Federal Law Enforcement: Investigative Personnel and Authority for Selected Organizations Not Covered by Law Enforcement Retirement

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1997-07-23.

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      United States
      General Accounting  Office
      Washington, D.C. 20548

      General    Government   Division


      July 23, 1997

      The Honorable Bill McCollum
      Chairman, Subcommittee on Crime
      Committee on the Judiciary
      House of Representatives

      Subject:      Federal Law Enforcement:   Investigative Personnel and Authoritv for
                    Selected Organizations Not Covered bv Law Enforcement Retirement

      Dear Mr. Chairman:

      This letter contains additional information in response to your September 18, 1995,
      request that we provide you with information on federal law enforcement
      investigative personnel and authority. Previously, as agreed with your office, we
      provided you with information on selected law enforcement organizations’
      investigative personnel and authority.’ The information that we provided pertained
      to those personnel both employed in investigative work and covered by certain law
      enforcement retirement provisions.

      In subsequent discussions with your office, we learned that the Subcommittee was
      interested in similar information from selected organizations whose personnel are
      not covered by the law enforcement retirement provisions. Specifically, the
      Subcommittee asked us to survey the AMTRAK Police Department, the U.S.
      Tennessee Valley Authority Police and Office of Inspector General, the Library of
      Congress Police, and the Supreme Court of the United States Police. We were
      asked to determine (1) the types of violations these federal organizations
      investigate; (2) the authorities under which these organizations investigate
      suspected federal criminal law violations, execute search warrants, make arrests,
      and/or carry firearms; (3) the number of investigative personnel in these
      organizations as of September 30, 1996, and the number of these personnel who

      ‘Federal Law Enforcement:      Information on Certain Agencies’ Criminal Investigative
      Personnel and Salarv Costs (GAO/T-GGD-96-38, Nov. 15, 1995); Federal Law
      Enforcement:    Investigative Authoritv and Personnel at 13 Agencies (GAO/GGD-96-
      154, Sept. 30, 1996); and Federal Law Enforcement:    Investigative Author&v and
      Personnel at 32 Organizations (GAO/GGD-97-93, July 22, 1997).

                                         GAO/GGD-97-127R   Investigative   Personnel   and Authority

were authorized to execute search warrants, make arrests, and/or carry firearms; and (4) how
the number of investigative personnel in these organizations has changed since the end of
fiscal year 1987.

To collect this information, we administered a survey to each organization. We did not
independently verify the accuracy of the information provided by the organizations. The
detailed results are contained in enclosures I through IV.

Overall, the organizations reported being generally responsible for enforcing laws on their
lands and premises and deriving their authority primarily from statutory provisions set out in
the U.S. Code. The organizations reported having 710 investigative personnel at the end of
fiscal year 1996, most of whom were authorized to execute search warrants, make arrests,
and carry firearms. This number was about one-half of the number of investigative personnel
at these organizations at the end of fiscal year 1987. This personnel decrease occurred
primarily at the U.S. Tennessee Valley Authority’s organizations.

We conducted this review between October 1996 and May 1997 in Washington, D.C., in
accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards. We obtained comments
on the contents of this letter from cognizant organization officials between May 23, 1997, and
June 9, 1997.2 These officials suggested only technical or clarifying changes to the
information pertaining to their organizations. We have made those changes as appropriate.

We are sending copies of this letter to the Ranking Minority Member of your Subcommittee
and the Chairman and Ranking Minority Member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.
We will also make copies available to others on request.

Please contact me at (202) 512-8777 if you or your staff have any questions.

Sincerely yours,

 Director, Administration   of
  Justice Issues

 Enclosures - 4

 ‘We spoke with the Project Manager, Strategic Planning, AMTRAK, the Washington
 Representative, U.S. Tennessee Valley Authority; the Captain, Library of Congress Police; and
 the Marshal of the Court, Supreme Court of the United States.

 2                                         GAO/GGD-97-1278   Investigative   Personnel   and Authority

ENCLOSURE III                                                                                         ENCLOSURE III


                                                  Total number of             Execute
                                                    investigative              search                Make          Carry firearms,
    Organization                                      personnel               warrants              arrests         if necessary

    AMTRAK Police Department                                    303                      303               303                 303

    U.S. Tennessee Valley Authority

            U.S. TVA Police                                     193                      193               193                 193

            Office of Inspector                                     27                     3                   3                     3

    Library of Congress                                         109                      109               109                 109
    Supreme Court of the                                            78                    78                  78                 78
      United States Police

    Total                                                       710                      686               686                 686

Source:         Organization      survey data.

7                                                GAO/GGD-97-127R         Investigative         Personnel   and Authority
ENCLOSURE IV                                                                        ENCLOSURE IV

                         FISCAL YEARS 1987: 1991> 1995, AND 1996

                                              Number of personnel, by fiscal year

 Organization                              1987        1991             1995          1996

 AMTRAK Police Department                    302”         290”             311           303
 U. S. Tennessee Valley Authority

         U.S. TVA Police                      998          675             179           193

         Office of Inspector                      37          36               28            27

 Library of Congress Police                   112          108             105           109

 Supreme kourt of the United                      72          72               75            78
    States Police
 Total                                       1,521       1,181             698           710

“Estimated. According to an AMTRAK Police Department official, actual numbers for
these years are not available due to a number of factors, including a loss of records
during an office relocation and a fire thalt destroyed other records.

Source: Organization survey data.


 8                                  GAO/GGD-97-127R     Investigative     Personnel    and Authority
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