Review of Military Travel Vouchers

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1977-06-07.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                         DOCUMENT   RESUME

02486 - [A1812852] (Restricted)
[Review of Military Travel Vouchers]. June 7, 1977.   1 pp.

Report to Capt. George I. Chegin, Department of the Navy:
Defense Depot, Tracy, CA; by Robert W. Hanlon, Regional Manager,
Field Operations Div.: Regional Office (Cincinnati).

Issue Area: Accounting and Financial Reporting (2800).
Contact: Field Operations Div.: Regional Office (Cincinnati).
Budget Function: Miscellaneous: Financial Manage2ent and
    Information Systems (1002); National Defense: DepartEent of
    Defense - Military (except procurement 6 contracts) (051).

         The travel voucher segment of the March 1977/account of
Todd W. Summers, Financing and Accounting Officer, DSSW 5012, at
the Naval Defense Depot, Tracy, California, was audited.
Findings/Conclusions: All 25 of the temporary and permanent
change of-station travel vouchers in the account were examined,
and no significant discrepancies in the accuracy of the travel
entitlements were found. (Author/DJM)
                                              Do not make avai.lable to public reading -r:-'

so        '···;                         UNITED STATES GENlERAL ACCOUJTI.NG OFFICE
do     \;<,\:H       ;.REG!ON                                          L OFFICE
              ;t,~                                       FeeR~(,F~.I(II,TV :9
                                                  el;I.I OCDCRAL                bLO0t1

                                                      ItIPH     NO MAIN SICIlVS

~"J                        ·                      CINCINNATI, OHIO 45202
O.                                                                                           J.Ul 0 7 ?77

              Captain George I.         Chegin, USN
              Defensa Depot
              Tracy, CA         95376

              Dear Sir:

                   As part of our continuing review of military disburs ng officer's
              accounts, we rer'ewed the travoe. voucher acgeent of the March 1977
              account of Mr. Todd W. Su5=ers, Finance and Accotultir.g Officer, P$S$I
              5012, at your instellation.

                   We examintC l_. ., tceporary and peranr.ent change of station
              travel vouchers in the account and are pleased to rc¢ort that ve tourd
              no itgnificant discrepancies in the accuracy of the travel entitle.entr.

                         Since our exm.ination was made at the U. S. Arm.' Finance and Accou.t-
                  ing Center without benefit of source docmients, the reuJlts of cur revic'w
                  shcr..ld not be cons.trued to be our opir.nion of the overall cfftctivenes3
                  and etffciency of th-. c¢perations at your installation.


                                                                     Robert W. Hanaon
                                                                      t/ ur
                                                                     Pegi       . nr
                                                                               Man       .      ,

                  cc:   Ccmptroller of the Army
                        Coruanding Generao,  U. S. Aray
                          Finance and Accouwting Center
                        Ccomzanding General, U. 8. Army
                          Audit Agency