Examination of the Statement of Assets and Liabilities of the Commercial Power Program of the Federal Columbia River Power System

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-12-30.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


    Dear Mr.     Secretary:       ';r:

            The General Accounting          Office      has examined_ the Statement
    of Assets-----___
                   and Liabilities        of the Commercial       Power Program of
    the-Federal         Columbia Riv~er Power S~m-(see~'note-            1 to the        ?. "?
/   financial       statements)     as of June 30,'1971,         and the related
    Statements        of Commercial     Power Revenues and Expenses and
    Szc%%nd          Application     of Funds for-fiscal         year 1971.     Our
       -c-     ._.-_
    examlnatlon         was made in accordance         with generally    accepted
    auditing     standards       and included      tests   of the accounting     rec-
    ords of the Corps of Engineers,                the Bureau of Reclamation,         and
    the Bonneville          Power Administration         and such other auditing
    procedures        as we considered      necessary      in the circumstances.

           On February      9, 1971, the Los Angeles          earthquake         severely
    damaged the Sylmar Converter            Station   owned by several            public
    and private     agencies      in Los Angeles,     California.         The damaged
    Sylmar facility       has temporarily        made inoperable       Bonneville's
    Celilo   Converter      Station   and SOO-kilovolt        direct-current           line
    which runs to the southern            Oregon border.       Bonneville         antici-
    pates that its facilities,            which cost $74,000,000,           will     resume
    40-percent     operation      in April    1972 and loo-percent           operation
    in September 1972.

           The accompanying     financial     statements    for the System were
    prepared    on a cost-accounting       basis which included         deprecia-
    tion.    They do not present        the financial    results    on a basis
    designed    to show whether power rates are adequate              to repay the
    Federal   investment    in the System, either        for the fiscal        year
    or cumulatively.       (See note 2 to the financial          statements.)

            The accounts         and financial        statements      are subject     to
    retroactive     adjustment,         because firm allocations             of the cost
    of joint-use       facilities        to power and other purposes              have not
    been made for three projects                 recently      placed    in service     and
    for five projects           under construction            as of June 30, 1971.
    (See note 3 to the financial                 statements.)         At these eight
    projects,    total       joint-use       costs are $934,000,000,           of which
    $731,000,000       tentatively         is allocated        to power.     Changes in
    allocations     sometimes have resulted                 in significant      adjustments

                                50 TH ANNJVERSARY       1921- ,,,I=

                            to plant               investment   allocated   to power   and to accumulated       net

                                    The Bonneville       Power Administration,             in computing       inter-
                            est expense on the Government’s                investment        in the System, re-
                            duces the amount by an interest                credit     on System revenues
                            collected     and deposited        in the U.S. Treasury.                In our opinion,
                            Bonneville’s      method of computing            the interest         credit    was in-
                            appropriate      and resulted        in an understatement             of about
                            $2,000,000     in the interest           expense for fiscal           year 1971 be-
                            cause the interest         credit      was computed (1) at the rate of
                            4-7/8 percent       applicable       to new investments            rather    than at the
                            lower rates --some as low as 2-l/2                 percent--at        which the in-
                            terest    expense was computed and (2) on the full                        amount of the
                            revenues     deposited     rather      than on the amount applied               to re-
                            duce the Government’s           investment       in the System.

                                    Subject     to the financial         effects      of future     adjustments
                            related      to adoption     of firm cost allocations               and the resolu-
                            tion of the interest          credit      matter     described      above, the ac-
                            companying      financial     statements,         in our opinion,        present
                            fairly     the assets     and liabilities           of the Federal       Columbia
                            River Power System at June 30, 1971, the financial                          results   of
                            its power operations,           and the source and application                 of its
                            funds for the year then ended, in conformity                       with accounting
                            principles       and standards       prescribed        for executive       agencies   of
                            the Federal        Government by the Comptroller               General of the
                            United     States.      These accounting          principles      and standards
                            were applied        on a basis consistent            with that of the preceding

                                       Copies of this report  are being sent to the Director,   Of-
                            fice’      of Management and Budget;  the Chairman, Federal   Power


.-   ...~_   b _._-_-._.-       -I.-   .I_   -,-


    Commission;   the Administrator,         Bonneville   Power Administration;
    the Commissioner   of Reclamation;         the Secretary   of the Army;
    and the Chief of Engineers.

