Operations and Management Controls at Selected Government-Owned Ammunition Loading Plants

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-08-02.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


              UNITED    STATES      GENERAL               ACCBUNTING            OFFKE
                                 REGIONAL                OFFICE
                ROOM   40% U ยง CUSTOMHOUSE,              110 SOUTH   EANAL   S-3-m
                              CHICAGO9        iLLINOIS         60607

Brigadier General Peter G, Olenchuk
Commanding General
U. S. Army Ammunition Procurement
   and Supply Ageucy
Joliet,  Illinois  60436
Dear General Olenchuk:
      We recently completed a survey of contractor operations at
the Iowa and Lone Star Army Ammunition Plants.    Our survey in-
cluded a review of (1) the number of wage employees and
supervisory personnel assigned to indirect operateons at these
plants and (2) the industrfal  management reviews made by the
Plant Operations Directorate.   On July 2, 1971, our staff dis-
cussed the survey results with Colonel Milton I. Fogel, Director,
Plant Operations Directorate,  and other members of your staff.
     We noted that extensive industrial  management reviews have
been performed by the Plant Operations Directorate.    In view of
this effort,  we believe that detailed reviews by us at this time
are not necessary.
      For discussion purposes at the July 2 meeting, we gave
Colonel Fogel a summary describfng areas of contractor operatfons
that appeared to be overstaffed at Iowa and Lone Star.          In brief,
our summary discusses apparent excess personnel at Lone Star in
selected maintenance units, purchasjlng activittes,      the guard
force, motor pool operations, and financial     administration;     and
at Iowa in selected maintenance units and the fire department.
      Colonel Pogel's response to our presentation was quite
favorable; he expressed concern about the indications       of excess
personnel.   He stated that the Directorate till   initiate    indus-
trial management reviews at Lone Star and Iowa which till        include
the areas discussed in our summary.

                       SOTH    ANNIVERSARY                     1921-     19?l
      We would lfke to express our appreciation   for the assistance
provided to our staff.   Also, we would appreciate your informing
us of the results of any reviews made by your staff regarding the
matters discussed Sn our summary.
       A copy of this letter   is being sent to the Secretary   of the
                                   Sincerely   yours,