Loss of Equipment at the Office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Atlanta, Georgia

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-04-16.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                    COMPTROLLER    GENERAL      OK= THE    UNITED    STATES
                                  WASHINGTON.    D.C.   20548

                                                                              w f 6 7971             .
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Dear Mr. Thompson:

        We examined into the procurement procedures and prac-
tices for, and controls      over, office   equipment and furniture;
reviewed pertinent     records; held discussions     with appropriate
officials;    and conducted a physical    inventory    of all office
equipment and of a selected sample of office         furniture.

      The results     of our examination                  are discussed        below.

      EEOC instructions       provide that regional       offices   submit
for approval requisitions         for supplies,     materials,    equipment,
or services to the Chief, Management and Administrative                 Ser-
vice; Division,     EEOC, Washington, D.C. All procurements are
made by the Washington headquarters           office;   authority     to ob-
ligate or expend funds for such procurements has not been del-
egated to regional      offices.
      Procurements made by Washington headquarters       for the re-
gional offices    are delivered   directly  to the regional  offices.
The regional   offices   furnish receiving    reports to Washington
headquarters,    and suppliers   submit their invoices   to Washing-
ton headquarters     for payment., Washington headquarters    also
maintains records of all accountable       property procured for,
and charged to, the regional      offices.

        EEOChas not issued written      instructions     prescribing ac-
countability     for, and control    over, office    equipment and fur-
niture.      Washington headquarters    officials    told us, however,
that such instructions     were being drafted.

                           50YH ANNIVERSARY               192l-     1971
t .     . *

              The Atlanta    office    maintains    a property     control   card for
      each item of office         equipment.     A control     card contains     the
      equipment's      model and serial       numbers,   the signature     of the
      person to whom the equipment            is assigned,     and the date as-
      signed.     A control      card, however,     is not maintained      for each
      item of office      furniture.

             In addition      to the control       card maintained       for each item
      of office      equipment,    a control      card is maintained        which lists
      the equipment       and furniture      allocated       to each staff    office.
      The person occupying         the office      is required      to sign this      con-
      trol   card and to assume full          responsibility        for the equipment
      and furniture.

              EEOC officials      informed     us that an inventory      of all of-
      fice    equipment     and furniture      in the Atlanta    office   had been
      taken by Washington         headquarters      personnel  on December 17
      and 18, 1970, using a Washington               inventory listing    dated No-
      vember 30, 1970.         All items were accounted        for.     We compared
      this    listing    with the December 31, 1970, inventory             listing
      furnished       to us by Washington        headquarters  and found them to
      be identical.


              The inventory     listing  furnished to us showed that 57
      items of office       equipment   which cost $38,430 and 517 items of
      furniture     which cost $37,214 had been charged to the Atlanta

             We conducted    a physical   inventory    of the office    equip-
      ment.      We found 49 of the items in the Atlanta         office  and as-
      certained     that signed receipts     were on file    for the eight
      other    items which had been assigned        to EEOC personnel    in
      Charlotte,      North Carolina;   West Palm Beach, Florida;       and Mar-
      ietta,     Georgia.

            In addition, we noted that four typewriters       which cost
      $1,944 had been received   by the Atlanta office      on December 29,
      1970, but were not shown on the inventory     listing    at

._    .   ..L


     December 31, 1970. Apparently,   the receiving      report for these
     typewriters was not received in Washington in time for the
     items to be recorded in the accountable     property records be-
     fore the December 31, 1970, inventory   listing     was prepared.

          We noted also that equipment which was not being used
     was stored in a locked supply room to which only one person
     had a key.

           We selected from the inventory  listing       of furniture  72
     items which cost $13,044 and verified     that     each of the items
     was located in the Atlanta office.


           We ascertained that the following     equipment      had been lost
     or stolen prior to May 1968.
                                                      Date of
                  Item                  cost           loss

     Remington calculator             $800.00   Not known (but prior       to
                                                  Sept. 1967)
     Underwood electric      type-
       writer                          354.20   Apr. 24, 1968
     Norelco dictating      machine    237.03   Not known (but prior       to
                                                  Feb. 1968)
     Telefunken    tape recorder       142.50   Dec. 15, 1967

           The Remington calculator,     Underwood typewriter,   and
     Norelco dictating    machine were lost or stolen when the Atlanta
     office was located at 1776 Peachtree Road. We were informed
     by an Atlanta official     that there was little   or no security  at
     the 1776 Peachtree Road location      because other offices   were
     located on the same floor as EEOC and because personnel from
     those offices    had access to the EEOC area.
            The Telefunken tape recorder was reported stolen from an
     EEOC employee's home in Chamblee, Georgia.      The theft was in-
     vestigated   by DeKalb County Police, but the investigation   had
     negative results.

 b.    -1.


           The employees to whom the equipment was assigned at the
      time of loss were not required to reimburse the Government for
      the equipment.

            We were informed by an EEOC official     that a mimeograph
      machine had been removed from the Atlanta office         about Septem-
      ber 1970 by another EEOC official.     The latter     official  gave
      the machine to a church during the period that the Atlanta of-
      fice was using a Gestetner duplicating      machine on a trial    ba-
      sis.   We understand that the official     removed the mimeograph
      machine in anticipation   of EEOC's acquiring     the Gestetner ma-
      chine and trading in the mimeograph machine.         The church, in
      turn, planned to acquire the traded-in      mimeograph machine from
      the supplier   of the Gestetner machine.     EEOC, however, did not
      acquire the Gestetner machine and returned it to the supplier.
           By memorandum dated November 10, 1970, the Atlanta of-
      fice requested the official      to return the mimeograph machine.
      We were informed that the machine was returned          in December
      1970 after the Atlanta office had received notification          that
      Washington headquarters     planned to conduct an inventory      of
      the office  equipment and furniture       in the Atlanta office,

           We trust   that   the above information    will    be of assistance
      to you.

                                         Sincerely   yours,

                               kssisternt Comptroller
     JP                                   of the United States
 c( The
,,J' *   Honorable Fletcher   Thompson
     House of Representatives