                                            Sincerely     yours,
                                           (sy,,-!!   @.Z. B;me Jp*

                                   r_     & Comptroller   General
                                            of the United   States


    The Honorable
    The Secretary   of   the   Interior
                                 UNITED STATESOF AMERICA
                             NCTESTO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

Note 1.      Composition of the Federal Columbia River Power System
The Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS) consists                   of the facilities
and operations     of the Bonneville          Power Administration      (BPA) and the hydro-
electric     generating      plants constructed      and operated by the Corps of Engineers
(Corps) or the Bureau of Reclamation (Bureau) for which BPA transmits                        and
markets the power.

Although each entity          is separately      managed and financed,     the facilities       are
operated as an integrated          power system with the financial          results     consolidated
under the nsme Federal Columbia River Power System.

Projects     in service and under construction           at June 30, 1971, are listed           in
Schedule A.

Note 2,      Basis of Financial      Reporting
These financial      statements are prepared on the cost accounting basis and in-
clude compound interest          depreciation.       They do not purport to show financial
results    on a repayment basis either            for the fiscal     year or cumulatively.
Wholesale power rates are baaed upon the repayment analysis                    rather    than
these cost based statements.

The depreciation      life     for fixed assets allocated          to power averages about
n   years.     However, inihe separate FCRPSrepayment analysis                 the repayment
period is 50 years for the generating               projects   and 45 years for the trans-
mission system.       Since the depreciation          period is longer than the repayment
period,     depreciation        eh.arges acoumuJ.ated dux&g the rep                   ent perids     will
be moh less than the plant repayment requimments,                           and. rates set to cover
repayment wiU. be higher on the average than if rates were set $o cover

Note 3.      Cost Allocations
West aUoca%ion~~ describes the prooess of assigdng                           the costs of a multi-
purpose project         to the tiaitiati          purposes served,          In this process,        joint-
use costs of plant and operations                 are allocated      among the             638sserved
such as power, irrigs.tion,             navi      ione and flood control,             The portion     of
tot&      project     costs allocated       to power is irxludea           in the FCRBSfinancial


Cost allocations         v      be tentative      or firm,      A tentative      cost allocation
may be adjusted retmmtively                 when replaced tith           a f3.m allocation,        while
a fim      allocation        may only be adjusted on a prospective               basis0     Ih.ming
fiscal     year 1971 the Corps adopted a firm allocation                      for the Green Peter-
Foster pmjeat,           The fasfnaallocation          increased plant costs @&located to
power about $$2,026,000 and decreased Aceumlated                         let Remmes by about
wls, ooo,       Cost sXLoca.ti0n.s at three projects              recently      pkaced 3x1 setice
and five projects            now under construction          me desbgmted as tentativ-e             as
shown on Schedule A,             At the eight projects9          total     joint-me      coats are
~9349000,000 of which               731,000,000    are tediatively         a.xloeated to g>omr,

Rote 4@ IMerest              P&es
An interest         rate of          is applied to the unpsdd Federal investment for
the projects        listed     in Schedule A, except for the foELo                      mhiehu9ea
higher rate.          Bureau projects       in service,       al1 using a 3% rate,         ares     Boise,
Columbia Basin, HL?rlg~ Horse, ua0lca,                                                    Rosa Division.

