Postal Service Reporting Systems

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-03-31.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

Dear Mr. Batrus:

         As part of our continuing    review of Post Office Department activities,
the General Accounting Office has reviewed the Department's            management of
its various reporting       systems. .Our review included an examination      of
Department policies,       handbooks, and reports,  and discussions,with     postal
officials      at Department headquarters.

      The Department does not maintain a record of the number, types,
purpose(s),     data requirements,    or associated    costs of all its reporting
systems or reports generated       throughout    the Department.    Consequently,
the possibility      exists that some of the systems and/or reports produced
have doubtful     value.    For example, in our letter      to you dated August 12,
1970, concerning      our survey of the use of resources-machines       and people-in
three mechanized post offices,        we advised you that we found overlapping
and unneeded reports among the relatively           few that we examined at the
three post offices.

       We note, however, that the Reports and Records Management Division,
Office of Management Systems, Bureau of Finance and Administration,                    is in
the process of installing          a reports management program.          Department offi-
cials advised us that full implementation.of              the program will result        in '
a more efficient      information      system by eliminating     duplication     of records
and reports and by providing           managers only data needed to meet their
specific   requirements.         On the basis of our review and discussion          with
Department officials,        it appears that the plan being followed            by the
Division,    if effectively       implemented,  will improve the management report-
ing systems.                   .

      Accordingly,  we do not, at this time, have any plans for expanding
the review or issuing additional     reports on'the results   of our work.
However3 we contemplate   some additional    review work after implementation
of the Reports and Records Management Division's      reports management

      We wish to express our appreciation           for     the cooperation    extended   to
our representatives   during the review.
                                      ,      Sincerely      yours,

                                             Associate      Director

 Mr. Frederick    E. Batrus
 Executive   Assistant   to the
   Deputy Postmaster General
                           50TH   ANNWERSARY        l921-    1971