Response to Reply on Audit of Accounts

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-05-21.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

Shaw Air Force Base
south CQrolina  29Ii52

Attentiorm:    AC

Dear sir:
     Reference is made to letter       dated &y 3,          1971, from &he ~Gx$x?G~-
ler c0nKlfmtdJ-g or: Gur letter   of April 2, lY?l,          reporttig    the results
of our audit of tilitary      pay records and travel,           commercial,   and xiii-
tary pay vouchers submikted by the accourttirg              and finance office      a-L
Shaw Air Force Base for the ~~IP~CXI Cktobcr 1,             1569, th~.~iigh ;I.IL~ 3C, 2.371;.

      The AF'AFC ~etxmed the NOI3 to us with the above infon?atiofi,   acti,
based thereon,   the NO" WLS emce.Ued,   AccordiEgly, we have ad,jlxced
our record of audit to remove Lhis case BS an error.

      lie appreciate    the interest   displayed        in our report   of a&it.

                                           Sine erely    ycxm ,

cc:    ComptrolEer     of -the Air Force
       CoIl,lmander, r&L, TAG
       Comnander, AFAFC