Review of the Audit Report of AMVETS, American Veterans of World War II, for Year Ended August 31, 1976

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1977-03-28.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                           DOCUIBIT aRISO'S
00309 - [A1051876]   (Restricted)
[Review of the Audit Report of AEVZTS, American Veterans of
World lar II, for Year Ended 8/31/76]. B-55712. larch 28, 1977.
1 pp.
Report to Rep. Peter B. Rodino Jr.,, Chairman, souse Committee
on the Joudiciary; by Robert P. Kelle,w Deputy Comptroller
Issue Area: Internal &uditing Systems: Audit Re;crts Quality and
    F'lloeup (203).
Contact: Office of the Comptroller General.
Budget tunction: General Government: Central fiscal Operations
Congreasional RBelfance: Bouse Committee on the Judiciary.
Authority:   (P.L. 88-50; 36 0.S.C. 1101). 36 O.S.C. 67.
         GAO reviJwed the audit report of the AU3VTS, American
Veterans of world Wa: ii.,, for the year ended August 31, 1976, in
order to detersine whethei it cosplied witL the financial
reporting requirements fir federzlly chartered corporations.
pindings/Conclusionss 'e certified public accountants who
prepared the audit -eport stated that the finartcal statements
 shwving the AEVUTS' financial condition and the, results of the
y~ar's operations conformed with generally accepted accounaing
princXples. The accounting procedures used were consistent with
those used in the preceding year. It uas concluded that the
-aud'; and -financial reporting requirements of the chartering act
were met. (DJH)
o3 /                  COPIPTROOLLU   0fRAL Of IN   UNIr11   SATO

 s-55712                                                           MAR 28
                                                                       Z    7

 The Honorable Peter W. Rodino, Jr.
 Chairman, Coomittee on the Judiciary
 House of Representatives

 Dear Mr. Chairman:

      As requested in your letter of February 25, 1977, we have revieved
the audit report of the AMVETS, American Veterans of World War 1, for ehe
year ended August 31, 176. Our review was directed to detenmining whether
the report complies wi' ' the financial reporting requiremuent for federally
chartered corporations set forth in Public Law 88-504, approved August 30,
1964 (36 U.S.C.' 1101). AHVETS was chartered by the act of June 23, 1947
 :Z6 U.S.C. 67).

      The audit report was prepared by a firm of certified public accountants.
It included a statement of the scope of audit and the auditor's opinion that
the financial statements present fairly the financial position of ANVETS,
American V'.cerans of World War II, at August 31, 1976, and the results of
okeration:. and changes in financial position for the year then ended, in
cotformitr with generally accepted accounting principles applied on a
bas s corsistent with the preceding year. In our opinion, the audit and
£fin rcIAl reporting requirements of the act have been met.

        We are returning the audit report sent with your letter of February 25,

                                          Sincerely yours,

                                 Depsty   Comptroller General
                                          of the United States