Review of Materials for Responsiveness to Request

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-02-01.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                       COMPTROLLER         GENERAL      OF    THE     UNITED   STATES”
                                         WASHINGTON.     D.C.   20548

       B-171526                                              February 1, 19'il

I’ !
       Dear Mr. Chairman:

              In a letter we received on December 4, 1970, you enclosed
       materials which had been submitted to you by the Department of
  I i-State dealing with the Agency for International                Developmentls          ' ) 3 ?
    :, relationships     with the Charter Company. You asked that we review                  b.2 5 ("2
   ,' the materials to determine if they -. were     -.._.fully    r&?;~%~~%L-~r
                                                            _. _. _._.  _-.-w-1"'
       requmr-had-sub&t-ted ITcd-T5Fito -.-..--
                                         the e.Fi.-----.
                                                      .--                 on October 12,
            --Copies    of all       correspondence,                internal     and external.

            --Copies of all          memoranda, including                  memoranda of

            --Copies    of all       pertinent         contracts          or agreements.

            --Copies of any performance,                     audit,       or similar     reports
               and documents.

            --A copy of any draftinvestigative                          reports on this
               matter prepared by the Office                        of the Inspector

            --Any other materials that would be useful                              to the
               Committee in appraising this case.

             In reviewing the Inspector General's report                              to you, we observed
       that there were frequent references to letters,                              interviews,  contracts,
       cablegrams, and other material which formed the                              basis for conclusions
       reached in the report.   We listed each instance                             where these supporting
       data were referred to in the report and checked                              the listing  against
       the data you furnished us.

            On the basis of this test, we conclude that the Inspector
       General did not furnish the Committee all of the supporting docu-
       ments and that the Committee's request was not fully  complied with.
       The Inspector General stated in his November 12, 1970, report to you
       that the entire files of the Nicaragua and Panama projects had been
        made a part of the record, but the Panama file was not included
        in the reference material you furnished us. We did find a few
        documents referring to the Panama project but nothing that we
        would consider to be an entire file.

              We are unable to appraise the significance  of the omissions
        without a thorough review of State Department and Agency for
        International  Development files.   In accordance with arrangements
        made with your office,  we understand that this will not be necessary
        at this time.

             We are pleased to have been of assistance       to you in this   matter.

                                               Comptroller General
                                               of the United States

        The Honorable J. W. Fulbright,   Chairman
/"' I   Committee on Foreign Relations              I!   1
        United States Senate