Defense Computers: DOD's Plan for Execution of Simulated Year 2000 Exercises

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1999-01-29.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

Accounting and Information
Management Division

B-28 1943

January 29,1999

Congressional Committees

Subject: Defense Commuters: DOD’s Plan for Execution of Simulated Year 2000 Exercises

The Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1999 (Public Law No. 10%262), and the
Strom Thurmond National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999 (Public Law No.
105261) required Defense to submit a plan to the Congress by December 15,1998, for the
execution of simulated Year 2000 exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to evaluate
how well information technology and national security systems will perform in a Year 2000
operational environment. The acts call for Defense to conduct at least 25 Year 2000
simulation exercises; ensure that each of the commanders in chief (CINCs) conducts at least
two of these exercises; and ensure that all mission critical systems that are expected to be
used in a major theater of war are tested in at least two exercises.

The acts also required that we (1) evaluate the methodology to be used to simulate the year
2000, (2) describe the potential information that will be collected as a result of implementing
of the plan, (3) assessthe adequacy of the planned tests, and (4) assessthe impact that the
plan will have on military readiness. The acts required that we brief the Congress on the
results of this review by January 30, 1999. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the
Secretary of Defense has not yet submitted the operational evaluation program plan to the
Congress and, therefore, we cannot report on the results of our review at this time.

Defense has been working on the overall operational evaluation plan but has not yet
submitted it as required. On August 7, 1998, the Secretary of Defense requested that the
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) develop a Joint Year 2000 Operational
Evaluation Program plan to be used as part of the joint training exercises program conducted
by JCS and the CJNCs. Since then, JCS has developed guidance and oversight mechanisms
for the CINCs to conduct operational evaluations and for coordinating these efforts with the
military services and Defense agencies. JCS has also developed a database for tracking the
results of these evaluations.

As of January 26, 1999, the CJNCS had plans to conduct 3 1 operational evaluations through
September 1999. Initial evaluations at the North American Aerospace Defense Command
and the Strategic Command have already been conducted. Our strategy for performing future
Defense Year 2000 work entails assessing selected operational evaluations and related

                                   GAO/AIMD-99-52R       DOD Year 2000 Operational     Exercises

activities performed by Defense. We will brief your Committees on the results of our
assessmentsas they are completed.

We are sending copies of this letter to the Secretary of Defense and the Deputy Secretary of
Defense. If you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact me or Ronald B.
Bageant, qssistant Director, at (202) 5 12-6240.

 and Defense Information Systems

                                            GAO/AJMD-99-52RDOD Year 2000 OperationalExerci&

Congressional Committees

The Honorable Ted Stevens
The Honorable Daniel Jnouye
Ranking Minority Member
Subcommittee on Defense
Committee on Appropriations
United States Senate

The Honorable John Warner
The Honorable Carl Levin
Ranking Minority Member
Committee on Armed Services
United States Senate

The Honorable Jerry Lewis
The Honorable John Murtha
Ranking Minority Member
Subcommittee on Defense
Committee on Appropriations
House of Representatives

The Honorable Floyd Spence
The Honorable Ike Skelton
Ranking Minority Member
Committee on Armed Services
House of Representatives

(5 11653)

3                             GAOIAIMD-99-52R DOD Year 2000 OperationalExercises
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