Physician Immunity Needed for Reporting Medically Unfit Airmen to the Federal Aviation Administration

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1977-01-27.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


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                          tion c'; co~:Tii?.xti~l.        This duty ?.ay, hwevcr,      IE z'Jtmif,hc-d       by a
                          duty to cI=o;iciz infzi-,?tiPn       if Lhrsrc is a su;ficicntly         ic,p2rtznt
                          public   ir,terest    to protect.      Altkou;!.   a nm'qr   of m~:r: decisipx                             _. _--   _.   --
_ .._ . -_. ~--- -   -,   -each-P!w        i~;'iJosf-t~-~ard-e5ir)n,          5~2 v2r;l   so;:rmt    t'i~‘-~o~f~-ioTj--~}:J~‘
                          a physician          would not be bizble              in    c~:il action,;      for d;sclc;in;        TV
                          F!J\ d?fects          in a pilot's       ~m.l:h.          Ikczusc   court c!cci;icns        hzve 110:
                          consistently            wlitvcd      ?hyr;iciar.s       cf civil    lizSili?y       fr,r repotting
                          unfit   3iren,           F;hy;icitns     t-main       rclucznt    to iurr,ish       pstimt     r!zt2':0
                          FM.     Tt,us,        tcsislaticn      granting         this i:mmity         is r,mtkfI.


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