Examination of Statements Contained in a Letter From Nationwide Building Maintenance, Inc. Concerning Late Payments on Invoices and a Claim for Payment for Government-Contracted Work

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1971-01-15.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                  COMPTROLLER        GENERAL     OF      THE      UNITED       STATES
                                   WASHINGTON.    D.C.         20548

B-170968                                                       January 153 n97IL

Dear Mr. Broyhill:

.     -0                   Y>dnd                                           7
ms                  r/contained in a letter           from Nationwide Building Main-                       _I
tensnce, Inc., Alexandria,            Virginia,     &zqe~ concerning late payments
on invoices and       a claim-._,_._
              I I---.-_F-L.L     for-- payment
                                         -___ ~_   for I~.FEve~-~.~-~~.~coa.~.t~~,.~qr'k3Ln
The invoices in question, except one whose existence could not be con-
firmed, have been paid, and the claim has been appealed to the Armed
Services Board of Contract Appeals.

       We examined into the payments for services at three Government
agencies in the Washington metropolitan    area to ascertain whether
settlement had been made on a timely basis.       We found that in most
instances Nationwide had been paid within a month after it had per-
formed its services.    Details on the individual    payments are presented


      On Septembe,r 1, 1970, the General Services Administration re-
ceived Hationwide's   invoice for $2,290 for August services under
contract GS-03B-12641. The invoice was paid on September 17, 1970*

      Nationwide stated that it had not received payment of $1,101
for July and August services under contract GS-03B-12691. The
agency cannot locate an invoice in the amount of $1,101 for such
services.    The agency did pay about $7,000 on August 14, 1970, for
July 1970 services and about $7,OCO on September 10, 1970, for
August 1970 services.    The agency also paid $440 for overtime ser-
vices provided during July and August.
SERVICES FOR THE NAVY                                2l
      On August 29, 1970, Nationwide submitted to the Naval Ordnanc /
Laboratory a $9,491 invoice for August services under contract
N62477-70-C-0176.    On September 9, 1970, the laboratory  deducted
$204 for services not performed.    Naval Laboratory personnel then
submitted adjusted documents to the Naval Regional Finance Center,
Washington, D.C., on September 15, 1970, where a check for $9,287
was issued to Nationwide on September 30, 1970. Payment was made
within 21 days after the adjustment.

     Nationwide submitted two separate invoices on July 31 and        %3s72-
August 29, 1970, for services at the Quantico IMarine Corps Base/
dur5ng:Jul.y and August under contract N62477-70-C-1006.  Each invoice


was incomplete and was submitted to the Finance Center instead of
to Quantico.     The Finance Center notified   the contractor and re-
routed the invoices to Quantico where they were processed for pay-
ment. Payment of the July invoice was further delayed because it
lacked appropriate accounting data and had to be reprocessed at
Quantico.    Nationwide was notified   of the reason for the delay.
The Finance Center paid an adjusted $5,660 on the July invoice and
paid $6,344 on the August invoice on October 2 and September 28,
197'0, respectively,    or within 23 days after Nationwide had supplied
required Work Completion Reports and Quantico had supplied the
proper accounting data for the July voucher.

        Nationwide submitted an $846 invoice da     June 30, 1970, cov-
ering services performed at Cameron Station flfrom April 20 through
June 30, 1970, under contract DAEGO3-70-M-5823.According to Army
officials,     the certificate of services performed was misrouted and
was not checked upon until receipt of a complaint from your office.
Payment was expedited and was made on October 6, 190.

      Nationwide submitted a $6,521 invoice dated September 2, 1970,
for services at Fort George G. Meade during August 1970 under con-
tract DABBO~-71-c-0016, and the invoice was paid on September 159
1970, within 13 days after receipt.

      Nationwide stated that in March 190 it submitted a claim under
contract DABBO5-70-C-0020 for services at Fort George G. Meade and
had not received any word on the claim until late August 1970. The
contracting   officer told us that he had had various discussions with
Nationwide, and, on November 24, 1970, rendered his decision.     On
December 21, 1970, Nationwide appealed the decision on the claim to
the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, Docket No. 15961.

      During our review we examined pertinent     documents and procedures
and held discussions with responsible   officials    at agency installa-
tions and with the president of Nationwide.

       Copies of this letter will be sent for information      purposes, as
authorized by you, to the Administrator       of the General Services, the
Assistant   Secretary of the Army (Installations     end Logistics),   and


     the Comptroller of the Navy. The document you furnished to us is
     being returned as you requested. We will be pleased to provide fur-
     ther assistance if desired.

                                        Sincerely   yours,

                                        of the United   States


     The Honorable Joel T. Broyhill
/=   House of Representatives