Results of the Review of the Management of the $100 Million Emergency Military Construction Program To Expand and Upgrade Army and Air Force Facilities in Korea

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-07-01.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


            e     rr3ble
          The Secretary of Defense
                                      t Secretary    of Defense

                                                                 ft report on the
                                                               180 million emergency
                                                                           and Air Fame
                                                                        report we state8
                                             of ~lbcentral authority im%Korea eon-
                                            efficjbent %        entation and mamgement
                                             -the earlie        rgeleacy mil3tary eoamkmao-
                                                                         ly.   We pointedl
                                                                         aeat in controls
                               with your stated      Jlicy that the faeihities      to be
                           d be uniform ia quality                       the military

                                                                Belinesestablished by the
                                                                       housing in Korea
                                                                       vague and, therefore,
                                                                        em3 g-uihce issued
                                                              enswe cxmstruction of minimum
                        ilities on an aus
                      the Serviees.   Act

                         theet~s        of           housing rxmstrwtion--concrete          block,

                                         t of space to be provided.   With respect to
                                          authorized, to provi&e an indefinite amount of
          sqmre feet for the livimng area of each plmed           mxupant was not exceeded.

                                   50 TH ANNIVERSARY       1921- 1971
                                    draft report  that, while the standard6         of
                                  %ng fn Korea may asot have exceeded the standards
                      p the t%$t6 ad 6iZ@6 Of troop h0~6in$ cOn6tPUcted varied
                      etveen the Amy and the ASP Force.           Tl-OOp hOU6iUg  t206t6
                  cer6    were about 9 percent higher pep mm than for Air Force
                                     Cost6 for         enlisted     men were about J.9
                                     for Air Fo       enlisted    men. These cost
                                       fs   cometmctioa      by the Army of concrete
                    which contained about 52 percent more square feet per officer
                                e square feet per enlisted        man tha.u the relocatable
                  meted by the Air Force.

                   scm of tkw arawfngs      for the              isted aen barracks       and
                                dormitories     show          9 in addition      to areas
                                  the Army provided space for non-colpnnftssioned
                                    p lobbies,     arms loom,      and dressing room.
                                    fieers'    quarters,   we mted that,       in addition
                                                          provided qxce fop guest
                                                         d vestibules.

      We concluded   in our draft   repoti    that the differences         in designs
           between   the          d Air Force tr          htIXSdl$ eoXI6tIXICtion ilo
                                                          p~~ogrtm demmstrated          the
             re elemly    define                          terba for use isa future
                                      over6ea6 0 We al6o concluded that while
                                           1970 provided      some clarification        86 to
                                       constructed      by specifying      the maxim
gross living   LBP for officer6                               floor area for enlisted
men, the use of the6e criteria      6                       in comtruction         by the
                         of txwap hQUSi        WM.& is no% miform          a6 to cost and
                        delay6 in pre        iag detsiled     con6truct8on      plans.

            erefar-e, we aug        ted that the Secretary    of Defense e6tabRish and
            de definitive           dance for emergency troop housing construction
               over6ea6 whit           d include (1) IIES.IC~ gros6 livin      area6 to
                      P man for officers     and enlisted  persomel,    and f 2) clearly
                      allowances    for 6Uch areas as lounges, mail rooms, and
dressing       room6.      We a%ss suggested that consideration      be given to preparing
&l.ld i66ti        definitive    drawings shoving the total     6pace, functional    layout,
aa f3~1f”i atfem of the POO~B to be provided in the housing.
                        ted October 19, 1970, the Deputy AIsaietant     Secretary      of
                    latfm6      and Lk,gi6tic8) fmi6hed   c?omments on our findings
                          We vere advised that the lack of uniformity      in troop
housing   betwe       the Service6 resulted     primarUy  from the difference       in
                          mi%itary  Ugits of the two Services involved,      rather
                        ieney in g&lance.

                                                                                      -2   -
      It W'W pointed out by the Deputy Assistant Secretary that, as
discussed in our draft report, guidance by your Office set two sta.Mards
of constmetion--"t       orary" for those military     units assigned to Korea
                               "transient" for units assigned to Korea only
                           The "temporary" standard authorized concrete
           etures or relocatable units.       The "tramlent"   standard author-
ized relocat~~b3.e arn1t.a or tents erected on wood frames with wood or
concrete floors.
      The Deputy Assist      Secretary further stated that the Air Force
units requiring troop        ing were deployed mder-a plan which called
for the use of the "transient"     standard of construction   annd, therefore,
          le units wer                                troop housirng wm required
to nrelwate e?xistiag                                 ace existing inadequate
and deteriorated   houe                             %sqmary"      stemlard
constmetion        utiliaced for the
                             Secretary stated t           iteria issued in
               rovided defi&t%ve                          gPq3ssliving ar@as
                     dbyals.    1x11     with the above comments, however,
                     t Secretary indicated that no addBtio&I. action was
        ated ia 2x2s     e to oar suggestion. regarding improved gufdanee
         c emergency plmgr
     We be'lieve further 6 sideratio&     sh   d be given to our sweetion
for the foUowiHlg Peasom:
                              ty Assistant Seeret~'s    e   nts attributing
                              een Army and Air Force troop housing to a
                        of the units assigned to Korea, our review indicated
that the Air Force decision to vse relocatable houeiag was based primarily
on the   tentierl for erecting such housing faster than eonurete block
housing could be built.
       2. The DQD criteria        no distim        betwe- concrete b.Zl.oekor
relocatable wnits in speci         space all      ees for troop housing.     Thus,
a8 regards            y of space, it would                  e little difference
whether the h         is provided under the          rary" standard or the
"transient"  s
      3* !Phe Deputy Assistant Secretary was incorrect     in stating that
the J          I!370 criteria already provided guidance for maximum gross
living area for both offieers and enlisted men, as we bad suggested.
These criteria     did include such a mxximm for officers but for enlisted
men they specified maximum gross floor area. Floor mwa inuludes the

re being sent t     to the D   tar 9 Offi ee
d. to the Secret   s of the      ?ma Air