Logistical Actions Taken by the Eight U.S. Army Incident to the Reductions of U.S. Troop Strengths in Korea

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-08-31.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                            UNITED STATES GENERAL A
                                      WASHINGTON,   D.

                     1; :

                                      s:                              \llllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
             Dear Mr. Secretary:
                   The General Accounting Office reviewed certain
                                                              ----.    of the logist+csl
             actions taken by the Eighth U. S. Army incident to the reduction of               pL<-:;
             U;-SCtrobD strengths in Korea. At the completion of our review in
             July ly'?l, approximately one-half of the Army's excess equipent
             generated as the result of the reduction had been redistributed         to
             the Republic of Korea forces.    The overall redistribution     program
             is expected to be completed by July 1972.
                    Our primary objectives were (1) to examine into the&gLu.cy
             of controls for the receipt, accounting for, and redistribution    of
             equipment turned in by departing units and (2) to evaluate
                                                                  _-_-_ --  the
             effectiveness    of the m's   actions to reduce the flow of material
             in the supply pipeline in recognition of the reduced requirements
             of the remaining U. S. forces.
                   We did not   review the requirements or the capabilities    of
             Korean military    organizations to maintain and utilize    equipment
             whzkh was turned    over to them. We are planning to initiate     a
             review of these    matters in the near future.
                   We concluded that the logistical   actions taken at the time
             of our review by the Army incidental    to the force reduction were
             planned and executkd with reasonable effectiveness.     The turn-in
             of equipment was controlled adequately, and the flow of materials
             to Korea was being appropriately    reduced. Further, depot stockage
             levels were reduced in recognition of decreasing demands,
                   The Army, in managing the logistical    aspects of the force
             reduction in Korea, evidently was benefiting      from the experience
             gained during the movement of U. S. forces from France and the
             phasedown of U. S. military   activities   in Vietnam,

                                   50 3-H ANNIVERSARY    1921- 1971

      During our review, we made several suggestions to Eighth
Army officials      for improving the procedures for interservice
screening,     reduction    of stock levels, and cancellation    of out-
standing reqtxi. sitions.         In each of these instances, the command
took appropriate       corrective     action.
     Copies of this   report
                        -    are being sent to&y       to the Secretary
of the h.

     We wish to express our appreciation for the cooperation
and courtesies extended to our staff during this review.
                                          Sincerely   yours,

The Honorable
The Secretary of Defense      A
                                  B       Di