Quality of Plumbing and Heating Work Performed

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-04-19.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                , . --.

                                                                                      Ill11 11111

Dear ML-, Chairman:

      This is in reply          to yox      letter       of September 30, 1970, requesting
that we check out the contents                of an enclosed anonymous letter
concerning    the quality         of plumbing and heating work performed                by
                                            .--- -xv'.- _...  / _ .."..,  -.-._.._ _ __
Barberio   si Sons    if%~~?Z~~~w&.rscy.

       As far as we could determine,          the firm had done plumbing and/or
heating work in the following          three projects      in Bayonne, New Jersey,
which could involve     Federal
                              .      housing   programs.
1.   &d-Bay     project

      The Hud-Bay project,         oxned and developed by the Hud-Bay
Development     Corporation,      consists   of 125 housing units     that have
been rehabilitated        through    the use of private    funds.    Barberio   did
all the plumbing and heating work for which it received                 about $2259000.
The developer      has placed the rehabilitated         housing units    in the leased-
housing program authorized          by section   23 of the National      Housing Act.
Some of the units       have been rented.

2.   Midtown   urban       renewal   projec_L

       Midtown is an urban renewal project       in which the Midtown Develop-
ment Corporation    has constructed    town houses through    the use of private
financing.     The plumbing work was done by Barberio.        Although no
Federal money was provided      for construction    of the houses, mortgage
insurance    may be made available   to the potential     homeowners by the
Federal Housing Administration.

3,   Concentrated         code enforcement
                                  -             project

        There were 98 property        owners in a concentrated      code enforcement
project     who received    Federal financial     assistance    to rehabilitate       their
properties.       Of  these  properties,    31 required    plumbing   and/or    heating
work,     We found only one property        where Barberio     had done plumbing
work.     The firm has completed a portion         of the work for which it has
received     $1,000,

              We reviewed various     records     available     in the Newark area office
/J'   of the Department      of Housing and Urban Development            (HUD) and records
  /   of the city     of Bayonne,     We also held meetings with various             officials
      of HUD and the city      of Bayonne, including          the executive   director        of
      the Bayonne Housing Authority;           the city engineer,      Bayonne; and the
      city    plumbing and health     inspectors.        We found no evidence      that the
      quality     of the work performed      by Barberio      in the Hud-Day and Midtown
      projects     had been unsatisfactory.

              To determine      the quality     of the firm's         work on the one property
      in the code enforcement         project,      we   held    a  meeting  with the director
      of the code enforcement         program,       Dayonne, and the property           owner.     The
      director    stated     that he had been informed             by his inspector      that the
      work had been inspected         and found to be satisfactory.               The city,
      however, could not provide            a written      report     on the inspection.        WE
      were informed      by the property        owner that he was satisfied           with Barberio's
      work and that,       although   completion       of the work had been delayed,             the
      property    owner assumed full         responsibility         for the delay.       He explained
      that personal      problems had caused the delay.

            We trust     that   the above     information        is   responsive   to your

                                                  Sincerely       yours,

                                                  Comptroller  General
                                                  of the United States

      The Honorable   Jack Brooks, Chairman
      Government Activities    Subcommittee            ji\ 5""
      Committee on Government Operations                '
      House of Representatives