For Bureau projects                under       construction,            a rate          of 3-l/@       ill applied            to

the Gmud Coulee Third                   Powerplant              and 3.342% is applied                to the Teton

project,          Corps projects              andt portions           thereof          which are under             construction

and which use rates                  higher     than      2$$ are:

         Bonneville         Second Power House and Peaking                             Modifications                M

         Chief      Joseph Additional              Units                                                            3-m%
         Dwmshak                                                                                                    2-5/S%
         Libby                                                                                                      3-m%
         Lost      Creek                                                                                            3-m%
         The Dalles         Additional          Units                                                               s-m%
EPA used the 2$& rate                  through         fiscal        year 1943.           Subsequently,             the foUow%

rates      were used for             each year*s          new investment:

         Fiscal         Year 1964                                                                                   2-7/e
         Fiscal         Year 1965                                                                                   3%
         Fiscal         Yeass 1966 through              1968                                                        3-m%

         Fiscal         Years 1969 and 1970                                                                         3-l/4$

         Fiscal         Year 197l                                                                                   4-7/8%

Interest         rates     for   repayment         of new Federal                investment         in power projects

started         after     Janumy       29, 1970 are to be set in accordance                                 with     Secretarial

Order 2929.              This Order directs               that       rates      will     be adjusted         by not more

than one-half             of one percent           each year until                 the rate        equals     the then

current         avenge      yi,eld     -Pate on long-tern                U.S. Treammy              obligations.               The
rate     $3 6-l,&%         at June 30, 1971.

Based      upon the Order,             BPA used a rate                of 4=-7/E%. for new i.nveS~ent                         in

Ziscal      yem         1971, and will          use rates            on new invesimnt               of 5-3/S% in fiscal

year 1972 and j-7/8$                  in fiscal         year 1973,              At June 30, 1971,             the Corps and

the Bmeau were 2x1 the process                          of reSOl'Ving            implmenting           details,

Note 5.

The entities            of BYXPS each tint&n                                a separate              account&           system       resigned

to meet its            particular            requirements,                   and vacations                   in reporting           practices

exist      among the entities.                          However,            cooperation              among the entities                in

prior      years       has led          to the adoption                     of standard              practices         such as use of

the compound interest                     method of depreciation,                                   The unresolved              variations

existing        during       fiscal          year 1971 are as folbows:

         a.     The Bureau includes                           in the costs              of its        pmjec-tia,        general        investi-

                gation       and development                        costs          which       are incurred          prior       to project

                authorization,                    It          is the pol.icy            of the Corps not                to include            fol

                KRFS purposes                    such costs               which are incurred                   prior      to project

                authorization,                    The Corps has excluded                             about     $2,123,1)00          of such

                costs      at June 30, 1971.

         b.     The accounts               of the Corps end BPA reflect                                   the Jiability             for

                accrued       but unused annual                           leave0            However,         the accounts           of the

                bureau       projects             do not include                     an amount for                annual, leave,           esti-

                uated      to bs $754,000                       a8 of June 30, 1971.

Note 6.

Pursuant        to legisLati.on,                  revenues               of the PCRPS must repay                       to the United                States

Treasury        that      portion          of the cost                   of irrkgation               facilities         ~3 the ~Paci50

Northwest          &ich      tne Bureau habs determined                                    that     ben&fi%ing         wtiter      users      LX-e

u3dCie        Cj .YZp!t<ra       ia->    ;iune         x30,     19’91,      this      2illiOlJllt    iS   $g402ep+4C,tJ0@e
deter&nation             of water users'                repsyment        ability        will      be madz at the time

the irrigation             facilities            are proposed           for     turthorization             euid dev&opm&t.

Ii   water   users?         repayment            ability        is insufficient            to meet the repayment

requirements,            irrigation            assistance            msy be required             from power l'evenues9

if   authorized          by Congress.                 These costs        are not included                  in the accompanying

statements          becaurae a final              detetination                as to potential              L*epayment from

power revenues             has not been made.

