Response to Reply of Commander, MacDill AFB, Florida, to Letter Report

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-01-29.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                                                                         January        29,     1971

Atte;ltlon        CC

Dear 5m

       In you    1ctte.c   or January   Xl,                  1971. you corme-t ed on our ler;ter
of Cecenmer     18, i97G x&x% reporiea                        our audit   of accounts for the
perlou   January    1 t-rodgl   Septemer                     3C, 1969.

       POL cons1aweG       zxee      of the travel      ~OLGW~S cited    m oar letter
to have been        correcti~r  paid o Ire have removed all three         froa Lile
error    statxtzcs,    wnxh       reduces     tire wror    rate to 2 per 200 travel
vouchers      and t5e est-x--2ted      errors     to 3iO for C2,7OO.

        Ike appreciate           cre   zterest           dlsplaged       m    our      repo,ti     of   audit     .

                                                          Sincerely        yours,

                                                          s. c,      i kL1 yea
                                                          Regional        I Yanag er

cc      Lornptrolier of ti-e iiir                iorce
        Corm-mcer, 2 \C
        Cormander,      4’ or L
        4ucutor    Cefierai     I egwesentat-ve,
           t’ “AFC