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Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1997-05-14.

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Education and Employment Issues                    Income Security Issues
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Health Financing and Systems
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  •   Health Care Insurance Reform

Health Services Quality and
Public Health Issues
Bernice Steinhardt, Director, (202) 512-7119
Marsha Lillie-Blanton, Associate Director,
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  •   HHS Public Health Service Agencies
  •   Public Health and Education
  •   Substance Abuse and Drug Treatment
  •   Prescription Drugs
  •   Quality and Practice Standards

Page 1                                                              HEHS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
June 1996-May 1997
Copies of reports are available from (202) 512-6000 or http://www.gao.gov

Health Insurance: Management Strategies Used by Large Employers to Control Costs
(Report, GAO/HEHS-97-71, May 6, 1997).

Medicare HMO Enrollment: Area Differences Affected by Factors Other Than Pavment
Rates (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-37, May 2, 1997).

Drug Control: Reauthorizing of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (Testimony,
GAO/T-GGD-97-97, May 1, 1997).

Medicare and Medicaid: Meeting Needs of Dual Eligibles Raises Difficult Cost and Care
Issues (Testimony, GAO/T-HEHS-97-119, Apr. 29, 1997).

Medicare HMOs: HCFA Can Promptly Eliminate Hundreds of Millions in Excess
Payments (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-37, Apr. 25,1997).

Health Professions Education: Clarifying the Role of Title VII and VIII Programs Could
Improve Accountabilitv (Testimony, GAO/T-HEHS-97-117, Apr. 25, 1997).

Nursing Homes: Too Early to Assess New Efforts to Control Fraud and Abuse
(Testimony, GAO/T-HEHS-97-114, Apr. 16, 1997).

Medical Malpractice: Federal Tort Claims Act Coverage Could Reduce Health Centers'
Costs (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-57, Apr. 14, 1997).

Medicare: Provision of Key Preventive Diabetes Services Falls Short of Recommended
Levels (Testimony, GAO!f-HEHS-97-113, Apr. 11, 1997).

Medicare Managed Care: HCFA Missing Opportunities to Provide Consumer
Information (Testimony, GAO/T-HEHS-97-109, Apr. 10, 1997).

Medicare Post-Acute Care: Cost Growth and Proposals to Manage It Through
Prospective Payment and Other Controls (Testimony, GAOff-HEHS-97-106, Apr. 9,

Health Insurance for Children: Declines in Emplovment-Based Coverage Leave Millions
Uninsured; State and Private Programs Offer New Approaches (Testimony, GAO!f-
HEHS-97-105, Apr. 8, 1997).

Page 2                                                      HEHS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
Medicaid Fraud and Abuse: Stronger Action Needed to Remove Excluded Providers
From Federal Health Programs (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-63, Mar. 31, 1997).

Medicare: Most Beneficiaries With Diabetes Do Not Receive Recommended Monitoring
Services (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-48, Mar. 28, 1997).

Department of Health and Human Services: Management Challenges and Opportunities
(Testimony, GAO!f-HEHS-97-98, Mar. 18, 1997).

Drug Control: Observations on Elements of the Federal Drug Control Strategy (Report,
GAO/GGD-97-42, Mar. 14, 1997).

Medicaid: Recent Spending Exnerience and the Administration's Proposed Program
Reform (Testimony, GAO!f-HEHS-97-94, Mar. 11, 1997).

NIII-Funded Research: Therapeutic Human Tissue Transplantation Projects Meet
Federal Reguirements (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-61, Mar. 10, 1997).

Medicare: Home Health Cost Growth and Administration's Proposal for Prospective
Payment (Testimony, GAO!f-HEHS-97-92, Mar. 5, 1997).

Medicaid: Decline in Spending Growth Due to a Combination of Factors (Testimony,
GAO/T-HEHS-97-91, Mar. 4, 1997).