Mote 7.      Commitments                to hkchange Power and Acquire                           Project      Curability

       aa    Word             Plant           No, 1

             BPA, the Washington                       Public        Bower Supply System (WPSS!,                     and 76

               utiljLies            have made agreements                 under which BPA receives                    the

               capability            of this          860 negawatt            plent    constr~~cted          and operated

               by WPPSS. The agreements                          call     for      payments to WPPSSby each

             utility          for       its     portion        of project          costs   based on the Annual

               i)perating           Budget,           All     output     from the project                 is delivered           tc

               BPA who in turn                  furnishes        the utilities             an EUKRU~&cJf goweT fXp&

               in VaLUS, at BPA rates,                         to the annual           costs      of o:+rat~ng            thr!

               pro Jecz am ::eti..i+.ng the bends ivsued                               in 1203 lo construct                  the

               plant;.        FW tk;,r? year                ending     June 30, 19'119 the Annu.& Ctparating

               Budget ms ~4,395,000,                           A-t Jurle 30, 2971,              $78,?45,000        i,f bonds

               were o~~ttimndmg                  and due to be fully                  retired       by 1996.        OhfiT

               3396,       BP& is a?equired to provide                          power $0 retire             the bxid~        F.YXL

               if    the projeci               becomes inoperable.

               Ihri.t~       ;iricki          ykxn- lWL9        the Atomic            J3neqg Ckmikuisaion (AX)

               nuclekxf        zactur           which suppli&             steam to tine WPPSj: project                     was
shut     down.     Since then,            sgreaents               were reached      with   AEC restoring

the reactor        to service            for     fiscal       years     1972,    1973,     and 1274 with

increased        payments        for     steam0           For the year          endi!% June 30, 1972,

it     is estimated       that         the agreements              to restore      the reactor         to

service     will    increase            the Annual Operating               Budget        by $15,000pOO0

over     the 1971 emount.                According           to the new agreements9              SPA and

WXTSSmust decide,                during         fiscal      year      197’2, whether       or no? to

continue      operating          the project              after     June TO9 19'?4c         Unti:*     iI:e

original      agreements          BPA mq~ acquire                  own~ship       or" tk    prv~ect,

subject      to Congressional                  approval.
ce Centmis            Coal-Fired        Steam Plant
     BPA          entered into an agreenent with eight utilities                           to acquire
     varying portione           of project       capability      r&ngi.ng from 273 megawzMx
     to 973 megawatts from the in-service                      dates scheduled for January 1,
     1972,‘for        Unit    I and September ls 1972,             for Unit       II    to April     1, 1974.

     BPA*a portion           of tot&l      project      costs for the tot&.            period is
     esttited         at $58,110,000.           M’ter each unit          is commerci&CLly operable,

     BPA*e commitmew&will                 rem&n whether or not full               capability        can
     be acbigved,

     BPA          entered into wreements to acquire,                      beginning approzimately
     September lo 1974, a &are of thas I9163 megawatt pz.vject,                                    under
     oorwkuction         br Portland         General Electric           Comapny, BPA wil.3. acquire
           ene Water ex& EXeetrio Board@s 33% owner&&p ahaze until                                  at
           t July 1, 1984,              Effective       on that date,          ene hw the option
     to wit             it3 %M,             For the ten year period            this &axe of
     project      capability       will     cost BPA about $103,310,000                 baaed on
     e&l        ted             pro3eot eosteo            GM.1 July 1, 1984, BPA i.e com-
     mitted to 30$ of 891zltadbll
                              costs whether or not the pl.snt is completed,
     opesable,        or operat&g.

es Hanford Pknt              lV0, 2
     BPA          entered into agreements with WPPSSti                        94 public        wency
     customera to aqtire                the capability        of this     lo100          awatt nucleex
     fmility,         which will        be eonetructed        and oper&ed by WPPSS. The
     plant is scheduled for ~osnmericsl operation                         in 1977.

             ilur*      the e&-ted              35 year life     of the project,     WA*,      tot&L

             costs    are estimated           to be Kk.,4970770,000.        BPA m obligated            mdes

             the agree~lent~l        whether      ox+ not the project      Is completed,       operable,           or


Note 8.      Contingent       I[riabilities

Cant-ent        liabilities        applicable       to    commercial    power at June 30, 1971,               total.

