Inspectors General: Information on Vacancies and Previous Experience

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1990-03-07.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

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                      Information on
                      Vacancies and
                      Previous Experience
Unlted Stntee
General Accounting   Office
Warrhington,  DE. 20540

Accounting and Financial
Management   Division


March 7, 1990
The Honorable John Conyers
Chairman, Committee on Government
House of Representatives
Dear M r. Chairman:
As you requested on February 2, 1990, we are providing
information on vacancies in statutory     inspector general
positions.  Specifically,   we gathered information      on which
inspector general positions   are currently    vacant and how
long they have been vacant.    In addition,    we identified   the
immediate previous position held by current inspectors
As of February 21, 1990, there were 8 vacancies among the
26 statutory     inspectors general whom the President must
appoint, with Senate confirmation.       The President had
nominated individuals      to fill three of these vacancies. In
addition,    there were 2 vacancies among the 32 inspectors
general who are appointed by entity heads pursuant to
requirements of section 8E of the Inspector General Act of
1978,   as amended.
The appendixes provide details        on (1) which agencies and
entities   have vacant inspector general positions,       (2) how
long the positions       have been vacant, and (3) what position
each of the incumbent inspectors general held prior to
being appointed.        Appendix I provides this information   for
presidentially     appointed inspector general positions.
Appendix II provides the same data for inspector general
positions     to be filled   by entity heads.
Unless you publicly   announce the contents of this report
earlier, we will not distribute   it further until 30 days
from its date.    At that time, we will send copies to the

Director,  Office of Management and Budget? interested
congressional    committees; and other interested parties.
Please contact me at (202) 275-9454 if you or your staff
have any questions concerning this report.
Sincerely   yours,

 APPENDIX I                                                                                                 APPENDIX I

                                   WITH SENATE CONFIRMATION

                                                                       Effective  Date        Immediate Previous
             Entity                            Inspector   General     of Appointment             Posit ion

 /Agency for Internet ion al            Herbert L. Beckington            12/29/Bl        Consultant,     Senate Foreign
 j Development                                                                             Relations     Committee

 Agriculture                            Vacant      since 12/23/BBa

 @ntrel        Intelligence    Agency   Vacant      since 1 l/30/89

 ~Commerce                              Frank      DeGeorge              04/l 5/m        DeputyInspector      General,

DDEFence                                Susan J. Crawford                1 l/28/89       General Counsel, Department of

Education                               Jamea B. Thomas                  07/l 7/81       Director, Bureau of Accounts,
                                                                                            Interstate Commerce Commission

IEnergy                                 John C. Layton                   12/l 6/85       Inspector     General, Treasury

‘Environmental        Protection        John C. krtin                    1 O/26/83       Assistant Inspector General,
    Agency                                                                                 housing and Urban Development

 Federal Emergency                      Vacant      since IO/l B/B8
   Management Agency

jGenere1 Services                       Willian      A. Barton           10/29/85        Deputy Director,     Secret Service
: Administration

‘Heslth       end HNnan Services        Richard Kuaserow                06/01/81         Special Agent, Federal Bureau of

 Houeing and Urban                      Paul A. Adems                   OS/OS/85         Deputy Inspector General, Housing
    Development                                                                            and Urban Development

: Interior                              James R. Richards                12/19/85        Inspector     General, Energy

 Just ice                               Vacant      since 10/l B/8Ba

I Labor                                 Vacant      since 09129189

: Nat ional     Aeroneut ice            Bill      D. Calvin              10/16/85        &puty    Inspector General,
    and Space Adniniatration                                                               Nat ional Aeronaut its end
                                                                                           Space Administration

APPENDIX I                                                                                                  APPENDIX I

                                                                    Effective  Date              Immediate Previous
         Entity                         Inspector       General     of Appointment                   Position

)?uclear Regulatory                   David C. Williams               1 l/22/89             Director, Office of Special
 : Commiaaion                                                                                  Investigations,  General
                                                                                              Accounting Office

Dffice  of Personnel                  Patrick    J. Conklin           08/01/86              Deputy Regional Director, Office
 ! Management                                                                                 of Personnel Management

Rpilroad     Retirement     Board     William    J. Doyle             12/l 8/E 5            Inspector   General, ACTION

                                      Vacant    since   08/09/89a

Shall Business                        Charles    Gilliun              04/06/E 7             Deputy  Inspector General, General
 1 Adminiat rat ion                                                                           Services Administration

State                                 Sherman M. Funk                 08/O 8/E 7            Inspector   General, Commerce

T/ransportation                       Vacant    since 12/31/89

Theawry                               Donald    E. Kirkendall         12/06/89              Senior Advisor, Association of
                                                                                              Government Accountants
                                                                                              (Formerly Deputy Inepector
                                                                                              General at Environmental
                                                                                              Protection Agency)

U.S.     Information    Agency        J. Richard Berman               1 l/30/89             Assistant Inspector General, D. S.
                                                                                              In format ion Agency
Vbterana     Affaira                  Vacant    since 01/l B/88

aThe President         kae forwarded nominations to the Senate to fill            these   positions.

i   APPENDIX II                                                                                          APPENDIX II


                                                                     Effective  Date        Immediate Previous
             Entity                       Inspector        General   of Appointment             Posit ion