Medicare: Inherent Program Risks and Management Challenges Require Continued
Federal Attention (Testimony, GAOff-HEHS-97-89, Mar. 4, 1997).            ·

Medicare Post-Acute Care: Home Health and Skilled Nursing Facility Cost Growth and
Proposals for Prospective Payment (Testimony, GAOff-HEHS-97-90, Mar. 4, 1997).

Medicaid: Graduate Medical Education Payments (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-77R, Mar. 3,

Medicare HMOs: Potential Effects of a Limited Enrollment Period Policy (Report,
GAO/HEHS-97-50, Feb. 28, 1997).

Medicare HMOs: HCFA Could Promptly Reduce Excess Payments by Improving
Accuracy of County Payment Rates (Testimony, GAOtr-HEHS-97-78, Feb. 25, 1997; also
issued as GAOff-HEHS-97-82, Feb. 27, 1997).

Blood Supply: FDA Oversight and Remaining Issues of Safety (Report, GAO/PEMD-97-
1, Feb. 25, 1997).

Blood Supply: Transfusion-Associated Risks (Report, GAO/PEMD-97-2, Feb. 25, 1997).

Employment-Based Health Insurance: Costs and Family Coverage Decreases (Report,
GAO/HEHS-97-35, Feb. 24, 1997).

Page 3                                                     HEHS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
Pharmacy Benefit Managers: FEHBP Plans Satisfied With Savings and Services. but
Retail Pharmacies Have Concerns (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-47, Feb. 21, 1997).

Children's Health Insurance 1995 (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-68R, Feb. 19, 1997).

Telemedicine: Federal Strategy Is Needed to Guide Investments (Report,
GAO/NSIAD/HEHS-97-67, Feb. 14, 1997).

Rural Health Clinics: Rising Program EXDenditures Not Focused on Improving Care in
Isolated Areas (Testimony, GAO!f-HEHS-97-65, Feb. 13, 1997). Report on same topic
(GAO/HEHS-97-24, Nov. 22, 1996).

Medicare Home Health Care Benefit (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-70R, Feb. 11, 1997).

High-Risk Series: Medicare (Report, GAO/HR-97-10, Feb. 1, 1997). Also, the full High-
Risk Series of 12 reports on different topics may be ordered in a two-volume package
with an overview volume and quick reference guide (GAO/HR-97-1 through GAO/HR-
97-14); related testimony, High-Risk Areas: Update on Progress and Remaining
Challenges (Testimony, GAOtr-HR-97-22, Feb. 13, 1997).

Medical Device Reporting: Improvements Needed in FDA's System for Monitoring
Problems With Approved Devices (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-21, Jan. 29, 1997).

FDA's Mammography Inspections: While Some Problems Need Attention. Facilitv
Compliance Is Growing (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-25, Jan. 27, 1997).

Health Care Services: How Continuing Care Retirement Communities Manage Services
for the Elderly (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-36, Jan. 23, 1997).

Foreign Physicians: Exchange Visitor Program Becoming Major Route to Practicing in
U.S. Underserved Areas (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-26, Dec. 30, 1996).

Skilled Nursing Facilities: Approval Process for Certain Services May Result in Higher
Medicare Costs (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-18, Dec. 20, 1996).

Children's Health Insurance. 1996 (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-40R, Dec. 3, 1996).

Private Health Insurance: Millions Relying on Individual Market Face Cost and
Coverage Trade-Offs (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-8, Nov. 25, 1996).

Public Health: A Health Status Indicator for Targeting Federal Aid to States (Report,
GAO/HEHS-97-13, Nov. 13, 1996).

Federal Tort Claims Act Coverage (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-32R, Nov. 5, 1996).

Medicare: HCFA Should Release Data to Aid Consumers, Prompt Better HMO
Performance (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-23, Oct. 22, 1996).

Page 4                                                       HEHS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
Medicare Drug and Nutrient Prices (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-22R, Oct. 11, 1996).

Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Billions Spent Annually for Treatment and Prevention
Activities (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-12, Oct. 8, 1996).