approxim%teYy        J19tY968000        of which      $16,07’EpOO0 represent       various     contractor

claim      and $$30P2$,000 represent              cILa&m under     the Federal     Tort     CZa&s      Act,

Note go      Adjustmenl;s      to Accumlated             Net Revenues

The following        table    expl&ms         the adjustments      which have camed          the net decrease

in Accmulat&          Net Revenues of S519423,000 shown on ExkibZts                       1 and 2:
                              UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

                         FEDERALCOI,UI!&LU RIVER POWERSYSTE%

          FOR THE FISCAL YEARS ENDED JUNE 309 1971 AI?D JUXE 309 1970
                                     (NOTE I m        2)

                                     (In Thousands)
                                                                 Fiscal      Fiscal
                                                                  Year        Yt?SX
                                                                  1971        1970

  Sales of electric    energy by Bonneville
    Power Administration:
       Publicly  owned utilities                                $ 64,078    $ 58,420
       Privately   owned utilities                                25,121      20,319
       Federal sgencies                                            59403       4,090
       Aluminum industry                                          40,058      449614
       Other industry                                              5,361       59449
          Tot&L                                                  140,021     132,892

  Other operating revenues:
       Wheeling revenues                                          10,386       9,507
       Other revenues                                              59271       58281
         Total                                                    159657      14,788
            Total operating revenues                             155p678     1479680
     Ptarchase and exchange power                                 12,813      11,468
     Operation                                                    290680      26,022
     Maintenance                                                  14?802      13,373
     Depreciation                                                 249512      21,645
       Total operating expenses                                   81,807      72,508
          Net operating revenues                                  73,871      759172

      Interest    on Federal investment     (projects      in     67$742      57,258
      Related interest       charged to construction               8,603*      6,896"
      Miscellaneous      income deductions,   net                     105          98
            Net interest     and other deductions                 599244      50,460

NE!7 REWW                                                       # 149627    $ 24,712
      Bahnce 63 beginning of year                               $346,388    $322,584
      Net revenues--current   yesr                                149627      24?'312
      Prior yesrs adjustments   (Note 9)                           9,423"
         Balance at end of year                                 $3519 592

*Denotes deduction
"Notes to the financial      statementso
   we an integral    part    of this statement.
                                         UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
                               FEDERALCOLXIMBiA RIVEB POWW SYSTl!Zd
       STATGWNT OF MSErS AND LLABILITIFS OF THE COmIAi,                                                                                                                                                                                     EXHIBIT 2
  PoWW PROGRAMAd OF JUNE 30, 1971 AND JUNE 30, 1970 (NOT= 1 and 2)
                                                        (In thsusands)

                                                                 ASSFTS                                                                                                                        LIABILITIES
                                                                                                            June 30                                                                                                             June   30
                                                                                              197l                       1970                                                                                     1971                         1970
  FIXED ASSEX:                                                                                                                       INVESTMENT OF U.S. GOVERNWXI!:

         Completed        plent (Schedule A)                                           $2,927,203                 $2,749,012           Congressional   appropriation6                                         $4,181,368                $3,846,213
         Retirement        work in progress                                                 20,049                 ._-. 28,2j5         Revenues transferred      to continuing     fund                              4,033                      4,033
                                                                                                                                       Transfers   from other Federal agencies,         net                        27,983                     27,764
                                                                                         29947,332                     2,777,247       Interest   on Federal investment       (Note 4)                            857,647                    776,287
         Less aawmulated                depreciation                                          253,375             --      2&jTjg
                                                                                                                                         Gross Federal          investment                                     5,on,o3i                     4,654,297
         Constructiun          work in progress                  (Schedule     A)                                         673,421      Less funds      returned        to U.S. Treasury                        1.822.167                    1,690*018

            Total      fixed     assets                                                                                3.214.671         Net investment           of U.S. Government                           3.2481864                    2.964.272

                                                                                                                                     ACCUMULATEDNE!l! REVENUES:

