Survey of Effectiveness and Need for Equal Employment Opportunity Training at Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1977-04-25.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                           DOCUMENT RESUME
 02253 - [A1392389]   (Pestricted)
[Survey of Ef.ectiveness and Need for Equal Employment
Opportunity Training at Naail Air Station, Pensacola, Florida).
B-70896. April 25, 1977. 4 pp.

Report to Capt. Ed Shropshire, Conmmanding officer, Department
the Navy: Naval Air Station, Pensacola, FL; by Marvin Colbs, of
Regional Manager, Field Operations Div.: Regional Offico
Issue Area: Non-Discrimination and Equal op-ortunity Programs:
    Federal Agencies' Achievement of Equal Opportunity and
    Nondiscrimination Objectives (1010); Personnel Nanagement
    and Compensation: Training and Education Prograas (304).
Contact: Field Operations Div.: Regional Office (Atlanta).
Budget Function: Education, NMnpower, and Social Services:
    Training and Employment (504).
Auth3rity: Equal Eaployment Opportunity Act of 1972. Executive
    Order 11479. Department of Defense Directive 1322.11.
    Department of Navy OPNAV Instruction 1500.24A. Civilian
    Manpower Nanagement Instruction 713.

          A survey of Pensacola Naval Air Station's Equal
Employment Opportunity (EEn) training programs focused on
of training, identification of participants, and evaluationkinds
results. Findings/Conclusions: The types of training concerned:of
race relations, focusing on military members; skill improvement
for EEO personnel; and orientation courses on legal and
aspects of UCo programs. Records were not maintained to
systematically show the training received or needed. From
records reviewed of 11 of 35 EEO principals, it was found
had received no training and 6 received training ranging that 5
to 90 hours per person. In spite of requirements, records from 3
that 6 out of 10 mar.ageri.l level employees reviewed had showed
received EEO training. Also, requirements for evaluation
of training programs were not met. Because of failure to results
maintain up-to-date records and to perform evaluations,
of the program could not be determined. Recommendations:results
commanding officer should: (1) implement a system to accurately
record training received; and (2) take action to devise a
for effectively evaluating EEO training to determine what method
it is having on the achievement of EEO goals. (HTW)
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                                            REGIONAL OFFICE
                                        COURTLAND rCREET.N.E.

                                     ATLANTA, GEoRGIA 30303

                                             APR25 1977
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                                  MARVN COL3S
                                  ~r"qla C.
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