Long-Term Care: Some States Apply Criminal Background Checks to Home Care
Workers (Report, GAO/PEMD-96-5, Sept. 27, 1996).

Managed Care Initiatives (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-153R, Sept. 25, 1996).

CDC's National Immunization Survey: Methodological Problems Limit Survey's Utility
(Report, GAO/PEMD-96-16, Sept. 19, 1996).

Medicare: Private-Sector and Federal Efforts to Assess Health Care Quality
(Testimony, GAO!f-HEHS-96-215, Sept. 19, 1996).

Prescription Drug Pricing: Implications for Retail Pharmacies (Testimony, GAOtr-
HEHS-96-216, Sept. 19, 1996).

Medicaid: States' Efforts to Educate and Enroll Beneficiaries in Managed Care (Report,
GAO/HEHS-96-184, Sept. 17, 1996).

Prescription Drugs: Implications of Drug Labeling and Off-Label Drug Use (Testimony,
GAO!f-HEHS-96-212, Sept. 12, 1996).

Maternity Care: Appropriate Follow-Up Services Critical With Short Hospital Stays
(Report, GAO/HEHS-96-207, Sept. 11, 1996).

Medigap Insurance: Alternatives for Medicare Beneficiaries to Avoid Medical
Underwriting (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-180, Sept. 10, 1996).

Medicaid: Oversight of Institutions for the Mentally Retarded Should Be Strengthened
(Report, GAO/HEHS-96-131, Sept. 6, 1996).

Blue Cross and Blue Shield: Change in Pharmacy Benefits Affects Federal Employees
(Testimony, GAO!f-HEHS-96-206, Sept. 5, 1996).

Fraud and Abuse: Providers Excluded From Medicaid Continue to Participate in
Federal Health Programs (Testimony, GAO!f-HEHS-96-205, Sept. 5, 1996).

Health Insurance Regulation: Varving State Reguirements Affect Cost of Insurance
(Report, GAO/HEHS-96-161, Aug. 19, 1996).

Medicare: Early Resolution of Overcharges for Therapy in Nursing Homes Is Unlikely
(Report, GAO/HEHS-96-145, Aug. 16, 1996).

Page Ii                                                     HEHS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
Medicaid Managed Care: Serving the Disabled Challenges State Programs (Report,
GAO/HEHS-96-136, July 31, 1996).

Consumer Health Informatics: Emerging Issues (Report, GAO/AIMD-96-86, July 26,
1996). Testimony on same topic (GAOtr-AIMD-96-134, July 26, 1996).

Medicaid: Waiver Program for Developmentally Disabled Is Promising But Poses Some
Risks (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-120, July 22, 1996).

Blue Cross FEHBP Pharmacy Benefits (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-182R, July 19, 1996).

Substance Abuse Surveys (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-179R, July 19, 1996).

NIH Extramural Clinical Research: Internal Controls Are Key to Safeguarding Phase III
Trials Against Misconduct (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-117, July 11, 1996).

Medicaid and Uninsured Children, 1994 (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-174R, July 9, 1996).

Health Insurance for Children: Private Insurance Coverage Continues to Deteriorate
(Report, GAO/HEHS-96-129, June 17, 1996).

Medicaid Formula Transition (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-169R, June 12, 1996).

Prescription Drugs and Medicaid: Automated Review Systems Can Help Promote
Safety, Save Money (Report, GAO/AIMD-96-72, June 11, 1996).

Analysis of "Florida's Fair Share" (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-168R, June 10, 1996).

Medicaid Funding Formula Changes (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-164R, June 10, 1996).

Cocaine Treatment: Early Results From Various Approaches (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-
80, June 7, 1996).

Page 6                                                       HEHS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
District of Columbia Draft Emergency Supplemental Funding Request for District of
Columbia Public Schools (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-116R, May 5, 1997).

Health Professions Education: Clarifying the Role of Title VII and VIII Programs Could
Improve Accountability (Testimony, GAO/T-HEHS-97-117, Apr. 25, 1997).

