Independent Counsel: Advisory and Assistance Services Procured by the Office of Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1999-08-26.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

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      August 26,1999

      The Honorable Byron L. Dorgan
      United States Senate

      Subject: Indenendent Counsel: Advisorv and Assistance Services Procured bv the
               Office of Indenendent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr

      Dear Senator Dorgan:

      This letter responds to your December 18,1998, request regarding advisory and
      assistance service contracts that the office of independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr
      procured. Specifically, you asked that we obtain information regarding (1) the
      number of such contracts entered into, (2) the expenditures made for each contract,
      and (3) the services provided under each contract.

      Enclosure 1 contains information provided by the offrlce of independent counsel for
      the three categories above. The information covers the 57 contractors the office used
      during the period from Mr. Starr’s appointment on Augtist 5,1994, through May 13,
      1999. As agreed with your office, we did not audit the information presented in the

      We provided a draft of this letter to officials in the offrce of independent counsel for
      their review and comment. The officials provided certain corrections to the
      information in the letter, which we incorporated. Further, in written comments
      included as enclosure 2, a Deputy Independent Counsel noted that the draft letter
      accurately represented the information provided by the office of independent
      counsel. We are sending copies of this letter to other interested parties. Please
      contact me on (202) 512-9489 if you or your staff have any questions about this letter.

      David L. Clark         ’              I
      Director, Audit Oversight and Liaison


                                                      GAOIAIMD-$9~249R Independent Counsel
Enclosure 1

                     Office of IndeDendent Counsel Kenkth  W. Starr
              Advisorv and Assistance Service Contracts and ExDenditures
                   For the Period Aumst 5.1994, Throwh Mav 13.1999

Czurylo & Thullen LLC              Financial analysis                        $2,370
Rooney, P.J.                       Intern& financial reporting,            $177,096
                                   reconciliation of expenditures,
                                   and auditing and financial
Jury consultants:
Cathy E. Bennett & Associates      Jury consulting                          $26,701
Camp & Associates                  Jury research and focus group            $26,321
 Decision Analysis                 Jury consulting and research             $55,380

 2                                                GAO/&MD-99-249R Lndependent Counsel
Enclosure 1

Zagnoli, McEvoy, Foley Ltd.   Jury consultig                           $38,909
Legal consultants:
Bates, Stephen                Legal advice and counsel                 $18,812
Beysellance, Cherry Joy       LegaI advice and counsel                 $14,648
Dash, Samuel                  Legal and ethics advice and             $300,000

Mann, Ronald                  Legal and ethics advice and              $44,650
O’Sullivan, Julie             Legal advice and counsel                   $258
Rotunda, Ronald               Legal and ethics advice and        I    $197,970

Medical consultants:
Berman, Alan Dr.              Medical   consultation                   $30,420
Blackbourne, Brian Dr.        Medical   consultation                   $10,500
Compass Orthopedics           Medical   consultation                   $10,500
Crippin, Jeffrey S., M.D.     Medical   consultation                     $900
Lee, Henry Dr.                Medical   consultation                    $8,491
Millis, J. Michael            Medical   consultation                    $4,500
Pulmonary Associates          Medical   consultation                     $756 _
Kroll Associates              Security risk analysis and               $25,346
                              assessment of office facilities
                              and space
Spellings & Associates        Security risk analysis of office          $2,200
Vucci, James                  Regular hours’ security detail           $40,225
Cameron Communications        Preparation for congressional             $7,500
Ford Motor Company            Car leasing                              $32,284

3                                              GAO/AIMD-99-249R Independent Counsel
Enclosure 1

Landess, Michael                     Media and library research
                                                            -                   $20,920
Lesnevich, Gus R.                    Handwriting analysis                        $6,702
Morris, James                        Technical writing and editing               $6,375

7’he names of criminal investigators are not provided for security reasons, The investigators
have provided a wide range of services involving all aspects of the investigation, including
interviewing and documenting witness statements and handlmg and analyzing evidence.

bThe organization provided the office of independent counsel with legal representation on a
sealed matter before the U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, and is, therefore, not

Source: Office of Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr.

 4                                                    GAO/AIMD-99-249R Independent Counsel
Enclosure 2

              Comments         From the Office of the IndeDendent                     Counsel

              Jdiky C. SteinhoE
              Acting AssistantComptrollerGeneraI
              Washington,D.C. 20548

                     Rcz    DraftRcpnttotheHonombleBynmL.Dorgan:

                     Ihank you for the opportunityt0 commenton the draft of your rej~2rtto Senator Dofgan.
              We have a few briefc0mmcntson the draft report,in additionto the sxmcctiouswhich we made
              todaydurkg a meeting with Thomas Brodeaick aud Hodge Harp

                       Thedatapresentediu your qxxt faitbfidly qnxhuzs the datawe providedto GAO
              I&I   its request We wouldmakethe following additional points to supplementthe data

                    Fii theOffice of Independent  Counselhasmadew effort to formally auditthe data
              providedto theGene4 AccountingOffice. The datawe haveprovidedfor your useis derived
              However, the iuf-ormation
                                      is, nonetheless,
                                                    uuidited data.

                             we notethattheGeneralAccountingOffiu’s semi-anuualauditsof our OfIke
              bavcbeenLmifolmlyuuremdable. As the GeneralAccodng Oflice hasroutinelyconcluded,
              “for the controlswe [the GeuemlAccounting Office]tested,we foundn0 materialweaknesses  in
              the internalcontrolstmctureand[the Office of Indepcncht Counsel’s]opuations.”The General
              AccountiugOfficehasalsonotedthat ‘[o]ur audit testsfor compliancewith sclcctcdpnwisions
              of lawsandregulationsdisclosedno instaucesof noncompfiauce  thatwould be qxutabk lmda
              gemally accepted  governmentauditing standards.”Thoughtheseconclusionsdo not, involve
              theparticularexpenditures describedin the draBreparf we areconfidentthat the expendihms

5                                                          GAWAIMD-99-249R Indepndent Counsel
Enclosure 2

              J&key C. -off
              &port to HonorableByronL. Jhgan]
              catalogedin thereportwereall consisteIltwith applicablelawsandregula!ions.



  6                                                    GAO/AIMD-99-249R Independent Counsel
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