     1971