Head Start: Research Provides Little Information on hnpact of Current Program
(Report, GAO/HEHS-97-59, Apr. 15, 1997).
Department of Education: Challenges in Promoting Access and Excellence in
Education (Testimony, GAO/T-HEHS-97-99, Mar. 20, 1997).                                        [i

National Service Programs: Enrollment and Education Award Data on Selected
AmeriComs Projects (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-96R, Mar. 19, 1997).
Campus Crime: Difficulties Meeting Federal Reporting Requirements (Report,                     !t
GAO/HEHS-97-52, Mar. 11, 1997).                                                                II
National Service Programs: Role of State Commissions in Implementing the                       I

AmeriComs Program (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-49, Feb. 20, 1997).

Reporting of Student Loan Enrollment Status (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-44R, Feb. 6, 1997).           tI
School Finance: State Efforts to Reduce Funding Gaps Between Poor and Wealthy
Districts (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-31, Feb. 5, 1997).

High-Risk Series: Student Financial Aid (Report, GAO/HR-97-11, Feb. 1, 1997). Also,
the full High-Risk Series of 12 reports on different topics may be ordered in a two-           i

volume package with an overview volume and quick reference guide (GAO/HR-97-1
through GAO/HR-97-14); related testimony, High-Risk Areas: Update on Progress and
Remaining Challenges (Testimony, GAO/T-HR-97-22, Feb. 13, 1997).                               I
Student Loans: Selected Characteristics of Schools in Two Major Federal Loan
Programs (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-45, Jan. 31, 1997).                                              I
Student Loans: Default Rates at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Report,          r

GAO/HEHS-97-33, Jan. 21, 1997).

Intercollegiate Athletics: Status of Efforts to Promote Gender Equity (Report,
GAO/HEHS-97-10, Oct. 25, 1996).
States' Average College Tuition (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-213R, Sept. 19, 1996).


Page 7                                                       DEBS Reports/June 1996-May 1997   ~
Education and Labor: Information on the Departments' Field Offices (Report,
GAO/HEHS-96-178, Sept. 16, 1996).

School Finance: Options for Improving Measures of Effort and Equity in Title I
(Report, GAO/HEHS-96-142, Aug. 30, 1996).

Higher Education: Tuition Increasing Faster Than Household Income and Public
Colleges' Costs (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-154, Aug. 15, 1996).

Department of Education: Status of Actions to Improve the Management of Student
Financial Aid (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-143, July 12, 1996).

School Facilities: Profiles of School Condition by State (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-148,
June 24, 1996).

School Facilities: America's Schools Report Differing Conditions (Report, GAO/HEHS-
96-103, June 14, 1996).

Higher Education: Ensuring Quality Education From Proprietary Institutions
(Testimony, GAOtr-HEHS-96-158, June 6, 1996).

Veterans' Employment and Training Service: Focusing on Program Results to Improve
Agency Performance (Testimony, GAOtr-HEHS-97-129, May 7, 1997).

Mine Safety and Health Administration: Information on Proposed Relocation of Its
Denver Technical Center to West Virginia (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-lOOR, Apr. 30, 1997).

Nuclear Employee Safety Concerns: Allegation System Offers Better Protection, but
Important Issues Remain (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-51, Mar. 31, 1997).

Hispanic Employment: Best Practices Used by Selected Agencies and Companies
(Letter, GAO/GGD-97-46R, Mar. 10, 1997).

Department of Labor: Challenges in Ensuring Workforce Development and Worker
Protection (Testimony, GAOtr-HEHS-97-85, Mar. 6, 1997).

OSHA's Inspection Database (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-43R, Dec. 30, 1996).

Information on the Davis-Bacon Act (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-30R, Oct. 30, 1996).

Education and Labor: Information on the Departments' Field Offices (Report,
GAO/HEHS-96-178, Sept. 16, 1996).

Page 8                                                      HEHS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
Federal Labor Relations: Official Time Used for Union Activities (Testimony, GAOtr-
GGD-96-191, Sept. 11, 1996).