    ACTION                              Judith     A. Denny            07/09/89        Attorney, Department. of the

    Amtrak                              Fred E. WBiderhold, Jr.        04/03/89        Specie1 Assistant to President
                                                                                         end Chairman of the Bosrd,

    Appalachian       Regional          Hubert N. Sparks               1 O/OZ/89       Director of Functional Audits,
      Commission                                                                         Office of Inspector General,
                                                                                         Veterans Affeirs

    Board of International              Brian T. Conniff               1O/OS/B9        Auditor,   U.S.   Information   Agency

    Commodity Futures Trading           Nancy A. Wentzler              09/25/89        Deputy  Associate Administretor,
      Commission                                                                         Office of Federal Procurement
                                                                                         Policy, Office of Management
                                                                                         and Budget

    Coneuner Product         Safety     Thomas Stein                   01/l 9/90       Director, Internal Audit,
      Commiaaion                                                                         Consumer Product Safety

    Corporation       for   Public      Lester     J. Latney           06/l Z/89       Acting Director of Audit,
      Broadcasting                                                                       Corporetion for Public

    Equal Employment                    Willimn     D. Miller          Ol/O4/89        Director, Office of Audit,       Equal
      Opportunity Commission                                                              Employment Opportmity

    Farm Credit       Administration    Eldon     Stoehr               01/22/89        Regional Director,   Of fiCe of
                                                                                         Exmnination, Northeast
                                                                                         District,   Farm Credit

    Federal Communications              Vscant     since 10/18/88

    Federal Deposit         Insurance   Robert     D. Hoffman          1 O/2 Z/89      Director,    Office of Corporate ,
      Corporation                                                                        Audits and Internal
                                                                                          Investigations,   Federal Deposit
                                                                                          Insurance Corporation

APPENDIX II                                                                                               APPENDIX II

                                                                     Effective  D8te        Immediate Previous
          Entity                        Inspector     General        of Appointment             Position

Federal Election         Commission   Lynne A. McFarland               02/l l/90       Program Analyst,          Planning and
                                                                                         Management Staff,  Federal

/ederal Lebor Relet ions              Paul D. Miller                   09/24/89
                                                                                         Elect ion Commission

                                                                                       Deputy Assistant Director,
     Authority                                                                           Inspections md Internal
                                                                                         Audit,     Secret Service

d,ederal     Marit ime Commission     Tony P. Kominoth                 02/26/89        Aasistant Secretary, Federal
                                                                                         Maritime Commission

Board of Governors of the             Brent L. Bowan                   07/20/87        Assistant Controller,          Federal
 ~ Federal Reserve System                                                                Reserve System

Fiederal     Trade Commission         Frederick     J. Zirkel          06/06/89        Director of Budget md Finance,
                                                                                         Federal Trade Commission

Interetete    Commerce
                                      James J. McKay                   04/24/89        Director, Office of Internal
                                                                                         Audit, Interstate

Legs1 Services         Corporetion    David L. Wilkinson               OS/OS/89        State Attorney       General for Utah

Rational Archive8 and                 Lawrence     A. Oberg            04/l 6/89       Director of Administrative
: Record8 Administration                                                                 Services Division,   National
                                                                                         Archives and Records

Ration81   Credit Union               Joan E. Perry                    03/23/89        Director      Internal Audit,
~ Actninist rat ion                                                                      National   Credit Ulion

Nat ional Endowment for               Leon B. Lilly                    04/09/89        Director of Audit, National
  the Arts                                                                               Endowment for the Arts

Rat ional Endomnent for               Sheldon     L. Bernstein         04/l Z/89       Director  of Audit, National
: the Humanities                                                                         Endor,ment for the tlumanities

Rat ions1 Lebor Relations             Bernard Levine                   1 l/07/89       Deputy Assistant  General Coinsel,
~ Board                                                                                  Division  of Operations
                                                                                         Management, Nat ion al Labor
                                                                                         Relations       Board

Nat ional        Science Foundation   Linda G. Sundro                  04/30/89        Acting Deputy Inspector          General,

Panmna Canal Cbmission                Peter Liehr                      12/l 5/89       Deputy Inspector Gsneral, Panama
                                                                                         Canal Commission

APPENDIX II                                                                                           APPENDIX II

                                                                     Effective  Date        Immediate Previous
          Entity                           Inspector   General       of Appointment             Position

Peace     COrp8                          Gerard A. Roy                 01/23/89        Director   of Compliance,   Peace

Pension     Benefit         Guaranty     Wayne Robert Poll             04/24/89        Director of Interns1 Auditing,
  Corporation                                                                            Pension Benefit Guaranty

Securities and Exchange                  Walter J. Stachnik             03/l Z/89      Director,    Internal Audit,
  Comniaeion                                                                              Securities end Exchange

Smithsonian          Inat itut ion       Vacant   since 10/l 8/88

Tennessee          Valley    Authority   Norman Zigrossi                01/25/86       Agent,  Federal Bureau of

U.S. International             Trade     Jane Altenhofen                04/l 7/89      Auditor, Office of Inspector
  Conmieeion                                                                             General, Federal Emergency
                                                                                         Managament Administration

U.S.    Postal       Service             Charles R. Clauson             1 O/l e/as     Chief Postal Inepector,     U.S.
                                                                                         Post al Service

 (911655)                                                        8

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