                                                                                                                                       Balance at beginning    of year                                            346,388                      322,584
                                                                                                                                       Net revenues current--year      (uhibit                 I)                  14,627                       24,n2
                                                                                                                                       Prior years adjustments    (Mote 9)                                           9.423%            LOB*

                                                                                                                                         Balance     at end of year                                               351.592                      346.388

  CURRENTASSETS:                                                                                                                     COMMITMENTS (Note 7)

         Unexpended funds                                                                      89,094                     112,242    CURRENT LTABILITI~:
         Special funds                                                                              6,500                    2,202
         Accounts        receivable                                                            29,182                      23,897      Accounts     payable                                                        57,153                       550832
         Hateriale        and supplies                                                         17,056                      17.582      Bployees      accrued       leave      (Note   5)                            4,890                        4.336

            Total      current         assets                                                 141,832                    155,923         Total     current      liabilities                                        62,043                       60,168

 DEE%RREDCHARGEPOR PA?XENT OF IRRIGATION                                                                                             LIABTLITY OF U.S. GOVERNMmT FOR PAYNENT OF
   ASSISTANCE (Schedule A) (Note 6)                                                           401,440                     390,466       IRRIGATION ASSISTANCE (Schedule A) (Note 6)                               401,440                      390.466
  OTHERASE2S ANDDEFEEtRDCRARGES:                                                                                                     OTHZR LiKBiLiTiEs          AND DEFERREDCREDITS:

         Trust funds                                                                                6,218                    6,099     Truet     fund advances                                                          6,218                     6,099
         Other asueta          and deferred               charges                                   4,663                    4.303     Other     deferred  credits                                                      4,450                     4.062

            Total      other     assets         and deferred         charges           -,I     10 881                      lo&o2         Total     other     liabi!ities        and deferrcd        credits        10,668               _-      10.161
               TOTAT ASSKCS                                                                                       p.7n,462                  TOTAL LTAt(lLITI~                                                 m74.607                   83s771.462
                                                                                       --&J&741607                                                                                                                                      ---


 *Denotes             deduction
  "IJo$es        to    the financial             statrmerlls~~       are an inteeral         part      of! this   stateqient.
                                                                                  EXHIBIT 3

                                       UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

                                 FEDERAL COLUMBIA RIVER POWERSYSTEM


                                                (In thousands)


   Congressional   appropriations                                            $335,155
   Transfers   from other Federal               agencies                           219
         Gross investment                                                                8335,374
   Revenue from sale of electric      energy, including
     adjustment    for prior year of $742                                     140,763
   Other operating    revenue, including    adjustment
     for prior year of $148                                                    15,805
         Total     revenues                                                               156,568
   Decrease in other assets                and deferred         charges,
     net of other liabilities                and deferred         credits                       28

   Decrease        in current     assets     and liabilities,          net                 15,966

            Total     source     of funds


   Operation and maintenance expense, purchase and
     exchange power, miscellaneous   income deductions
     and adjustments  for prior years of $39                                             48 57,361
   Investment     in electric   utility  plant
      (does not include capitalized       interest of
      Wp603 on projects       in service and $12,433
      on projects    under construction)                                                  318,426
   Return        of funds     to U,S, Treasury                                            132,149

             Total     application     of funds                                          $507,936

"Notes    to the fin&ncial  statements"
are an integral     part of this statement.
                                                     UNITED STATES OF AKERICA

                                                 FEDERAL COLUMBIA RIVER 'MB                 SYSTB!                                                                                                                                                 SCHEDULE A
                                               AMOUliT AND ALLOGTIOI: OF FLN:T INVESRQW
                                                   AS OF JUNE 30, 1971 (NOTES 1 AND 3)
                                               PROJECTS IN SERVICE AND IJNDKRCOIISTRULTIOG

                                                                   (In thousands)

                                                                          ----                                       ---      --              Li3xF.LT!.-.                                                -


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Percent of Total
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Returnable    from
                                                                          Completed                                                                                    Total                         Flacd      Fiah and                                         COlllKIBlWial
                                                           Total          -.iaaDt--                           Tat&-                                                Irrircation       Navigation     Control     Wildlife     Recreation        Other         &yer     Revenues