People With Disabilities: Federal Programs Could Work Together More Efficiently to
Promote Employment (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-126, Sept. 3, 1996).

Federal Downsizing: Better Workforce and Strategic Planning Could Have Made
Buyouts More Effective (Report, GAO/GGD-96-62, Aug. 26, 1996).

Occupational Safety and Health: Violations of Safety and Health Regulations by
Federal Contractors (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-157, Aug. 23, 1996).

Federal Employers' Liability Act: Issues Associated With Changing How Railroad
Work-Related Injuries Are Compensated (Report, GAO/RCED-96-199, Aug. 15, 1996).

Unemployment Insurance: Millions in Benefits Overpaid to Military Reservists (Report,
GAO/HEHS-96-101, Aug. 5, 1996).

Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-177R, July 17, 1996).

Job Corps: Where Participants Are Recruited, Trained, and Placed in Jobs (Report,
GAO/HEHS-96-140, July 17, 1996).

Davis-Bacon Act: Process Changes Could Address Vulnerability to Use of Inaccurate
Data in Setting Prevailing Wage Rates (Testimony, GAOtr-HEHS-96-166, June 20, 1996).

Davis-Bacon Job Targeting (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-151R, June 3, 1996).

Social Security, Disability, and Welfare
Foster Care: State Efforts to Improve the Permanency Planning Process Show Some
Promise (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-73, May 7, 1997).

Social Security Administration: Internet Access to Personal Earnings and Benefits
Information (Testimony, GAOtr-AIMD/HEHS-97-123, May 6, 1997).

Social Security Disability: SSA Actions to Reduce Backlogs and Achieve More
Consistent Decisions Deserve High Priority (Testimony, GAOtr-HEHS-97-118, Apr. 24,

Poverty Measurement: Issues in Revising and Updating the Official Definition (Report,
GAO/HEHS-97-38, Apr. 15, 1997).

Page 9                                                      HEHS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
Social Security Reform: Implications for the Financial Well-Being of Women
(Testimony, GAO/f-HEHS-97-112, Apr. 10, 1997).

Federal Retirement: Federal and Private Sector Retirement Program Benefits Vary
(Report, GAO/GGD-97-40, Apr. 7, 1997).

Social Securitv: Disability Programs Lag in Promoting Return to Work (Report,
GAO/HEHS-97-46, Mar. 17, 1997).

Food Stamps: Substantial Over.payments Result From Prisoners Counted as Household
Members (Report, GAO/RCED-97-54, Mar. 10, 1997).

Supplemental Security Income: Long-Standing Problems Put Program at Risk for
Fraud. Waste. and Abuse (Testimony, GAOtr-HEHS-97-88, Mar. 4, 1997).

Foster Care: State Efforts to Expedite Permanency Hearings and Placement Decisions
(Testimony, GAO!f-HEHS-97-76, Feb. 27, 1997).

Benefit Fraud With Post Office Boxes (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-54R, Feb. 21, 1997).

Social Security Administration: Significant Challenges Await New Commissioner
(Report, GAO/HEHS-97-53, Feb. 20, 1997).

Child Welfare: States' Progress in Implementing Family Preservation and Support
Services (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-34, Feb. 18, 1997).

Permanency Hearings for Foster Children (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-55R, Jan. 30, 1997).

Impoundments: Proposed Deferral of Fiscal Year 1997 Budget Authority Affecting
Programs and SSA Administrative Expenses (Report, GAO/OGC-97-13, Jan. 24, 1997).

Aging Issues: Related GAO Reports and Activities in Fiscal Year 1996 (Report,
GAO/HEHS-97-41, Dec. 31, 1996).

SSA Disability Redesign: Focus Needed on Initiatives Most Crucial to Reducing Costs
and Time (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-20, Dec. 20, 1996).

Child Sunport Enforcement: Early Results on Comparability of Privatized and Public
Offices (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-4, Dec. 16, 1996).

