Survey of the Management of Civilian Career Programs in the Department of Defense

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-11-12.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


                                   UNITED STATES GENERA


                     Dear Mr. Secretary:
              I            The General Accounting Office has completed a survey of the ~
          -          mnagement of civilian   career programs in the Deptitment of Defense, T
                     d%%i~ wEoh we s~ediE&KLy considered those program elements deal-
                     ing with trainees or interns.    We consulted with program managers
                     in your office and in the headquarters offices of the military   depart-
                     ments, as well as with responsible personnel. at several major commands
                     in the Army, Navy, end Air Force.
                            Definitive     directives, providing for the establishment,   coordina-
                     tion, and operation of civilian        career programs, were issued by the
                     Department of Defense as early as 1955. We noted, however, that there
                     is considerable difference in the degree of progress that each of the
                     military    services has made since then in developing its programs.
                     Development of career programs in the Air Force has been a relatively
                     recent activity,       when compared with the actions taken by the Army and
                     Navy. tireover,        the approaches taken by the services also have
                     differed with regard to the determination of training requirements,
                     recruiting,      development of training methods, program evaluation,     and
                     funding.      In the program management area, the highly structured,
                     centrally     controlled formal program at the Army Materiel Command
                     contrasts sharply with the more decentralized        programs we found 5n
                     the Navy and Air Force. The services do not maintain sufficient          data
                     to readily permit a cost/benefit        evaluation of these programs.
                             In view of requirements in the governing directives      regarding
                     the development of Defense-wide civilian        career programs, which
                     facilitate     interservice   use of experienced career personnel, we believe
                     that a greater degree of coordination and cooperation among the services
                     is warranted.       We recognize that the military    departments have been pre-
                     occupied with other priorities       during the past few years. We believe,
                     however, that now would be an appropriate time to review efforts toward
                     coordination      in this area, to avoid unnecessary duplication    in the
                     development and implementation of civilian         career programs, and accord-
                     ingly, we so recommend.

                                           So TH ANNIVERSARY    1%21- 1971
    c   t


                 We plan no further work in this area, at this time. We will
            be happy to meet with you to discuss the observations made during
            this survey if you desire.
                  This report is subject to the provisions of section 236 of the
            Legislative  Reorganization Act of 1970. We will appreciate receiving
            copies of the statements you furnish the specified committees in
            accordance with these provisions.
                 Copies of this letter sre being sent to the Secretaries of the
            Army) Navy, and Air Force and to the Appropriations, Armed Services,     . T* P
            and Government Operations Committees of the Senate and the House of        :, . 9
            Representatives.                                                        ‘, / \; 3 2
                                                     Sincerely   yours,