Chanute Air Force Base, Audit of Accounts for the Period October 1, 1969 Through June 30, 1970

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-03-10.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                               REGIONAL           OFF ICE
                 7014    FEDERAL     BUIIJDING,   1961   STOUT    STREET
                           DENVER,~OLORADO                80202

                                                                                    March 10, 1971
Chanute Axr Force Base
IllLnox5 61868
Dear Sir
      Thus 1s a report of audit of rmlxtary pay records (MPRs), travel.
vouchers, and commercial vouchers sukrmtted by the accountmg and        I
fulance office for the period October 1, 1969 through June 30, 1970.
      There was one error m             a statlstxal  sample of 112 of the 2,238
irregularly  closed KPRs, an            error rate of 0.9. This was an accrued
leave error for $193.70 for             whxh a Notice of ExceptIon, GAOForm 1100,
was Issued. No errors were              found on the regularly closed MPRsand
vouchers exarmned.
      By letter dated February 16, 1970, we reported an error rate of
3.1 for irregularly closed MPRs and no errors for regularly closed
PiPRsfor the perxod April 1 through December31, 1968. On this basis,
It appears that the accuracy of payments has improved on irregularly
closed NFRs. We note, however, that the atinkstratlve    exmnatlon
performed by the Air Force Accountulg and Finance Center on 339 of the
8,681 regularly closed MPRssubmztted for the sameperxod disclosed
three rmnor errors.
     Since these audits xncluded payments from October 1, 1969 through
June 30, 1970, the flndlngs may not be mdxatlve of current operations.
                                                  Sincerely yours,

                                                  S. D. McElyea
                                                  Regional Manager
cc   Comptroller of the Air Force
     Commander,HQ, ATC
     Auditor General Representative,
       AFAFC                                                                                         *

                        50TH       ANNIVERSARY             1921-     1971 @!isiiq