SSA Benefit Statements: Well Received by the Public but Difficult to Comprehend
(Report, GAO/HEHS-97-19, Dec. 5, 1996). Testimony on same topic (GAOtr-HEHS-96-
210, Sept. 12, 1996).

Appealed Disability Claims: Despite SSA's Efforts, It Will Not Reach Backlog
Reduction Goal (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-28, Nov. 21, 1996).

Page 10                                                     HEBS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
Supplemental Security Income: SSA Is Taking Steps to Review Recipients' Disability
Status (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-17, Oct. 30, 1996).

Child Support Enforcement: Reorienting Management Toward Achieving Better
Program Results (Report, GAO/HEHS/GGD-97-14, Oct. 25, 1996).

Child Support Enforcement: States' Experience With Private Agencies' Collection of
Support Payments (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-11, Oct. 23, 1996).

Social Security Disability: Alternatives Would Boost Cost-Effectiveness of Continuing
Disability Reviews (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-2, Oct. 16, 1996).

Social Security Disability: Improvements Needed to Continuing Disability Review
Process (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-1, Oct. 16, 1996).

Private Pensions: Most Employers That Offer Pensions Use Defined Contribution Plans
(Report, GAO/GGD-97-1, Oct. 3, 1996).

Social Securitv: Union Activity at the Social Security Administration (Report,
GAO/HEHS-97-3, Oct. 2, 1996). Testimony on same topic (GAO/T-HEHS-96-150, June 4,

SSA Disability Redesign: More Testing Needed to Assess Feasibility of New Claim
Manager Position (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-170, Sept. 27, 1996).

Social Security Administration: Effective Leadership Needed to Meet Daunting
Challenges (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-196, Sept. 12, 1996). Testimony on same topic
(GAO/T-OCG-96-7, July 25, 1996).

SSA Disabilitv Reengineering: Project Magnitude and Complexity Impede
Implementation (Testimony, GAOtr-HEHS-96-211, Sept. 12, 1996).

People With Disabilities: Federal Programs Could Work Together More Efficiently to
Promote Employment (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-126, Sept. 3, 1996).

Supplemental Security Income: SSA Efforts Fall Short in Correcting Erroneous
Payments to Prisoners (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-152, Aug. 30, 1996).

Supplemental Security Income: Administrative and Program Savings Possible by
Directly Accessing State Data (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-163, Aug. 29, 1996).

Federal Employees' Compensation Act: Issues Associated With Changing Benefits for
Older Beneficiaries (Report, GAO/GGD-96-138BR, Aug. 14, 1996).

40 l(k) Pension Plans: Many Take Advantage of Opportunity to Ensure Adeguate
Retirement Income (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-176, Aug. 2, 1996).

Page 11                                                      BEDS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
Impoundments: Proposed Deferral of Funds for Social Security Administration
Administrative Exnenses (Report, GAO/OGC-96-25, July 26, 1996).

SSA Funds for Policy Research (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-171R, July 15, 1996).

Social Securitv Disabilitv: Backlog Reduction Efforts Under Way: Significant
Challenges Remain (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-87, July 11, 1996).

SSA Disabilitv: Return-to-Work Strategies From Other Systems May Improve Federal
Programs (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-133, July 11, 1996).

Welfare Waivers Implementation: States Work to Change Welfare Culture, Communitv
Involvement, and Service Delivery (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-105, July 2, 1996).

Social Securitv: Disabilitv Programs Lag in Promoting Return to. Work (Testimony,
GAOtr-HEHS-96-147, June 5, 1996).

Veterans' Affairs and Military Health Care
Defense Health Care: Medical Surveillance Improved Since Gulf War 1 but Mixed
Results in Bosnia (Report, GAO/NSIAD-97-136, May 13,1997).

Veterans' Employment and Training Service: Focusing on Program Results to Improve
Agency Performance (Testimony, GAOtr-HEHS-97-129, May 7, 1997).

VA Health Care: Assessment of VA's Fiscal Year 1998 Budget Proi>osal (Testimony,
GAOtr-HEHS-97-121, May 1, 1997).

