Independent Counsels: Expenditures for Independent Counsels Fiske and Starr

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1999-05-12.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

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May 12, 1999

The Honorable Barbara Boxer
United States Senate

Subject: Indenendent Counsels: Exnenditures for Indenendent Counsels Fiske and Starr

Dear Senator Boxer:

You recently requested information on the total expenditures for the investigations conducted
by independent counsels Robert B. Fiske, Jr., and Kenneth W. Starr. Enclosure I summarizes
these expenditures for the period January 24, 1994, through September 30,1998. Enclosure II
lists the reports we used to compile the expenditures summary.

Independent counsels are required to report their expenditures from the permanent,
indefinite appropriation established within the Department of Justice to fund those
expenditures. We are required to audit the expenditures from that appropriation and to
report our findings to appropriate congressional committees.

On January 24, 1994, the Attorney General appointed Robert B. Fiske, Jr., to investigate
criminal and civil violations of the U.S. Code in Re: Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. On
August 5, 1994, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 593 @), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of
Columbia appointed Kenneth W. Starr to conduct the investigation. After completing a
transition of operation to Mr. Starr, Mr. Fiske’s appointment ended on October 6, 1994. The
court subsequently expanded Mr. Starr’s jurisdiction to include selected White House Travel
Office and access-to-personnel-file issues; issues related to statements made before the
former Government Reform and Oversight Committee, House of Representatives; and
whether, in a civil case, certain individuals suborned perjury, obstructed justice, intimidated
witnesses, or otherwise violated federal law in dealing with witnesses, potential witnesses,
attorneys, or others.

During any 6-month period, other significant costs resulting from an independent counsel’s
investigation are paid from appropriations other than the permanent, indefinite appropriation
established to fund independent counsel activities. These costs arise, for example, from an
independent counsel’s use of detailees from other federal agencies. Independent counsels are
not required to and do not include such costs in their statements of expenditures. However,
we have included these costs in the enclosure as “other operating costs-unaudited.”

                                 /42/9 s-
                                                         GAO/AIMD-99-153RIndependent Counsels
The information presented in the enclosure was compiled during April 1999 from our prior
independent counsel audit work, which was performed in accordance with generally
accepted government auditing standards. If you or your staff have any questions, please
contact me on (202) 512-9489.

David L. Clark
Director, Audit Oversight and Liaison


 Page 2                                                GAO/AIMD-99-153R Independent Counsels
          Enclosure I

                               IndeDendent Counsels Fiske and Starr Schedule of Emenditures
                                               for the Period I/24/94-9/30/98

            Personnel                   Rent,                            Supplies Acquisition                    operating
            compensation                communications,     Contractual  and       of capital   Administrative   costs -          Total
Counsel     and benefits       Travel   and utilities       services     materials assets       services         unaudited        costs
Fiske     I      1,059,1531    372,4191            205,761I     253,0961    468801     543,4351                01 3,593,000[    6,073,744
Starr     1     10,940,28415,633,4771           2,746,540(    3,872,293(  522,3801     7275571        1.258.2381 14,094,5791   39,795,348

This schedule was compiled from reports we have issued on independent counsel expenditures that included independent counsels
Robert B. Fiske, Jr., and Kenneth W. Starr. “Other operating costs-unaudited” represent costs for employees assigned to work with
independent counsels by federal agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, that were financed through funds
appropriated to those agencies and, accordingly, are not included in an independent counsel’s statement of expenditures.
These agencies were not reimbursed for these costs, and we did not audit them.

           Page 3                                                                      GAO/AIMD-99-153R Independent Counsels
Enclosure II

                  GAO Financial Audit ReDorts on IndeDendent Counsels
                              Fiske and Starr ExPenditures

Financial Audit: Exnenditures bv Four IndeDendent Counsels for the Six Months Ended
March 31. 1994 (GAO/AIMD-95-112, March 31, 1995).

Financial Audit: Emenditures bv Six IndeDendent Counsels for the Six Months Ended
Seotember 30.1994 (GAO/MD-95-113,      March 31,1995).

Financial Audit: Emenditures bv Six IndeDendent Counsels for the Six Months Ended
March 31.1995 (GAO/AIMD-95-233, September 29,1995).

Financial Audit: IndeDendent Counsel Exoenditures   for the Six Months Ended SeWember 30,
1995 (GAO/AIMD-96-67, March 29, 1996).

Financial Audit: Inder>endent Counsel ExDenditures for the Six Months Ended March 31.1996
(GAO/AIMD-96-166, September 30,1996).

Financial Audit: IndeDendent Counsel Emenditures    for the Six Months Ended SeWember 30,
1996 (GAO/AIMD-97-64, March 31, 1997).

Financial Audit: IndeDendent Counsel ExDenditures for the Six Months Ended March 31. 1997
(GAO/AIMD-97-164, September 30, 1997).

Financial Audit: Independent Counsel Ewenditures    for the Six Months Ended SeDtember 30,
1997 (GAO/AIMD-98-100, March 31, 1998).

Financial Audit: IndeDendent Counsel ExDenditures for the Six Months Ended March 3 1, 1998
(GAO/AIMD-98-285, September 30, 1998).

Financial Audit: IndeDendent Counsel Exoenditures   for the Six Months Ended SeWember 30,
1998 (GAO/AIMD-99-105, March 31, 1999).


 Page 4                                                GAO/AIMD-99-153R Independent Counsels
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