Concerning Civilian Pay Activities at Sheppard AFB

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-01-14.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


                                                                                JAN 14 1971

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                             eted our r*eVta         of civilian pyetlytiet     at sVi
                                       7x           the p.*rI      0     1969 , trough
  g    A*     1911   (1      U. S0. -C.     4, and the                 4         tunt~up~i~dMdttinst    At ot
       1 .,              .   67)                .
     T' revte it a s*        f     pr1ll
                                   *n      review f &Mllan Pey ztltvttIs:
at repbrtweat of          tft st1tIonw. SUlcttan of your tttlflett1n1
for 3'evietr wInde_* Xm"^t      Ittrtiea1   tandisw tseeuquos.. ar revleW
Vs's ciprtid     Abettal                the adequacy and .ff.t^wt   o& of "th
elviian pay aytm               ug prc.              cr           *pll s d
day tatornal8
            c                                                              F*
      Our- r*view In4ald &a n     lUa"WO the tOWN8s satt of ctvi ton pay
 cet~tv"tt   eo.pleted at Shqglrd AW*xM hto      beOaty 190 'by the
kcatd4nt $aadit, 1ztt4 Stift Air Fret Auihor fen re1. We fhnd %1;
the edtt sw"k was gwt~rUY Meqvato a to purir" a Quw      aecwverap
rmwed in te ar"00*49"Id. Oar re            of specifet trousctloa W,*
I blt* to sw   r     YI4 thettesk  see m .

     Our reovw Eta1a4 60t tb eltvi1tan py .yft, rt OtIng "Oedeu
aS4 WrettzeS, S W1O1 As Uitewnul oeutrl-4, war# g_* W &4*j4Rti..
  Hevevsrw %*O4 tbot t" *4          W"e iii tAe Gin$* led bem *vwpsd Q:40,
            ZF3$r*s    y" aft to     wm910 bad ber"V        $h IWW.       triw of tb*
       t~~tfw S *^t        ~     gtste   * vXFItbi-a    f~awin pa tai tZ th
   eamplette   of   th  W1~it* .
0aw"MOIcSpYe to the eOf4K t*t                   4!4 _~
                                                    u4m theS Wrtpa4 *14.trh
                                       t      *
                                              $U    A         retropitiva incino,4
   he xeweivw4d .                  bg"e te        iny mWq pamteno                             tI e auumm of
OW." httevd                           . the svue _;th"          re*                           V,d Ot time of
tnvoluntary s*parstisn.                 Cwrrct-ii, otift         via taien          M.ea.
&una ur revtfw.-

                                               fLI       7L
     Al additi"I copt of thlt teport he trnt-hr4 for eaclwrr wiLl the
auditt4 r-cawdE whr-I sk1pp*4 to the Federal Pct'or>
                                                   ;. enter. Far future
 uidauce ecncernfnag the dispsitioa of umUfdited ci,51nta pay records whic
have been re!teiswd for thrce ytars,we refer you to (hapter 3* Title 5,
Gtraeral stvountlng Office Folitey and Proedures Hmw1l for Guidorre .f
Fn.deral !%sgen ti .
     We wish to eknovleldge the cioperatton and Courtniess    vn4   1-to our
rePrpreAtetiv* during the MudIt.

                                        Sb'.cert*y yours

                                        Deon H. Dekker

                                        W . Siwley, J-r.
                                        Regtonal 4mrmgir
                               t                   JAN 14 1971

United States Ai Force Auditor General
Norton Air Force Base, Cal:lfornia 92409
Dear Sirt
     Enclosed for your InfaTmation is a copy of our letter report to the
Comeander, Sheppard Ai Force Base, Texas, covering oMr recent civilian
pay audit at that installotion.
     The Resident Auditor at Sheppard Air Force B~ase, Taxas, completed on
eudit of civilian pay activities in February 1970, (Report of Audit 2387-44,
dated February 26, 1970).
     *We reviewed the report of audit and the supporting workpapers and
found that the audit program, scope,, extent of coverage, and methods used
to test transactions were generally adequate,
     We wish to acknowledge the cooperation and cotesies extended to our
representatives by the Resident Auditor.
                                           Sincerely yours/

                                           Deon H. Dekker                  6)
                                           W. H. Sheley, Jr.
                                           Regional Hanager