Defense Health Care: Need for More Prescribing Psychologists Is Not Adegyately
Justified (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-83, Apr. 1, 1997).

Department of Veterans Affairs: Programmatic and Management Challenges Facing the
Department (Testimony, GAOtr-HEHS-97-97, Mar. 18, 1997).

VA Aid and Attendance Benefits: Effects of Revised HCFA Policy on Veterans' Use of
Benefits (Letter, GAO/HEHS-97-72R, Mar. 3, 1997).

Defense Health Care: Dental Contractor Overcame Obstacles. but More Proactive
Oversight Needed (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-58, Feb. 28, 1997).

Defense Health Care: Limits to Older Retirees' Access to Care and Proposals for
Change (Testimony, GAOtr-HEHS-97-84, Feb. 27, 1997).

Page 12                                                      HEHS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
Defense Health Program: Future Costs Are Likely to Be Greater Than Estimated
(Report, GAO/NSIAD-97-83BR, Feb. 21, 1997).

VA Disability Compensation: Comparison of VA Benefits With Those of Workers'
Compensation Programs (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-5, Feb. 14, 1997).

VA Disability Compensation: Disability Ratings May Not Reflect Veterans' Economic
Losses (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-9, Jan. 7, 1997).

VA Health Care: Better Data Needed to Effectively Use Limited Nursing Home
Resources (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-27, Dec. 20, 1996).

Substance Abuse Treatment: VA Programs Serve Psychologically and Economically
Disadvantaged Veterans (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-6, Nov. 5, 1996).

VA Health Care: Improving Veterans' Access Poses Financial and Mission-Related
Challenges (Report, GAO/HEHS-97-7, Oct. 25, 1996).

VBA Information Technology Investment (Letter, GAO/AIMD-97-lOR, Oct. 18, 1996).

VA Health Care: Opportunities to Significantly Reduce Outpatient Pharmacy Costs
(Report, GAO/HEHS-97-15, Oct. 11, 1996). Testimony on same topic (GAO/f-HEHS-96-
162, June 11, 1996).

Wartime Medical Care: DOD Is Addressing Capability Shortfalls, but Challenges
Remain (Report, GAO/NSIAD-96-224, Sept. 25, 1996).

VA Health Care: Issues Affecting Eligibility Reform Efforts (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-160,
Sept. 11, 1996).

VA Health Care: Travis Hospital Construction Project Is Not Justified (Report,
GAO/HEHS-96-198, Sept. 3, 1996).

Vocational Rehabilitation: VA Continues to Place Few Disabled Veterans in Jobs
(Report, GAO/HEHS-96-155, Sept. 3, 1996).

VHA's Management Improvement Initiative (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-191R, Aug. 30, 1996) .

VA Construction Contract Award Delays (Letter, GAO/HEHS-96-188R, Aug. 9, 1996).

VA Health Care: Opportunities for Service Delivery Efficiencies Within Existing
Resources (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-121, July 25, 1996).

Readjustment Counseling Service: Vet Centers Address Multiple Client Problems, but
Improvement Is Needed (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-113, July 17, 1996).

Page 13                                                      HEHS Reports/June 1996-May 1997
Wartime Medical Care: Personnel Reguirements Still Not Resolved (Report,
GAO/NSIAD-96-173, June 28, 1996).

Veterans' Health Care: Challenges for the Future (Testimony, GAO!f-HEHS-96-172,
June 27, 1996).

Software Capability Evaluation: VA's Software Development Process Is Immature
(Report, GAO/AIMD-96-90, June 19, 1996).

Veterans Benefit Modernization: Management and Technical Weaknesses Must Be
Overcome If Modernization Is to Succeed (Testimony, GAO!f-AIMD-96-103, June 19,

Defense Health Care: New Managed Care Plan Progressing, but Cost and Performance
Issues Remain (Report, GAO/HEHS-96-128, June 14, 1996).

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