Response to Reply on Audit of Accounts

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-06-08.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                    REGIONAL            OFFICE
                      7014    FEDERAL     BUILDING.     1961 STOUT    STREET
                                DENVER,      COLORADO         80202

                                                                                        June 8, 1971

Department of the Air Force
APO New York 09755                                                                  \lllllllllllllllllllll1lllllllll

Attention:    ACF (Captain              Troxe1/2182)

Dear Sir:

       Reference is made to letter   dated Iblay 17, 1971, from the account-
ing and finance officer,    commenting on our letter    of April 28, 1971,
reporting    the results of our audit of vouchers submitted for the
period October 1, 1969, through June 30, 1970.

      In our letter  of April 28, 1971, we reported an overpayment on
voucher No, T-5399 in applying the wrong rate of per diem for duty at
Torrejon Air Base, Spain.     The accounting and finance officer stated
that his retained copy of voucher No. T-5399 did not show Torrejon
Air Base in the itinerary.

      The copy of the retained voucher,which                             is enclosed, shows a
voucher number crossed out and the number                             T-5399 entered.      Neither
the travel orders number, dates of travel,                             nor itinerary    involved
correspond to the original    of voucher No.                          T-5399 (copy enclosed) on
which we found the erfor as stated in our                             letter   of April 28, 1971.

      We appreciate          the interest             displayed        in our report    of audit.

                                                         Sincerely         yours,

                                                         s. D. IIlcElyea
Enclosures   - 2                                         Eegional Eanager

cc:   Comptroller  of the Air Porte
      Commander in Ciiief, USA%
      Commander AZ*",'c
      Auditor Glneri;   Representative,

                             50TH ANNIVERSARY                  1921-     1971