                                                                                              $155,683        my4                                                                                                                                                   loo.0
                                                                                                                                                                                      $       134         173                 $     672                               97.0
                                                                                                                     4:904         s 10,722         $ 35,026        $ L5,748                          14,961                                                          23.8
      Fkem@itik   (CE)                                       96,028               61,687             6,06;:         67,751                                                                28,121                                    156                               70.6
      ChieP Jompb (CE)                                                                            1,826            156,656               765                              765                                                       218
      ccbl&     Basin (KK)                                  157,639
                                                            762,600              :3;:,"         130,908            311,265          376,158            68,033        404,191               1,000      45,605                               $     539                 $1;
      ccQ@rm                                                 p;                   40,368
                                                                                   17:671                           17,676                              31082          3,082                  5l4     35,955                                                            .
      I4boit-Kig     Cliff  (CE)                                                                          :         4',373                                             5,029                  218     20,772
      fiT"asn PetYw-Fost.sr  (CB)                            87:062               49,030                            49$03O                              2%             6,056                          29,569                        380        1,670                 2::
      EELa crfmk km                                          48,767               17,302                5           17,307                              4:584          4,584                  22:     26,251                                                         35.5
      hm?rY FLzJme ml                                       102,226               n,.Ln               76            77,553                                                                24,673
      ha Barbor (CE)                                        139,638               93,893          1,006             94,899                                                                g,;%$                                                                      z-z
      John Day (CE) (c)                                     487,105              333,933         26,991            360,924                                                                            13,980                               26,296      (a)           74:1
      Little     Come (CE) (cl                              160,270              111,281                           111,282                                                                44:869                                            3,653      (a)           69.4
                                                             94,633               45,574              IL;           45,717                              1,4l2                                         46,6ol                         197                             48.3
                                                                                                       30          1w,180                                                                 45,z                                    1,034                              75.1
                                                            308,126              3:2;                                                                                                     50,721                                     769                             83.3
                                                             37,@47                2:583               ;i:         2526sE;                             34,loC          34,100                                                         28         294
                                                             59,930               10,726                            lo:728           10.013             9,345          19,358                         29,700                                                         322
                                                            291,957              222,648        26.73;             2499378                                                                                                          %             22                 S5a4
                                                             63,675                4,597             I.2              4,609          10,235           47,679           57.931,                                   11,152                                              2363

                                                            217,395                            196,899             196,899                                                                 6,924      12,125                      1,447                              90.6
                                                            282,670                            213#557             213,557                                                                            52,922                               16,192 (a)                75.5
                                                             U,9Sl                               1,447               1,447                                   268            268                        6,537         2,830        2,892     1,007                     9.7
                                                             82,615                             64,033              64,033                                                                18.406                                      81        95 (a)               77.5
                                                              4@2                                   958                 958           2,001                  598        2,599                             483                         42                             72.5

                                                             3c.eq                                            --                                                       30&Q                                      --                                                 100.0
                                                      5,163,788             2,9?7,283          826,497         39753,780           400,581           215,212         615,793                        335,613          3,982     l4,7m       49,7@                     80.5
    Rqmyixent   obligation   retained     by
      Calwbim    Ektxin Project     (b)              AJ                                                              1,35~               859                                                                     -           --                                     loD.o

                                                     -w                                                                                                                                                                                                              80.5
          lfrrmnamlle Pmer Admlnistraticm            (        Nanreimbursable          road oosto.
    CE - cwpa of i+T?J@nesre                         (:       +.nt     facilities       transferred    to Bureau of Sport
                                                              Fi~skwies wd Wildlife.                kmw portion      is included   in the Enlance       Sheet as a Deferred       Item.
                                                     (c)      Projecta      En service that have tentative             cost
                                                              dl&tions            at June 30, 197l.       Projects     under
                                                              construction         have tentative     coat ellociltions      (Note 3).