Personnel Practices: Reimbursable Interagency Details

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1999-08-24.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

United States General Accounting         Office                                                           Genera3 Government           Division
Washington,  D.C. 20548


                   August 24,1999

                   David J. O’Connor
                   Director, Office of Human Resources Management
                   Environmental Protection Agency

                   Subject: Personnel Practices: Reimbursable Interagency Details

                   Dear Mr. O’Connor:

                   We want to bring to your attention the importance of obtaining reimbursement from agencies
                   when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) details employees to them. In connection
                   with our recent review of the personnel practices of the Small Business Administration
                   (SBA), we found that several agencies, including EPA, had detailed employees to SBA on a
                   reimbursable basis but had not billed SBA for reimbursement.’ According to an Interagency
                   Agreement signed by officials of SBA and EPA, an employee from your agency, Mr. David W.
                   Schnare, was detailed to SBA on a reimbursable basis from October 26, 1997, to October 25,
                   1998. The Interagency Agreement provided for reimbursement of Mr. Schnare’s salary and
                   benefits. However, an SBA official informed us that as of May 25,1999, SBA had not received
                   a bill from EPA for this employee’s services and, therefore, reimbursement had not been

                   In accordance with a 1985 Comptroller General decision, details for which reimbursement is
                   not made would, except in limited circumstances, (1) violate the statutory provision that
                   appropriations must be spent only for the purpose for which they are appropriated and
                   (2) unlawfully augment the appropriations of the receiving agency.’

                  We have not examined interagency details at EPA Consequently, we do not know if this
                  particular case is an anomaly or symptomatic of a broader misapplication of internal controls
                  governing reimbursements for interagency details. For this reason, we call your attention to
                  this specific case in the possibility that you may wish to examine whether your agency’s
                  internal controls are worldng appropriately to ensure timely reimbursements for such details.

                   ’Small Business Administration:   Review of Selected Personnel Practices (GAO/GGD-99-68, Apr. 23,1999).

                   ’ 64 Comp. Gen. 370 (1985).

                  Page I
                                                                /62663                  GAO/GGD-99-172R      Reimbursable    Interagency   Details

A contact at SBA about the specific case is the current Associate Deputy Administrator for
Management and Administration, Ms. Elizabeth Montoya, at (202) 2056610.

We would appreciate being notjfied of any action taken on Mr. S&mu-e’s detail or on the-
agency’s internal controls for interagency details. Please caII me at (202) 512-8676 or
Assistant Director Richard Caradine at (202) 512-8109 if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Brostek
Associate Director, Federal Management and
  Workforce Issues

 Page 2                                            GAO/GGD-99-172R   Reimbursable   Interagency   Details
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